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Swiper  (Level: 154.8 - Posts: 875)
Wed, 6th Jun '07 5:49 AM


I don't understand why people put out 3, 4, 5, 6 quizzes in one category all at the same time. All they're doing is knocking themselves off that much faster along with anyone else who is trying to get some face time. No one has time to let their quiz sit and be taken. Put one out and you get alot more hits! Does anyone know what I mean 'cause, I Don't Understand.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.7 - Posts: 3355)
Wed, 6th Jun '07 7:14 AM

I know exactly what you mean, and I agree completely. I think the ideal would be to wait till your quiz gets down to the bottom of the visible list, and then launch the next in the series, if there is going to be a next. That way, people remember they took the first, and enjoyed it, and may want to take the second, and your first quiz has been visible for the longest possible time.

And now that the editors seem to be releasing quizzes so quickly, you can pretty much time when you want your quiz to appear.


Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6108)
Wed, 6th Jun '07 9:02 AM

I agree, Kelley & Alice! When I write more than one quiz, I hold one until the one prior is almost off of the front page. Otherwise, you are defeating your purpose, as far as exposure.


Kaufman  (Level: 270.3 - Posts: 3942)
Wed, 6th Jun '07 9:18 AM

I've said it once, I'll say it a hundred times.

The Most Recent list is not the be-all and end-all, the only way to have your quiz found. Your quizzes also appear:

- On the category and subcategory lists, and for two days they have the nice yellow NEW identifying them.
- On the quiz list accessed from your user profile.
- On Quiz Subscription lists given to people who have enjoyed your quizzes enough to subscribe you.
- If they're good enough, on the exclusive Editor's Award page.
- In response to searches by people most interested in their subject matter.
- If they strike a chord, on The Hit List, or by word of mouth.

I hope you peruse some of those venues, and see what you may be missing.

In addition, rapid-fire submission of quizzes does not push anything off the Most Recent list. Remember that as is implemented now, only one quiz per author sppears there, though after the first hour, that author's latest are expandable there. If anything, cluster-launching probably keeps quizzes on the most recent list LONGER because it may slow the editors down in processing a quiz from someone not already on the Most Recent list.

Personally, I just don't care. My style is not to whip off quizzes, but rather to post one when I'm in the mood and I have something to say. And I just don't worry about number of takers. I've got a few loyal fans, and the rest is gravy. If people want to find my quizzes, they'll manage.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.7 - Posts: 3355)
Wed, 6th Jun '07 10:54 AM

Ken - We're not talking about the Most Recent list - at least I'm not. I'm talking about the page that lists all the categories, with the most recent quizzes for each category. I've been calling that the main page; I don't know its official designation.

I fully understand that this is not the only way to find quizzes. I, myself, generally head right for the Editor's Award list. But it is true that once a quiz cycles off that main page, very very few folks take it after that. A typical quiz might get, let's say, 80 takers while it is on that page, and then take four months to hit 100 once it moves off that page.


Ravenslight  (Level: 10.5 - Posts: 110)
Wed, 6th Jun '07 11:16 AM

i am a single parent who works a 3-2-2 12 hour shifts, with 20 miles to and from work.. and 6 horses 2 miles from work, 7 dogs here at the house, single parent and we are so short handed that i almost always have a minimum of 20 hours overtime.. so, i generally end up writing my quizzes all in a day or so and then i launch them so that i can get my corrections in before i start the work grind ... for those that are not familiar with the 3 -2-2.. it is basically a 2 week schedule..
normally i work fri. sat, sun, off mon, tue, work wed, thu, off fri, sat, sun work, mon tue off wed thurs and then it starts over.

anyway, i work at 1900 to 0700 and often work over each day and generally pick up a 1/2 shift and a whole shift each cycle.

i have an active 5 year old.. so home life may be the reason some people do it

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Wed, 6th Jun '07 11:54 AM

I like to write quizzes, obviously. But I hold them on deck until the Most Recent quiz list is clear of my earlier quiz. Then I simply add a new one without fear of knocking an earlier quiz off the list. Sometimes I have 8-10 quizzes piled up waiting.

People launching large blocks of quizzes caused changes in quiz listing a long time ago, and was presumably a major contributor to FITB quizzes be halted, since people launching FITB quizzes were some of, if not the largest contributors, to the quiz flooding that used to exist.

