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Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Mon, 6th Aug '07 3:38 PM


A little over a year, and half ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes normally an at least treatable disease. The problem was I never went to the doctors regularly like I should so the disease went untreated for so long that it damaged the spinal nerve center which causes immense pain in my lower extremities, the main reason for going to the doctor in the first place.

Anyways to say the least it has disabled me. The worse thing is that I have an 8 year old son whose mother decided she needed to better her life, and would be unable to do so, and care for our son at the same time, so she asked me to take him since we are not together any longer, and let him go to 1st grade here with me while she went back to nursing school for a year. Well my son will be starting 3rd grade this year, and she calls maybe every 2 or 3 months, and has been to see him only twice in over 2 years. Whatever.

Well to continue, my son was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few weeks after I got him, and I pray that no one ever has to experience the painful heart-sickening feeling of poking the first needle into your baby's stomach knowing that you must do this from this moment on 4 times everyday until he is old enough to do it himself or he will not live, I was in tears, he handled it better than me he is very brave. I must keep changing locations on his body frequently with the shots, and still sometimes his body looks like a pin cushion. The situation is to say the least numbing, but I found some solice here at Sploofus losing myself in trivia.

I filed for disability after trying to hold down several jobs, but the pain was just to much I couldn't do it. In order to bear the pain I have to take so much pain medication I can't function, and having to inject my son everyday I need to be coherent so I grin and bear it as best I can. Any how I have done all the paper work, and have an attorney helping with the disability case if I get nothing she gets nothing, and we are now awaiting a hearing, the problem is the last time I checked online the average wait time for a disability hearing was 27 months can you believe that? My attorney assured me this is usually the norm for these cases, but what to do in the meantime?

So now comes, "The Act Of Desperation" I have exasperated every resource that I have, and sold all that I own, I tried an Ebay store for a while, but was only making money for them so I closed it this past week, and set up for the big 127 yard sale, and sold all that I could in order to buy school clothes for my son as he has outgrown almost everything he has. Months ago my car died, and I sold it for parts so I must rely on friends or family to get us to doctors appointments, and things. I am receiving government assistance (welfare), and have had to move in with my 72 year old mother as I cannot afford a place of our own, and imagine that there is a 1 year wait time on government housing. A few friends suggested that I bring it to the many people here, but out of shame, and the unsure feeling of is it OK with the management or not, I have been to ashamed to do it. So in a sheer act of desperation, and with the most humblest of heart I am willing to now beg for any charity anyone will give.

If anyone knows a way to speed along the disability process please, please let me know. My son is size 10 regular in pants, and undies, 8-10 in shirts, and size 3 in shoes, if anyone has children, or grandchildren that have outgrown some things they no longer need our address is 3833 Creston rd. Crossville Tn. 38571. My paypal addy is I have nothing left to offer anyone for their help, I no longer have pride, or dignity. We need many prayers although I no longer carry much faith in spiritual things, and my family does what they can, but have their own families, and the wages here are not that great.

To swallow ones pride leaves a bitter taste, but when you have exhausted all means, and you must worry whether or not your child looks like a vagabond in school, when already he feels different having to go to a nursing station for a shot each day, must have a snack in the afternoon when none of his classmates are allowed to eat, and unable to participate in many school functions, because his sugar may bottom out, or someone must accompany him on school outings to administer his meds, then the taste of pride no longer becomes a factor. If in any way whatsoever Justin this cry for help violates any Sploofus rules please I beg you delete it ASAP as I would not ever want to do such a thing on purpose. Sploofus family I will close now with a humbled heart, and a desperate mind. Thank you for reading if you made it this far. I know many of you will say, "I could never do this in a public forum", but you would be surprised at what you will do to give your child a somewhat normal life when all else seems to have failed. Have you ever seen those people on the side of the road with signs begging for a handout? Well I will never look at them the same again, who knows what their story is, at this point in my life it could easily be me.

Humbly yours Rocco

Sherilynn1962  (Level: 116.2 - Posts: 372)
Mon, 6th Aug '07 6:35 PM

Hi Rocco,

I'm so very sorry to hear about your dire situation. As a supervisor of a welfare division in NV I can't tell you how many times I have seen people in the same position, with nowhere else to turn.

It sounds like you're doing everything you can at this point - we see a lot of people in our state who get their disability once they get an attorney. If you haven't already applied for HUD housing, do so right away, because it's true - the wait can be 12-24 months. Some states can speed up the process for people with disabilities, but it all comes down to funding and housing availability.

If you aren't already receiving cash assistance please apply - there are provisions that can be made for people who are unable to work, even with the new work requirements that were recently put into place. Check with your case worker if you are not receiving cash to find out the policies in place in Tennessee.

I don't know about the laws in Tennessee, but there may be help through county social services, who can possibly put you on a program to help pay rent so you can live independently. Also, some states have energy assistance programs to help pay power and gas bills. Many drug companies can help with people who are unable to pay for their medications (although Medicaid covers most prescriptions). Check online with the various drug manufacturers.

I will pray for you and your son - my very best wishes to you both.

Sheri Ras.

