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Smaug  (Level: 144.7 - Posts: 2765)
Tue, 10th Jul '07 9:13 PM


I notice some of the quizzes give the answer to each question in the succeeding question. I'm not sure whether I like that or not.


Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Tue, 10th Jul '07 9:31 PM

It's annoying at best.

Rev66  (Level: 86.4 - Posts: 85)
Tue, 10th Jul '07 10:11 PM

I wish all the quizzes put the answer in the succeeding puzzles.

Koota  (Level: 187.9 - Posts: 2114)
Tue, 10th Jul '07 10:19 PM

I like it, although it's fine that every quiz is not of that format.

I enjoy not having to wait until the end of the puzzle to see if I was right. Some quizzes, too, build upon the answers to the previous questions, so it is perfectly appropriate to tell us what the answer was.

Kaufman  (Level: 267.9 - Posts: 3941)
Tue, 10th Jul '07 10:48 PM

I put them in where there's reason to. For instance, I'm currently writing a quiz where one question's answer is not self-explanatory. For the sake of a workable question, I asked the question in the following way: On what part of a given set of entities is a rare and interesting feature? Since folks might not know even after the answer is provided what that feature is, I am preceding the next question with an explanation.

I didn't ask it in the form, What interesting feature do these things have in common, because I'd have been harder pressed to find 5 reasonable answers.

I'll also do it (or occasionally just identify a wrong answer) if it provides a nice segue into the next question.

Smaug  (Level: 144.7 - Posts: 2765)
Tue, 10th Jul '07 11:39 PM



Smaug  (Level: 144.7 - Posts: 2765)
Tue, 10th Jul '07 11:42 PM

I find it sort of throws off my pace/thinking/whatever.

The one thing positive about giving the answer in the next question is you can expand or explain it a little more than in the summary at the end.

Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 6:28 AM

Well, since I probably do that as much as anyone....

I give folks the answer at the opening of the next question because I can't see any reason not to.

I'm just the kind of guy who like to know if I was right or not as soon as possible. Afer taking a few dozen quizzes on here, I realized that some of the betterones gave me the answer and a little more info immediately afterward.

I appreciate it, plus the added tidbits that come with it. So, whenever possible, I reciprocate.

I'm far more puzzled why it would bother someone to do that. Annoying at best? How come?

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 6:42 AM

The quizzes are timed. Trying to get past the previous answer and on to the question at hand is annoying and a waste of time. I always rate this type of inconsiderate quiz with a 5 or less. I'm just that kind of guy. I also noticed that when writing a quiz there is a window for 'question', I've yet to notice the one that say 'question and previous answer'.

Heidi  (Level: 36.2 - Posts: 694)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 6:45 AM

Perhaps it is the optimist in me that I began each quiz with the thought that I will score 100-although, in truth, I realize that is not realistic. When I discover in the next question that I have answered incorrectly it gets me off pace. I do enjoy some of the progressive quizzes but they seem to stress me a bit=perhaps just old age-Linda

Geniuswaitress  (Level: 52.1 - Posts: 381)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 7:39 AM

I just skip them if I'm not interested. I've noticed the people who do it usually use a break between the answer and the next question. Unless you're really slow on the uptake, it's easy to just "not see" them and skip to the part that's just the question.

Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 8:15 AM

Felix, Heidi: Fair enough.

Felix has a valid concern, though I think his solution is a bit unfair to people like myself who put a considerable amount of research into most of the quizzes. It is a lot quicker to write a One-line quiz with one-word answers, and those certainly bolster the average time per second reply.

I reckon it gets down to why one takes such a quiz. As my dismal WP and WR records show, I'll never be as fast as the upper echelon here....just too much debris floating around in the noggin.

So, in deference to folks like Felix who value the speed factor, I'll try to indicate if a quiz is not recommended for the swift.


Heidi's concern is a tad tougher. Would it not be even crueller to string a person along, then crush their hope at the end of a quiz? Then they lose the time having to wade back through the puzzle to see what it was they missed.

Sometimes I take a quiz precisely because I DON'T know much about the subject. I know I'm not going to get a 100, so I'm just along for the ried and picking up any learning that falls my way.