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Wed, 6th Jun '07 4:38 PM

I write quizzes once in a while, and usually spend quite a bit of time researching and writing it.
I find it annoying to have it bumped off the "New!" list in a couple of days by a stack of quizzes by someone else who took five minutes to turn out a string of what I call "Sausage Quizzes": A lot of the same thing, with not very inviting content, churned out by the dozens.

I'll bet others have felt the same at times.


Ravenslight  (Level: 10.5 - Posts: 110)
Wed, 6th Jun '07 6:57 PM

OK I want to add for the record except for one FITB quiz back when they were allowed, I do not think the vast majority of my quizzes would qualify as "sausage quizzes" I have a whole slew of quizzes that have never had a 100% on them about unusual topics, or topics that have never been on sploofus, such as national hot rod association, i have a whole series of quizzes about horses.. and not the run of the mill kind, but how famous horses died, battlefield deaths of horses, 1996 mount everest, hunter thompson, specific movies that had no other quizzes on them ( big jake,m hatari, the greatest show on earth) an in depth really interesting stuff on jimmy stewart.. i have a quiz labeled the green quiz that looks just plain simple but no on has ever scored perfectly.. so i do not think that this qualifies as sausage bnut I almost always spurn out 3-4 quizzes in a day and then i might nit write another quiz for several days or weeks.. oh yeah.. chernobyl.. another uncommon one.. i have one that i have been working on for months because i am having trouble keeping the questions to a manageable level ( in length because such an odd topic, that i have to give so much background info, i had the same problem with my smokejumper quiz..things like the real edmund fitzgerald-not the song.. )so to say that everyone that spits out rapid fire quizzes are dumping easy or simple quizzes is not afair at all

nicole- who just got called in to work on my night off

Rnmorg  (Level: 128.2 - Posts: 689)
Wed, 6th Jun '07 7:51 PM

Lettermanfan1  (Level: 88.3 - Posts: 486)
Wed, 6th Jun '07 10:00 PM

I've never been on the front page for more than a couple of hours....back when I used to have time to write quizzes. But, I haven't written a quiz in more than a year and have over almost 2000 pts for quiz authoring this someone's finding them. I say write 'em and get 'em launched whenever you feel like it.

Osuzannacollage  (Level: 132.1 - Posts: 1299)
Thu, 7th Jun '07 1:47 AM

Oh Bev...I feel your pain! It really is disheartening to spend hours on your quiz, then to turn around and find that another author has launched a dozen "easy breezy" quizzes, knocking you off the board in your category. I so totally concur with the feeling that it is better to wait to launch your quizzes until you have at least one running.


Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Thu, 7th Jun '07 9:48 AM

I've only had a quiz come back for corrections a couple of times. One in particular was after I had done extensive research and thought was very fun and interesting only to have people taking it really slam it - got rude messages and low ratings , so I wrote a very simplistic one with some comments that the editor said I needed to redo IF I wanted people to take the quiz - basically came back with "Don't ask for low ratings!" - and RIGHTLY so...I let hurt feelings drive me - bad choice! So I fixed it

I do have a series that I'm writing and I tend to gather my information in a text file and save it, then write the quizzes -- sometimes when I finish I still don't launch til later - I don't have a lot of time either - and call quiz writing and WR's my sanity break. I also look at the quizzes I've written to see which one has the most quiz takers - my first one is still under 30! Some others I've written have close to 500. I tend to concentrate on writing quizzes that people like the most from my stats...just my thoughts.

Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Thu, 7th Jun '07 9:59 AM

I haven't written enough to really worry about flooding the board, and unless Ed McMahon comes to the door with a big ol' check, I'm not likely to have the time to do so for quite a while. While I have no interest in denigrating folks who have the time and enthusiasm to crank out quizzes, sometimes it stings to see one that you really put you heart into languish like a beer wagon at the Baptist State Convention.

But I tend to write quizzes that I think folks would enjoy, rather than quick-response items....only to hear from folks who really seem to hate that as well. In the end, I think you've gotta write 'em for yourself, and hope the world follows the tune.