Marynuala  (Level: 139.8 - Posts: 996)
Mon, 6th Aug '07 7:26 PM

There is nothing shameful in what you have written. It is a sad story, and has taken a lot of honourable courage to openly reveal your problems to Sploofus, and everyone here, will be sensitive and understanding.
I just wish I knew about the American Legal Aid/Welfare system. If you resided in the UK, I would have suggested going to a Citizen’s Advice Bureau, or visiting your local Member of Parliament in his surgery to intervene by expediting your Disability claim. Also, if your wife is working, and as she is legally “The Absent Parent”, and your son needs moral and financial support, she should be made liable to make maintenance payments as you are currently unemployed. Also ensure that your Disability Claim will be backdated.
After reading your message, I browsed on the Internet for charitable/advice organisations in the US, and found one that I think might help. It is called Goodwill, and not only do they help the disabled to receive suitable training for employment in includes help with financial hardship. I am sure the can be a source of advise to help you speed up your Disability Claim, as well as helping with your son.
Give them a try, their Website address is If you contact them there, they should give you details of a branch nearer to where you live.
This suggestion is just a start, Rocco, and I hope other Sploofus members who reside in the US, may have better advice. I will also thing about different options.
Just know that you are not alone, and have friends in Sploofus. Hopefully we will do our best to alleviate the trauma and hardship you are currently experiencing.
Kind regards

Diva305  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 1655)
Mon, 6th Aug '07 7:58 PM

WOW! Best wishes and prayers to you and your son.
My husband, son and daughter-in-law are all attorneys, and I am SURE there are other attorneys on this site.
We don't do disability claims, but refer them out. It shouldn't take that long...AND unfortunately (from what I hear) you may be turned down the first time-this is not unusual!!!
I'll be glad to donate any clothing I can find. I go to the Swap Shop in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl every weekend just about, and you wouldn't believe what I find!!!! It's like a treasure hunt. Clothes-GORGEOUS! for 50 cents to $1. Some vendors have all you can fit in bag for $1. There's many t-shirt booths with BRAND NEW t-shirts for 50 cents (I get several every week for my SIL) who's in an ALF (Asst. Living Facility) with a lot of other people who need assistance (like VietNam Vets) who I bring clothing to.
Mail me the sizes again....I will look for you.
Best Wishes
P.S. ANY ATTORNEYS OUT THERE (I KNOW THERE ARE) Let's help our fellow Sploofuser if you can.

Diva305  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 1655)
Mon, 6th Aug '07 8:04 PM

When my house burned down in December, I had many offers from my fellow Sploofusers for supplying anything I needed. Fortunately, we all survived and managed to salvage most of our belongings.

1mks  (Level: 219.4 - Posts: 5925)
Mon, 6th Aug '07 8:35 PM

Hang in there and know that you are not alone. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Marsha

Mataya2005  (Level: 65.1 - Posts: 24)
Mon, 6th Aug '07 9:02 PM

Also in the social work field although I do not know about specific laws in your state. Your social service agency may be able to help through a child welfare service referral. Your son's school may also know of resources like local churches, service groups, etc. who may be able to help. I would also advise contacting your state senator and representative to see if they have any other ideas. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Vickie

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Mon, 6th Aug '07 10:42 PM

Thank you all for your posts, warm feelings, and caring nature. I am feeling a little shamed now by posting, but I will suck it up if I can in anyway just do anything to make life feel not so useless. I apologize to anyone that this post has made in any way feel uncomfortable. It is just that I have met so many wonderful friends here, and saw so much charity I thought it would be ok, but after seeing it live, and many views with few responses I am feeling embarrased, and a little ashamed.

I have tried many things mentioned here already, and there have been churches that have given away some school supplies, and I humbly accepted them. It just appears that the government has more important things to do with the money I have paid in my whole life for just such things as this. Again I thank each, and every one of you who have posted or written me, and I humbly apologize. RT

Oldcougar  (Level: 228.1 - Posts: 1935)
Mon, 6th Aug '07 11:03 PM

No need to feel bad about your post. I am disabled myself & would be in the same difficulties if I didn't have a husband to support me. I think you'll be surprised over the next few days of the help that will come your way. Take care.

Sblv  (Level: 195.4 - Posts: 337)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 12:38 AM

Hi everyone,
There is a thing in Judaism called Tzedakah which can be interpreted as Charity.
Since there are unfortunately many people in need, the way to give the Tzedakah is by giving it to your closest family first, then to other members of your family in need, then to your neighbours, people of your town, etc.
Sploofus is proud to be a group of people that call themselves a family, so maybe there is a way to help another family member. I now that not everyone can read those posts, so maybe Justin can send a small message to each member or even not a member, and we all can contribute, If all 20k members can contribute one dollar...
Can this site organize a small fundraising event? Is it partially realistic?
In any event, I hope, there will be individuals here that will help in any way they can.
Thank you.

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 4:30 AM

Hi Rocco,

I am so sorry you are having all these on-going problems,
and I know how draining that can be.
There's a saying...."when you reach the end of your rope
- tie a knot in it and hang on"
Well - your letter to Sploofus is YOU tying the knot. So hang
in there and see what comes your way. You deserve good things
for trying so hard to meet everyone's needs - at a time when
you yourself are in need of care. You deserve good things because
your son comes before your pride. And you deserve good things
because you have made so many sacrifices to keep things going.
WE, at Sploofus and in the world, need people like you, to remind
us to have compassion in our everyday lives. To remind us not to
despise the desperate, because there but for the Grace of God.......
May you have Love and Peace and Faith, and many friends.


Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 6:49 AM

Rocco, I really have been where you are - sick, broke, and responsible for other people. How fortunate that you have your mother to stay with. I went home to my mother, pregnant with three kids, at thirty! It was the saving of me and a good thing for her too, we repaired a lot of damage my growing up had done. Who says you can't go home? I hope this time in your lives will enrich your relationship with your mother and son; as a grandmother who desperately misses my boys far away, I envy her the chance to be with him. I've had to give my daughter shots, too. I'd make myself sick every morning getting ready to do it. She always swore it didn't hurt, but it killed me to see the bruises all over her tummy; I'd break a full sweat giving it and it would be an hour before my hands stopped shaking. So you see? People really do understand.