Part of that is evident in how I write my quizzes. Like this post, they tend to belonger ... but hopefully don't leave any questions behind.

Garrybl  (Level: 291.8 - Posts: 6772)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 9:16 AM

There is a set of quizzes that infairness require explanation for the solver.
For example, i did a set of IQ questions where (if you failed to crack the question) the answer itself would not help.
discovering the next symbol in the sequence
octothorpe, percentage caret as 'ampersand' would not hewlp you unless you knew these were the names for the symbols above the numeric keys on a keyboard.
so an explanation WILL help the reader.

In other quizzes picking up the right answer in the next question (Allena has run a set of these I think) gives you the info without wasting your time since it is part of the question...

Nancidru  (Level: 10.7 - Posts: 65)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 9:42 AM

Revdodd, I fall a little more in your camp. Some quizzes I put the answer in and some I don't. I try to separate it at the top so if you're a speed demon you can go to the question below, and sometimes the answer is part of the next question.

Some quizzes I take because I know I'll do well and I'll do quickly. Some I have no clue, but I enjoy them. However, I never rate someone low because they haven't built a quiz to suit my fancy. I figure it takes all kinds, and frankly I would be bored within a few quizzes if they were all one sentence, click on the answer, and cha ching, you're done.

But, that's just me. I like variety.

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 9:54 AM

I've written and taken both; liked some and didn't like some. I do it if I can smoothly incorporate the answer into the next question (Smoke's Natural World Quiz is probably my best effort in that regard); sometimes it becomes a clue to the next answer. A lot of my quizzes build on a theme, may have a chronological structure, and it helps the flow. It's when it impedes the flow and has nothing to do with the next question that I don't think it's a good idea. I think there's room for both kinds; I certainly don't see any reason to penalize for it.

Smaug  (Level: 144.7 - Posts: 2765)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 10:43 AM

I think, having read everything, that my preference would be if the author had the option of giving a little more explanation at the summary end for the right answer.

for instance:

Instead of just:

Dick York

it would be:

Dick York (replaced by Dick Sargent the final three seasons)

You can do that now by commenting at the top of the next quiz, but not at the results summary.

I guess I haven't taken the other type of quiz where you build on the previous answer, but that makes sense too....quiz

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 11:12 AM

The taker always has the option of googling what interests them, or they can message you at the end to ask a question. As long as your questions are clear and your answers are right, you've done your job as an author without providing additional information. Many takers just want to answer 10 questions and move on, and probably wouldn't even bother to read additional explanatory material at the end.

Seniorrita  (Level: 140.1 - Posts: 223)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 11:56 AM

I am really a novice at writing quizzes but, because of the quakes on the WRs I have spent some time on quizzes. I have one that is 2nd most popular today. Last time I looked about 535 folks had taken it and I have received 17 responses. Nobody complained about the answer at the beginning of the next question.

Put me in the column that likes to see the answer. I love to learn and many times we dont take the time to look thru what we missed.

What I wonder is... why my quiz became so popular! On its heels I did on on BOUNCE and it barely has been taken... 53 or so.


Smaug  (Level: 144.7 - Posts: 2765)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 12:53 PM

Senioritta -- WOW!

691 quiz takers in five days for one quiz! That is awesome!

I have 4 EAs in that period and they haven't totalled 120 takers.

I think my next one is going to be: "Guess My Cousin's Middle Names --HARD"

Seniorrita  (Level: 140.1 - Posts: 223)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 12:59 PM

I think it's awesome too! And I cant understand why it is rated like it is... I guess we need to relax and enjoy what comes our way. Did you take the quiz?
I am wondering why takers don't take the other one... on BOUNCE, which I think is cute. Oh well... Maybe tomorrow I will be in first place!

Smaug  (Level: 144.7 - Posts: 2765)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 1:26 PM

Senioritta.....I did take your "stupid" quiz (har!) a few days ago and only got 60 percent....of the leaderboard.

I guess there are factors to popularity...maybe being on the Popular List becomes a snowball effect. I was told that the name of my first quiz was too obscure -- "Historic Forteana"....