Chrismb428  (Level: 24.6 - Posts: 10)
Thu, 7th Jun '07 12:08 PM

Reading through these posts I am shocked to hear that people get messages from people telling them that they hated their quizzes. Thankfully, I have never got a message like that and to be honest it would never cross my mind to send one. Sure there have been quizzes that I have taken that I haven't enjoyed but those are the ones that I would never think of sending a note to the author. Why does that author need to hear that I didn't like their work? They don't. I just score them appropriately and move on. The only time I sent a less than pleasant note to an author was when he had obviously not put any effort into researching the quiz or writing it and had several wrong answers as right answers. That's different from me just not "enjoying" a quiz and then telling the author so. If you don't have anything nice to say...

Ravenslight  (Level: 10.5 - Posts: 110)
Thu, 7th Jun '07 1:38 PM

I have almost a hundred quizzes and all of them have fairly high ratings, the lowest rated one is a 6, so i feel my quizzes are well received. I generally write about things that I know about , therefore I do not have to do a tremendous amount of research. I do research to verify my knowledge. i sometimes write a quiz that requires extensive research but even then it still doesnt take me a really long time. I do not go by what people take.. if i did then I would be writing quizzes on dirty dancing ( non fitb one has almost 800 takers and only 7 people have scored 100% my other quiz with a huge number of takers is also n dirty dancing, the rest that have 100 or more are my quizzes year by year since history is my passion it is easy to write, just has to be verified and such- my quizzes that have required real research havent had many takers NHRA, hunter thompson, mount everest, stunt horses, racetracks of the world.. those required real research and lots of time and effort and guess what not many takers, but I will still write this type of quiz) I do not write my quizzes for the takers.. i write them for me. I do not care if i have 4 takers or 400 takers. I write quizzes for me. I get enjoyment writing the quizzes. I have found that the best way to get people to take the quizzes is not if they are on the front page but if I am taking other people's quizzes. If i take other people's quizzes then they usually explore and take mine

Some of you may remember me, well I took a hiatus from the site from before Christmas until two weeks ago.. and guess what my quizzes were taken regularly and often even though I was not on the site, taking quizzes, doing word rounds or writing quizzes..

My Thompson quiz had all of four takers when i left and came back to 20.. so obviously people found my quizzes and took them

My enjoyment comes from writing. I may do a few word rounds here and there and I try to take quizzes written by the people that take my quizzes but the only reason I became a paid member was to write quizzes..


Redsox9  (Level: 161.9 - Posts: 1401)
Fri, 8th Jun '07 10:38 AM

One always needs to diversify, you are right. Hey your yankees are playing well, i am thinking this isn ot over yet.

Sundance1969  (Level: 140.5 - Posts: 74)
Fri, 8th Jun '07 1:47 PM

This is an issue that seems to come up on these boards now and again, I remember talking about this around the holidays, or before they ended the fill-in-the-blanks section.

I also think that if the search bar for quizzes was on the Trivia Quizzes home page, that would make A LOT of sense. To search for older quizzes (those not on the first page, I mean) via the search bar, you have to go to the Leaderboards. That is what I do, anyway.

Why not have that search bar where it can do the most good?

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2812)
Fri, 8th Jun '07 2:29 PM

Maybe your Hunter S. Thompson quiz got new takers because he died? People may have searched him out of interest or curiosity because his name was in the news.

I too, most enjoy writing more content-rich quizzes about things that interest me or have personal significance. Of course, those die the dreaded Death of Less Than Ten Takers, but I'm more proud of them that the simple racing quizzes I could crank out all day, which would always find takers.

Bottom line, we need both kinds and all that stuff in between. Some people even LIKE both kinds, and will take a string of simplistic quizzes to rack up easy points, then search out something more substantive for the opportunity to learn something. The beauty of this place is how there's something just right for everyone, whether they want race car numbers and football teams, or Shakespeare and Broadway, or geography and politics. It's all here! I often search a particular topic, but I'm just as likely to cruise around the home page and the quiz page, find something that looks interesting, and if it turns out to be fun I may do every quiz the author has written.

I don't care who releases what when, nor how many days it stays on which page. I've never paid the slightest attention to any of that, whether taking quizzes or writing. It seems pretty simple to me, maybe because it interests me so little. If you're after popularity and points, look at what gets big takers and write that. If you want EAs, take a bunch of those and see what you need to be producing. If you want the title of your quiz on the home page, don't launch another while you have one there. If it's enough to have your name there, launch away, your last 5 quizzes are there with one click.