I also know how scary it is to feel out of options in this land of plenty, and how hard it is to ask for help, and how slow it is in coming. I never could have asked for myself, but I could ask for my kids. I have nothing but respect for your request. People talk a lot about faith, and everyone has their own personal idea of what that is, but we all agree that faith requires a leap. You've reached out to your community in faith that someone will reach back; you've taken the leap, and you're still in mid-air. I for one would like to see your faith rewarded. I talk a lot about community, I look for it in all aspects of my life experience - I look for it here - and I'm putting my money where my mouth is. Not much, but something in the bottom of the bucket to get things going. If I can spend precious irreplaceable hours of my life helping a dog win a beauty contest (Go Callam!), I can go to your paypal account and donate a few bucks toward getting your wee lad some socks and underpants, and clothes for school. A boy can feel all right about things in new socks and underpants.

May your "act of desperation" return a thousand acts of love. The best of luck to you and your family, my friend.

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 7:23 AM

Love and compassion coming atcha from Australia.......I am touched to the very core by your plight.
May God reach you with His love, and send some gentle kindness your way.

Keep an eye on your mailbox.
Hugs, Bev

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 11:10 AM

I added Keagan's pic to my profile what you see is one of the bravest people I know, and my only rock. Thank you to all who have read the thread, and those who have responded. This has been much, much harder than I expected, and leaves me with a want to run, and hide feeling that I hope goes away soon. I just realized how scammish this may sound after re-reading it, but for anyone who knows me, you know this is purely a true act of desperation, and I feel horrible to be so desperate. Rocco

Diva305  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 1655)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 12:14 PM

Please don't feel that way.
Sometimes we have to ask.....
I have one son-My Masterpiece-and I would lick floors with my tongue if I had to for him.
Thank G-d I am blessed......
Hang in there friend
This too shall pass
You'll make it

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 1:18 PM

A friend in a message said I forgot to give my full name in case of mailing purposes so my address is Rocco Tabor 3833 Creston rd. Crossville Tn. 38571. If anyone wishes to email me they can use the paypal address of Hopefully the next time I post it will be with better news. Other then the ones you see here out of over 400 page views there have only been a couple of other responses, and I appreciate them all Thank you so very much. Rocco

Frannie  (Level: 96.2 - Posts: 68)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 1:40 PM

Rocco, Fighting the Social Services Systems in Ohio and Michigan has to be at least as difficult as it is in TN. Keep fighting the good fight for yourself and your son. There are many of us here who relate to your struggle and will be able to help you out. People have been kind to me when I needed it and I'm only too happy to pass it on. Tommorrow I will put a couple of outfits in the mail for Keagan to start school in plus some school supplies. Have you checked into Medicaid available in TN for both you and Keagan? It sounds like you would both be eligible. Hoping Social Services comes through for you soon. Frannie

Salzypat  (Level: 161.3 - Posts: 5414)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 7:24 PM

Aug. 7, 2007

Rocco, THANK YOU for helping ME!! I am prediabetic (Type II) and for a few months I did really well with exercise, watching my diet to the letter, lost weight and my numbers were improving and my doctor was very pleased and willing to wait to start me on medication. But in the past months, for some reason, I have slipped back to eating my sweets, fast foods, and not exercising. You have given me a "wake-up" message that I cannot take this condition lightly.

So don't feel ashamed for having posted your plea because in doing so you have HELPED me. And now I want to try to help you in some way.

Also, I wanted to tell you, the regulars on Sploofus seem more like family than strangers. You wouldn't mind family helping out, would you? So thank you, too, for feeling comfortable enough with us to share your deepest needs.

You would be surprised how many of us have been in your shoes. You can't imagine how many meals of popcorn and frozen peaches (which I got free) I fed my family one winter. There weren't the programs to help that there are today. Believe me, I understand how it feels to not be able to give your child even the most basic of needs.

Another organization to contact is the Salvation Army. They are a top-notch group and may be able to help you in several ways. The homeless shelter in our town serves a meal one night a week open to the community. Do you have a church or group like that? It might help you get one meal out that would help with expenses.

I don't have any other suggestions for you other than to always believe in the good of the people you know. They will come through for you. You are so strong to be able to take these steps to care for your son (who is absolutely adorable, by the way). You may not be able to give him worldly goods, but his face glows with joy and love and that's what matters most. And bless your mother for being there to help you.

Ladyvol  (Level: 212.1 - Posts: 5646)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 7:51 PM

You are in my prayers my friend...going to talk with some people I know and I'll get back with you. Since I'm close to Crossville I may just hop in the car and take off over there to see you...That is if I don't get lost trying to find you! ROFL...I gave you my email address and phone number so don't hesitate to call and ask for help ok? Families stick together!

Jorboo  (Level: 39.1 - Posts: 141)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 7:55 PM

Rocco, Reading your letter about your plight gives a new meaning to "dignity" and sir you have dignity and courage. Your child is lucky to have you as a parent. Your child will not want for new school clothes and supplies. God bless you and your precious child. JORBOO (Genny)

Tazmaniac72  (Level: 194.5 - Posts: 213)
Tue, 7th Aug '07 8:27 PM

Hello Rocco,

I can certainly relate to the trials and pitfalls of disability. When my wife was in a car accident in 2000, it took 18 months to get disability to kick in. After about 2 years, it was determined she was well enough to not need it anymore, even though she was permanently disabled with her ankle being fused. She works now, but suffers through pain daily.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope your attorney will see your need, and help the process get through. I know it's been hard having to see to your son's needs while dealing with your own, but you certainly will have a bond with him that his mother will never have. That amazes me that his mother has so little involvement with her son, but you will come out better for that. He will remember what you've done for him, and she have to try to explain to him why his life didn't work in hers. If there is any way I can work out getting some clothes together for him, I will contact you. Check any local churches or consignment stores in your area, and sometimes they can refer you to where you can get clothes donations. I know it won't be great stuff most of the time, but it will help. God Bless, Mike

Geophile  (Level: 167.0 - Posts: 1544)
Wed, 8th Aug '07 12:31 AM

It amazes me that we have a government that can launch a "thousand ships" in a heartbeat, 8,000 miles away, while we make those in need of help, our fellow Americans, wait until they are in desparate straits before helping them.