Seniorrita  (Level: 140.1 - Posts: 223)
Wed, 11th Jul '07 2:00 PM

I am wondering about two things... title of the quiz and how long it remains on the list of Newest quizzes. Something had to put the Stupid quiz on the list to get it to the Most Popular category, then it exploded. I also wonder about the level of difficulty. I sometimes stay clear of anything over 4 cause I dont want to get frustrated.

Try my silly quiz on BOUNCE!

Salzypat  (Level: 161.6 - Posts: 5414)
Thu, 12th Jul '07 2:50 AM

Guess I don't see why it has to be an either/or. I like the variety. When I first joined I took a couple of the puzzles with the answers of the previous question at the top and found it cumbersome to read and move on to the current question. After taking more quizzes, I find I can skim the answer quickly and move on. I wouldn't want all quizzes with the answers to the previous questions and I wouldn't want all of them to be one-liners. Part of what I enjoy about Sploofus is the opportunity to learn about things I would never have learned in any other way. I don't worry a whole lot about my score (as you could tell if you saw the one quiz I took and ended up with 0% correct!)

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Thu, 12th Jul '07 3:33 AM

Smaug, you are writing quizzes to a very high standard.

I would be sorry to see you lower those high standards to gain what could be perceived "popular" status. There are many, many authors on this site who write quiz quizzes for the points: the type I call "sausage quizzes"...all churned out in a string, and very little difference in 'em. Somehow, these quizzes fall into the aforementioned "popular" range: neither the quiz-writer nor the player has to think a great deal, plus there are points to be gained all 'round.

There are also a decent amount of quizzes in the middle-range that will amuse, inform, and perhaps make you ponder awhile.

....And then there are the more intellectual offerings that can be difficult, challenging and very informative. There are not a lot of authors on this site who write for this last group, but they are staunch in their belief of maintaining a standard.

Quite frankly, I take a quiz because I find the presentation attractive in title, image and description. I also hope that I will do well at it, pitting my knowledge against what I will discover in the quiz. If I get less than 100%, then I take that as a lesson, and hope that I gain new knowledge from the experience.

There is a lot more to be gained from Sploofus than an accumulation of points.


Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Thu, 12th Jul '07 6:36 AM

This is a great thread. As in most Sploofi debates subjectivity abounds. If the Mensa approach is the trail taken, prepare for lower point totals. Satisfaction in a well written quiz is a reward in itself. I have learned that authors like Kelley, Linda and Vickie have styles that appeal to what I am looking for, so thusly I take all of there quizzes unless they are about country music (big oxymoron) Or NAStyCAR.

No doubt that there are some brilliant people here at Sploofus. They may write or enjoy a level of trivia far beyond many of us mere mortals. I salute them. Taken that the authors I reference are heading up many of the prolific category histories here, the masses are speaking by taking quizzes that they know they'll enjoy.

So if you are selling Mercedes or Lay's Potato Chips: Know your market!

Please pray for our Troops and the Yankees!

Smaug  (Level: 144.7 - Posts: 2765)
Thu, 12th Jul '07 8:14 AM


Thanks for your kind words. Frankly I don't understand the points, and don't have the interest of the time to compete in a race to be most prolific.

It would be interesting to have some stats for quality average rather than "counting" stats, as they say in baseball...but I understand the The Sploof Who Must Be Obeyed wants to encourage volume content...

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Thu, 12th Jul '07 8:36 PM

Sometimes I'm feeling reflective and enjoy the opportunity to take a hard quiz on an obscure subject. For it's educational value.
Sometimes I'm feeling lighthearted (or even stupid)....and then I take a "popular" quiz. For it's entertainment value.
I like having the choice and REALLY enjoy the diversity of Sploofus Island.
Diversity in both the type of quizzes, and the content.

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Thu, 12th Jul '07 8:45 PM

"The Sploof Who Must Be Obeyed"?

Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Thu, 12th Jul '07 8:48 PM

I joined this site because I specifically remember being told I could use my point to buy things...

"Pat I'd like that lovely ceramic dog for $350".

Way to shatter my dreams...I don't get anything for my tell me there is no Santa.

Buncha dreamkillers you.


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