My advice is, if a quiz doesn't perform as well as you'd hoped, write another one!

What was the problem again?

Geniuswaitress  (Level: 52.1 - Posts: 381)
Sat, 9th Jun '07 12:51 PM

As long as there are people who are paying for the privilege of launching as many quizzes as they want, they certainly have the right to do so.

I've had quizzes knocked off the main list in a couple of hours that STILL made it to the top 25. All I can imagine is that my quiz subscribers and people searching out my quizzes looked for them and took them. The key is to make every quiz as good as it can be and you will build a fan base of takers that will follow you no matter how hard your quizzes are to find.

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6108)
Sat, 9th Jun '07 12:54 PM

Thanks, Donna! I think you covered the bases very well!


Marynuala  (Level: 141.3 - Posts: 996)
Sat, 9th Jun '07 6:44 PM

Good points! I agree that multiple quizes on the same subject launched together, may have less inpact in attracting interest than submitting them gradually. What I find, is that if a quiz proves to be popular and experiences a large viewing, it is deemed good enough, and welcome to readers to follow it up later, with a similar one.

Ravenslight  (Level: 10.5 - Posts: 110)
Sat, 9th Jun '07 8:52 PM

See I do not check the leaderboards etc, not my thing. I do QOD, Showdowns and of course write quizzes. I often launch two of three quizzes from my series in a day, it is not in a real popular category, history, but amazingly I always have about the same number of takers for each one. I have had on average 90 takers for each in the series.. it is a the year is quiz series, so obviously they are being sought out. When you consider how many times my quizzes where taken during the six monthes that I was gone, you have to realize that in reality it is not if they are on the front page or in the top 25 list, it is if they are on a subject that interest people, if they are well written and if you have subscribers etc. I subscribe to about 20 authors and I try to take their quizzes. I take an assorted variety of other quizzes, mostly from searching for a certain topic or by clicking on the people that have recently taken my quizzes, if they have a quiz that I am either interested in or have a clue about then I take the quiz. I have written nearly 100 quizzes in a year ( it will be a year next month) and I have taken over 1000 quizzes. I honestly believe that by taking other people's quizzes, rating them and sending them a comment on the quiz that I get most of my quiz takers that way. That is just my theory.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.7 - Posts: 3355)
Sat, 9th Jun '07 10:27 PM

I never write on the "popular" topics, as I know nothing about TV, movies or music. Most of my quizzes tend to be on food or science, and yet people certainly find them. I have been fortunate to receive a goodly number of EAs, and I think that those awards steer a solid group of folks to a quiz. Except for the CQs, I really haven't had a chance to write quizzes lately - been working too much - and yet I tend to finish pretty high up in the monthly quiz authoring ranks, which, again, means that quiz takers are finding the quizzes. Even so, I would not release a string of quizzes together, because it is certainly a benefit to be on the visible pages longer.

And yes, I agree with Madine that the search box for quizzes should be available on more of the pages.


Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Sat, 9th Jun '07 10:42 PM

I agree about search box - when I answered the questionairre in February after I had been paid member for few weeks - that was one of the main points I made.

Being a web site designer for 10+ years - I've dealt with a lot of clients and their customers -- finding things easily is the number 1 priority -- I have the page bookmarked where I can just click to go search....

I get on "things" - like a few weeks ago it was puns - it was interesting though because puns - didn't return results - but pun did -- it would good to tweak the search algorithm to include the first part even if not plural - no s, etc - I know that Justin wants to make sure irrelevant results aren't returned - but that would be good.

Sorry - getting geeky - result of emergency website reuild - time for WP and WR sanity breaks!

Ravenslight  (Level: 10.5 - Posts: 110)
Sat, 9th Jun '07 10:46 PM

I simply clock on the island from any page to get to a place where I can search but it would be great if the search was on all non quiz pages

Zeedee  (Level: 235.6 - Posts: 1088)
Sun, 10th Jun '07 9:09 PM

I, too, click on the island, on the Sploofus logo, or on Sploofus Home under "Your Sploofus Space" to go to the search bar.

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