I cannot imagine the level of anxiety you must be experiencing. Please do not feel embarrassed or self-conscious about asking for help. We are put on earth to help each other - our religion mandates Tzedakah, helping others as Sblv said. You might also check Jewish Family Services that are at a few locations near you in TN. They are nondenominational and they help many people of all creeds and those without.

Know that many blessings are on their way and all will be getting better for you.


Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Wed, 8th Aug '07 3:47 AM

You made me laugh Rocco, when you said (in so many ways) that you
aren't sure if you did the right thing in posting your problem.
I was remembering so many times have I started a message which I then
felt was much too self-revealing....
And while I was sitting there trying to make up my mind what to do finger developed a mind of it's own, twitched - and clicked on
the mouse. And more decision to make!!!!
The message was gone.
It's very much a MAN thing to hide vulnerability - and it's what stops
many men from living a life filled with caring and intimacy. You have
proved yourself to be a loving and passionate person. Did you notice
that ALL of us who responded said we ADMIRED you for fighting for the
sake of your child.

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Wed, 8th Aug '07 8:32 AM

Hello everyone, I have been struggling to find the right words to say anything at all so I will try.

I traveled a lot during my hospitality career from different hotels, I pretty much went wherever they needed me most. Sometimes I was a manager, a maintenance director, or I would train new staff on our audit procedures, and budget there is very little if anything I do not know about running a hotel. I am a licensed carpenter, hvac certified, a cpo (certified pool operator), I have a degree in hospitality management, and as of late I have been certified to administer meds. So being without work has been devestating to me.

When you spend much of your life in hospitality you deal with many different people, from many nations, and many cultures. The conflicting personalities are always tough to deal with, but most of the time I handled it ok. I have got to tell you with a very humbled, and completely shocked heart, that the people here at this web site are the most caring, generous, and loving people it has ever been my privelage to know. There are not any words that can describe the way I truly feel. I have been brought to tears, or to the point of tears so many times in the past couple of days that I have just not known what to say. One person is disabled themselves, and due to limited income was unable to renew Sploofus gold, but was willing to sell their cpu if it would help, their kind thoughts were more than enough. I have been sent over 300 dollars some from people who needed prayer, and charity themselves. That is more money then I have had at one time in a long time, and will go a long way to get some of the necessities we need that for most of my life I just took for granted. When is the last time anyone has had the fear of running out of toilet paper? That is how desperate I had become. Being a diabetic has caused my son to still have accidents wetting at night, so he uses goodnites, (thank God for me cause we have to share a bed lol), and he must use them again, and again if he doesn't spoil them because I have been unable to afford them.

Basic needs are a luxury these days. As Salzypat wrote about being pre-diabetic, and caring for themselves properly, I would strongly suggest that everyone who has not seen a doctor lately make an appointment right away. It is so much easier to to be safe. I attributed most of my pain, and discomfort for years to the fact I just worked long hours, and did a lot of walking inspecting rooms or whatever. Only to find out later diabetes had been slowly degenerating the spinal nerves causin neuropathy. Some diseases are silent killers, and the best way to fight them is going to your doctor regularly, and have blood work done because once the symptoms of diabetes are felt it is usually to late.

Thank each, and every one of you from the far regions of my heart you have made this decision, and burden much easir to bear, and if there truly is a heaven then I am sure there will also be a Sploofus Island, because in all my travels I have never seen so many angels gathered together in one location. Humbly yours Rocco.

Xhoney1  (Level: 76.0 - Posts: 185)
Wed, 8th Aug '07 3:36 PM

Dear Rocco, I'm hoping this note will "come out right" and not be misconstrued as anything other than what it is, and that is an apology from me to you for not at least responding to your post, whether or not I could help you.

First, let me say that my heart truly went out to you when I read your message. I thought you were brave, honest, and humble, a loving, caring, and worried father - nothing that should have made you feel ashamed whatsoever. I, too, in the past have been 1 paycheck away from homelessness and it is a scary, terrifying situation, especially with kids involved. I don't care what anyone says, the Social Services Depts are a bunch of bulls**t (excuse my French), making you run around in circles and never being able to cut through their bureaucratic red tape.

Anyway, as you may know, I recently left my husband of 20+ years, and in doing so I also left my 2 older children behind in NYC, at their choice. With the loving support of Charles (Chopsaw43), he and I have started a new life along with my 2 younger kids. We are also helping the older ones get situated until they can pay rent, bills, etc., on their own. Although they are happy and proud of my decision, I feel as though I abandoned them and threw them to the wolves so to speak. So, we are helping them out financially with rent and things as much as we can.

Sorry for the rambling on, but what I wanted to say is, please don't hold it against those of us who didn't respond. I am sure others want to help but simply cannot, and don't know what to say.

I'll be cleaning out my 10-year-old son's closets in the upcoming weeks before school starts. He is a football/baseball/hockey jersey fanatic, so be expecting some nice sports jerseys, etc., to come your son's way. I feel for you and pray for you, Rocco.


Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Wed, 8th Aug '07 5:47 PM

Rocco, I also found out last year that I was a type 2 after a few years of "borderline" so I think I found out in time to control it although I had a bad experience initially with a newer drug called Byetta. I now have it mostly under control. I have also had some hills and valleys in my life with two separate periods of homelessness and my only advice to you is not give up. I kept telling myself that it just ain't gonna be like this forever and eventually things did get better. A lot of MY bad luck was self- inflicted so we differ in that respect but I did get it turned around and I believe that even with your obstacles you can "get 'er done". Someday I hope you can look back on all the crap you are going through and realize that you may be better for the experience. I know it can happen.

Heidi  (Level: 36.2 - Posts: 694)
Wed, 8th Aug '07 9:29 PM

Not quite sure how to say this the right way. Of late-in my youth it did not seem of importance-but have become very disappointed to say it mildly with the health care and social services in the US. I mean no offense to any of you health care or social workers but our system "SUCKS"! I really like my family doc but have watched his office turn away folks without supplemental insurance. I have been fortunate as I have both Medicare and BC/BS of Michigan-found that BC in Fl. very different in the benefits they offer. I have received a disability retirement from Detroit Public Schools since 1990-attorney sued them and said the stroke that I suffered was due to my teaching conditions-MAJOR stress in middle school. I was so very fortunate that I had loving parents who were financially able until my pension SSI came through to support myself and my children. Without them myself and my three children would have been in the same position financially that you are now. Michigan took about 9 months. I not only received back money for myself but for my children as well so keep the faith. That love can never be repaid but I saw my dad through a prolonged illness-with him every day-so he could have his wish and die at home. My mother is now in her 90's and hope I can make things right with her in her remaining years-I owe BIG TIME! The end result of all of this rambling is that I am now doing pretty well. I can help you out a bit. My email is Hang in there-God don't make no junk!! Linda

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Wed, 8th Aug '07 10:11 PM

Just a little thought wartime and for years after, in England there was
no toilet paper. So we used to tear up NEWSPAPER (ANY paper)into squares - hang the squares on a piece of string and a hook, next to the toilet seat. Then - when it came time to actually USE it - we had to crumple it up and rub it make it
soft enough to "do the job" One piece at a time!!!!
We were selective too....never used a piece showing a pic of the Royals or Churchill.
Looked for pics of Hitler and rub their faces in it!!!!
Each month, women used terry cloth sanitary protection - tied on securely with safety pins and elastic, in strategic places....these were washed and re-used!!!!
Toothpaste was SALT....and powdered washing detergent was our shampoo.......


Sherilynn1962  (Level: 116.2 - Posts: 372)
Thu, 9th Aug '07 1:38 AM

Check with your school district, too - our city has "backpack attack" every year and people donate backpacks and school supplies - the backpacks get filled up with the school supplies, and children who need them get one. It's a great program!

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Thu, 9th Aug '07 8:51 AM

Hello all, I am happy, and humbled to say that my son went proudly to school today beaming from ear to ear in a brand new outfit. There have been a total of eight cash gifts sent to my paypal account, and all are deeply appreciated, and I personaly thanked them all, but thank you somehow just doesn't seem enough. How do you thank people who literally have helped to change your life? There have been many others who have offered their prayers, and support, also deeply needed, and appreciated.

I do hope that someday I can look back on this chapter of my life, and be in a position to help someone else in an hour of need. I can only hope that it comes soon, but right now it just seems so far away. Thank you all again so very much for your support, and I will keep you posted. By the way Rowlanda I tried your newspaper suggestion, and sure wished I had remembered the crumpling up part lol. Gratefully Rocco

Salzypat  (Level: 161.3 - Posts: 5414)
Thu, 9th Aug '07 11:21 AM

Rocco, that is such good news that your son had new clothes and could leave the house in such a happy mood. I told you the Sploofus family was a caring one.

And now you can do something for me, please. I have been in some form of the newspaper business since the early 1960s and I have worked myself up the ladder very well with lots of help from people and many, many long hours of hard work. The job has been my life for about 20 years. I've had a new boss for a year and he and I have not hit it off and yesterday was about the final straw. I know I am one step away from being fired or being made so miserable I'll quit. I sure would appreciate some prayers from my Sploofus family. At nearly 69 years of age I should retire but I am not financially able to just stop work and draw Social Security and I don't have a huge sum saved up. I know I'll find something and that God has already gone before me to prepare the way for that. I have several pluses including pretty good health (except for the pre-diabetes condition, which may improve once I'm out of the stressful situation), I have four great boys who will be here for me, so I have many things to be thankful for, including the fact that I have the faith that God has already gone before me to prepare something even better for me than what I have now. I guess I just need the reassurance of some extra prayers from the Sploofus family to help me through the next few weeks and to help me make some wise decisions.

When your little guy comes home from school today, give him a huge hug from all of us, Rocco.

Gypsylady  (Level: 148.1 - Posts: 6096)
Thu, 9th Aug '07 2:26 PM

My prayers are with you, Pat, as you are struggling with your situation. I'm wishing you the best.

Also, Rocco, am glad to hear about your son being happy this morning as he went off to school.


Seniorrita  (Level: 140.1 - Posts: 223)
Thu, 9th Aug '07 3:16 PM

Oh dear, oh dear... I am so sorry to read of your plight. Watch for an envelope from me soon. Also, I am pretty sure the Diabetes Association can be of assistance to you with supplying insulin and other supplies. I will check it out and get back to you.

SplooFolks are great worldwide friends. I am glad you showed us your empty plate. You are in my prayers


Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Thu, 9th Aug '07 6:24 PM

I sent you a message....I can help with this.
Been where you are now - and had a good outcome.

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Fri, 10th Aug '07 10:07 AM

Pat you have my most gracious, and best wishes. I am a little behind on updates. The cash is still the same thus far, but yesterday a package came from the J.C. Penny's in Washington, you know who you are, and I will try to email you thank you so very much he will be ecstatic. This is one of many promised to arrive, and I, to say the least have been an emotional wreck over the many responses.

I have no way of repaying such unselfish kindness from stangers. The one thing I do have is a burning desire to write for some reason. So being so moved by so many I wrote a poem called, "Charitable Angel" dedicated to all the loving, and caring people here on this site. I am putting in the next post. If you want feel free to copy it, and if you want to send it to me I will sign it for you, although my signature isn't really worth a plug nickel lol. Thank all of you so very much, and I hope you enjoy the poem that all of you angels inspired. Rocco

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Fri, 10th Aug '07 10:10 AM


From an unforseen tragedy a vagabond on the street, had lost all that he once owned,
A blanket made from bags covered his bare feet, and at night his hungry body moaned.
While searching one day through some alley trash, to hopefully find a bite to eat,
From the corner of his eye he caught the flash, of a shiny coin lying in the street.
His heart was aflutter as he hurriedly snatched it up, and saw that it was a dime,
Tonight on some sweets he would happily sup, a thing he had not done in a very long time.
So proudly he walked with his head held high, to the nearest candy store,
So happy that he could almost fly, by the time he reached the door.
He went inside, and found the perfect treat, it was a tasty chocolate bar,
Without a thought for his cold bare feet, he set out to dine beneath the stars.

A ragamuffin child about the age of eight, was wandering through the night,
A runaway boy just a ward of the state, hungry and cold, and trembling with fright.
His parents had been tragically killed one day, on a slippery ice covered road,
So the state came, and hauled him away, to a strange, and scary abode.
The first chance he got he made his break, and ran as fast as he could,
A risk his young heart was willing to take, there was so little he understood.
He had been running, and hiding for several days, before he found a town,
Starving, and scared his mind was a daze, and he just wanted to lay down.
He wandered around untill he eyed, an old junky, and deserted van,
He opened the door to get inside, and was startled by the sight of a very old man.

So happy with his ten-cent chocolate bar, having not eaten in several days,
The old man headed for an old junk yard, that was just a little spell aways.
Upon arriving he found the place, where he had spent a many a night,
An old junk van with plenty of space, where someone could lay, and stretch his heighth.
He climbed inside his old body sore, and thanked God for his delecate treat,
And was surprised to hear the rattlling door, just as he was preparing to eat.
The startled boy almost turned, and ran, and he could feel his body quake,
Then he saw softness in the eyes of that old man, and a gentleness when he spake.
"My God lad why are you here? You have scared me half to death",
"I've runned away" the boy said through a tear, as he tried to catch his breath.

"Well climb on in my little waif, and get in out of that cold,
I can assure you it is plenty safe, I am not onery I'm just old".
So on in the van that brave boy came, trying to hide all of his fear,
Realizing, and without any shame, he was glad to have someone near.
The old man felt his own stomach groan, as he looked into that little boys eyes,
And from the lads gut came that familiar moan, of going to long without supplies.
"I have something I want you to see", as he took out his precious treat,
"An angel asked me to hold it says he, and give it to the first litlle boy I meet".
"Please thank her for me sir" the young waif cried, "did she come down from a star?"
"Of course she did" was his smiling reply, as he watched him devour his treasured candy bar.

Soon they both drifted off in a comfort sleep, this runaway boy, and gentle old man,
And while they slumbered lost in the deep, fate decided to take a stand.
A childless couple found the little boy, and gave him the most loving home,
His heart once again was filled with joy, and never more did he roam.
He grew up humbly, and created a place, for other lost children to go,
And all his life he remembered the face, of a withered old man from long ago.
The old man well he never again awoke, for that night a real angel came,
And removed from him lifes heavy yoke, and set in heaven forever his name.
With royalty now he forever feasts, as he watches over that waif still living below,
Who is now dwelling in total peace, and from him only kindness will ever flow.

The moral of this humble, and lengthy tale, if indeed there truly be one,
Is to sew charity along lifes busy trail, even when you yourself have little or none.
Lots of love, and joy to others it brings, and remember this story's lesson oft' times,
For you can make friends eternal, and dine with kings, all for the price of a dime.


Gypsylady  (Level: 148.1 - Posts: 6096)
Fri, 10th Aug '07 10:27 AM

That's beautiful Rocco! Maybe since you love to write you could write more poetry and publish it or a book. If you just knew who to contact to publish it or who to go about it. Maybe someone does. Hope you and your son have a great day!


Mandy226  (Level: 77.2 - Posts: 128)
Fri, 10th Aug '07 12:11 PM

Beautiful and very moving Rocco, I hope good things keep coming your way. Loving thoughts to you and your Son.

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Sat, 11th Aug '07 12:29 PM

Hello everyone it gets so hard to know what to say. There have many responses to this thread, and I must say everyone has been so nice, and understanding. We have recieved 575 dollars in gifts, and 2 packages loaded with stuff so far, and I have been so humbled by the many good wishes. There is no way to express the love, and compassion I have been shown, and that I feel for each of you.

This experience has taught me that pride can sometimes stand in the way of meeting, and making friends with some very caring, and loving individuals. I know that in my life I have always tried to help those in need, never thinking I myself would be on the other end of things. To say the least it has been a very sobering, and humbling experience, and I wish only good things to come to each, and everyone of you who have shared a part of your life with me. You will always be in our hearts. Thank you all so much. Rocco

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Sat, 11th Aug '07 9:29 PM

Just a quick update today we received 2 gift cards for Old Navy, 1 for Walmart, and a check. I am so grateful thank you. I am not mentioning names even though you all know who you are. Please believe me I am truly overwhelmed, and the proud daddy of a very, very happy 8 year old son. Whom I hope will grow up humbly, and believing it is truly a good thing to reach out to those in need whenever you can. Thank you all Rocco

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Sat, 11th Aug '07 11:49 PM

Hi Rocco,
Read your beautiful poem and wondered if you had ever been published????
Everytime I try to write a poem, get hung up on priorities
-last word rhyming, number of syllables in the line, meter and flow
of the words etc. etc. You don't seem to have that problem and stay
true to the sentiment in the poetry.
I'm so glad that your burden has been lightened - as far money can do that.
Hopefully there will be more permanent solutions soon, for you and your family.
We all think because we pay Taxes and for Insurance, bad things can't happen
to us. Happy in our complacency.
Thank you so much for the poem, and best wishes to you all

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Sun, 12th Aug '07 1:53 AM

Thank you Rowlanda for your comments. No I have never been published, but always thought it would be great to get paid for writing stuff. As for me as long as I can get the line to rhyme I am thrilled lol. Usually I hear a tempo/beat in my head, and just try to stay with it line by line.
Yes my burden has been greatly decreased thanks to so many caring individuals, and I a deeply indebted to all. Hopefully one day soon I can pass it on. Rocco

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Sun, 12th Aug '07 2:02 AM

Got a box going out on Monday, Rocco! A few racing trinkets from my husband I think Keagan may like.

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Sun, 12th Aug '07 2:13 AM

Racing stuff Donna WOOHOO he may not see it lol. Thank you so much.

Frannie  (Level: 96.2 - Posts: 68)
Sun, 12th Aug '07 8:41 AM

Rocco, Your poem is lovely. There are lots of sources that will help you find out how to get published. Your library will have books and of course there's the net. The most wonderful thing about your writing though is what it will mean to Keagen when he's old enough to appreciate poetry. I've been thinking about what you said about how he is treated at school. Have you asked his teacher to sit down with the class and talk about diabetes and the need for him to get shots every day? Kids his age usually dread getting shots and maybe if they knew how brave he is, they would respect him instead of wondering why he gets special treatment. Kids can be pretty wonderful when they understand things. So glad to hear school is starting off on a happy note for both of you. Frannie

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Sun, 12th Aug '07 8:46 AM

He'd BETTER see it! Big John says so!

Does Keagan have a different favorite driver than his dad? Is there hope for the next generation?

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Sun, 12th Aug '07 11:52 AM

Thank you for your comment, and concern Frannie, I meet with his teachers every year, and discuss the ins an outs of his care, and most children are understanding. It is my son I think who feels the most different, and we are always working on that.

Smoke I am proud to say like father like son lol.

Bigbird  (Level: 248.9 - Posts: 3337)
Sun, 12th Aug '07 3:55 PM

Rocco - Went shopping today, and a small package for your son will be going out in the morning.

Keep the faith!


Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Sun, 12th Aug '07 6:12 PM

Thank you Alice it will deeply appreciated. I don't know how I will ever repay such unselfish kindness as I have found here. Rocco

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Sun, 12th Aug '07 6:28 PM

There's no repaying - you pay it forward. Pass it on.

Penguin  (Level: 64.2 - Posts: 42)
Sun, 12th Aug '07 7:47 PM

aug 12 2007

Hi Rocco,

That is a beautiful poem. I'm glad your son had a good first day at school. We're all on this earth together. When you smile, I smile. Best wishes from your northern neighbor.
Check your email


Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Sun, 12th Aug '07 11:42 PM

Smoke I will definately pay it forward as soon as I am in a position to do so please believe me you lucky dawg .
Nancy thank you for your comments, and everything else. Rocco

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Mon, 13th Aug '07 8:54 AM

Rocco, I want to know why you're winking at Smoke????
Something going on that we should know about????

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Mon, 13th Aug '07 9:03 AM

Yes she dawged me out in yesterdays race at watkins glen both our drivers had the best cars all day, and my guy led the most laps, and was winning till the last 2 laps, and spun out allowing her man to win. Sorry if it seemed like a secret, I hadn't thought about it till you said something, and then I reread it. Rocco

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Mon, 13th Aug '07 9:39 AM

"Allowed"??? We was gon' git ya anyway. We was COMIN'!

Jeffy got skeert. I felt bad for him after, poor kid. His cooling system had failed and he was sopping wet, too. What was cool, was both of them did the exact same thing, but Tony had time to come back from his bobble and Jeff didn't. Live by the spin, die by the spin, and timing is everything. I'm just so grateful it wasn't a gas mileage race; Zippy's lost us two of those this year with bad math and stupid chances.

Shaping up to be a wild Chase, huh? I'm still bummed about the Toyota rumor, and not nuts about getting Shrub for a teammate (his attempts to give himself a cool nickname that would invite comparisons to Earnhardt have been hilarious). But I'm going to go Scarlet one better and worry about that next year. On to Michigan! Woohoo!

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Mon, 13th Aug '07 6:29 PM

Update: As of today we have received around 800 dollars, and several packages containing clothes, and school stuff. I am emailing everyone as soon as I receive it. I have been able to catch up some back life insurane premiums, and we sat down yesterday, and done some internet shopping for him some nice stuff he needed. He is a very happy 8 year old. By the way clothes shopping online is a very good way to keep children from the toy aisle.

You guys are truly wonderful, and this has been one of the hardest, and most humbling times in my entire life, but you have made it bearable. I used your many suggestions, or tried to, and yesterday filed for SSI for him online, and have a phone interview with them next week. I may have to wait 2 years, but there is a possibility if he qualifies he may not have to. And in reality he is all that really matters. Your help has given me some small hope that there are only better things to come in our lives in the future. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Rocco

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Wed, 15th Aug '07 7:28 PM

Today we have broken the thousand dollar mark, and several more packages. I am so very, very thankful to you all. Please send all of your best wishes, and prayers to Genny under the thread, "Prayers" for me please.
For the few of the people who have had bad things to say, your meanness has been greatly overshadowed by the undying generosity I have been shown by so many. I hope to be adding some new pics in a few days. Thank you all again so very, very much. Rocco

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Thu, 16th Aug '07 5:45 PM

I added a picture today of a very happy boy surrounded by, and wearing love from all over the world. There are not enough words in the English language to describe the emotional gratitude that is running through my heart. So I will rely on Thank you, and hope you all know it just doesn't feel like enough. Meekly, and gratefully yours US.

Sherilynn1962  (Level: 116.2 - Posts: 372)
Thu, 16th Aug '07 6:33 PM

What a beautiful picture - blessings to those who were able to send help, and to those who would have liked but couldn't.

I am sick at heart to think anybody would send you a mean message - please forgive them, as we are instructed to do by our Creator.

Keep healthy!

Sheri Ras.

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Thu, 16th Aug '07 6:41 PM

Rocco, I am thrilled to bits that folks have responded to your plea for help......God's blessings on you all!

Keagan's pic looks GREAT!


Gypsylady  (Level: 148.1 - Posts: 6096)
Thu, 16th Aug '07 8:10 PM

Keagan's pictures are great, and it's so good to see him happy! Thanks Rocco for sharing!


Pocahontas1951  (Level: 55.4 - Posts: 172)
Thu, 16th Aug '07 8:52 PM

Rocco, loved the picture of his handsome smiling face. God bless you both and keep you safe. I too say, forgive those who have hurt your heart with mean emails, they may not have had too many hurdles in life to face alone. We must forgive to be forgiven so just feel the love and pray for those "others".

In friendship, Debbie

Larefamiliaris  (Level: 135.2 - Posts: 877)
Fri, 17th Aug '07 7:04 AM

I don't think I've ever seen such an internationally happy chappy!
That young man will grow up with friends all over the world - some of whom he may never meet - who will always be interested in his well being.
If that's not an example of a truly global family then I don't know what is.

Roccotab  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 185)
Fri, 17th Aug '07 9:58 AM

Thank all of you for your comments. To say the least this has been an experience in love, generosity, and a bonding together of people that we shall never forget. This has been one of the most active threads in this forum since the day it began, and I have gratefully, and humbly answered literally hundreds of letters, and emails.

I have the happiest, best dressed third-grader in the world, and we have received over one thousand dollars in donations, some from people who are struggling with burdens of their own. If that is not a humbling experience I don't know what is. My gratitude is unending, and you will always remain in our hearts, and I promise whenever I am able I WILL pay it forward.

If there are some of you that have given, or sent well wishes, and you have not personally heard from me please I beg you to let me know, as I do not want to forget anyone. Justin I hope this helps give you some idea of the true extent of your creation, for in all my years of surfing the net through thousands of sites, none of them have felt so much like home as this island. You have gathered together some of the worlds most brilliant minds, and most loving souls all in one location.

I will close with an overwhelming THANK YOU, and one last verse. Bless all of you forever. Rocco

Sploofus Island Jingle

Whenever you feel you are all alone,
When where to turn no longer is known.
When it appears that there has nothing grown,
When the seeds of faith have all been sown.

When all of life's burdens begin to weigh,
Hold fast your hopes, and never stray,
Remember that each, and every day,
Peace has always been just one click away.

Bigbird  (Level: 248.9 - Posts: 3337)
Fri, 17th Aug '07 11:35 AM

Rocco - I don't think there is anyone here who is looking for individual thanks. The picture speaks volumes, and we hope that your burden is eased a bit.


Gypsylady  (Level: 148.1 - Posts: 6096)
Fri, 17th Aug '07 12:08 PM

Another beautiful poem, Rocco! Hope you & Keagan have a great day!


Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Fri, 17th Aug '07 1:28 PM

Message to the meanies out there....
Rocco was helped - not just by any money sent to him....
His poems are not about CASH....

We helped with fellowship and understanding in difficult times
With prayers and support for someone who felt helpless - and found
the courage to ask his friends for help....

Our caring gives him hope
Replaces bitterness and resentment
Offers encouragement and
engenders possibilities for the future.

All the cash in the world can't buy a generous heart

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Fri, 17th Aug '07 1:30 PM

Roc, I guess you've been looking for the package I promised.

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Fri, 17th Aug '07 1:46 PM

Oops. Was looking for the emoticons and hit submit by mistake.

Anyway, as I was saying back before the brain poot, .

The reason it hasn't gone out yet (it will first thing Monday morning) is that after I posted that, I talked to my daughter and she told me she has some of David's nicer outgrown clothes. He's coming from Philadelphia to visit me for a week, arriving tomorrow, and he's bringing things with him that will go in with what I already have. I meant to PM you but kept forgetting - got a lot of balls in the air at the moment.

I like the idea of having him help me put the package together and post it, to have the experience of helping someone else. He's a nice kid, but like a lot of kids these days, spoiled and prone to undervalue his blessings. Our young ones aren't exactly short on compassion these days, they just sometimes forget they have it. It's good to reenforce the compassionate impulse in a kid without having to acquire a new pet.

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