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Mon, 22nd Aug '05 8:29 PM


Hey Gold Members,

From the volumes of feedback we have received concerning WordPuzzles over the past month it can safely be said that:

(1) You want more than one WordPuzzle per day.


(2) The WordPuzzle system has inherent flaws.

Addressing item 1: With only a few part-time volunteers, Sploofus does not have the internal resources to author more than one daily puzzle at this time.

Addressing item 2: The system is easily exploited, and the point system leaves much to be desired. Many unscrupulous players create a free account, play the daily puzzle, clear their browsers cookies, create another account with a free Hotmail address, play the puzzle again, lather, rinse, repeat, etc.

Each WordPuzzle contains a possible 10 phrases, so with 5 being issued at random for every account the opportunity for exploits is obvious.

I think that we can kill two birds with one stone here. What if Gold Members could create their own WordPuzzles? And, with a system much like the Quizzes, there would be a WordPuzzle author leaderboard and a WordPuzzle taker leaderboard.

This would result in many new WordPuzzles, it would also dilute the content in such a fashion as to seriously deminish the effectiveness of multi-account cheaters.

The scoring system could be setup as suggested by our fine friend Tuzilla, each puzzle starts you out with x amount of points, with each letter guess deducting points from the reserve.

Gold Member could take/author as many WordPuzzles per day as they would like, while free memberships would be limited to taking one.

Let's discuss this a bit, then I will open up a Gold Poll later in the week to make the official community decision.


Roby19  (Level: 58.9 - Posts: 26)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 8:39 PM

I love the wordpuzzles. It's almost like hangman or Wheel of Fortune. I hope you don't get rid of them.

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 854)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 8:45 PM

Sounds really good to me. The non-US members might be happier about the content... although that means I might have to bone up on my cricket and rubgy terminology-- eek! :D

Would there be a rating system for the puzzles?

Jesslovesmovies  (Level: 41.2 - Posts: 6)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 8:59 PM

I enjoy the word puzzles. It would be nice if we are able to author word puzzles, so that there are more puzzles we can take everyday instead of just the one.

Eksimba  (Level: 29.0 - Posts: 155)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 9:01 PM

I think it's a good idea. A suggestion for the scoring:

Don't take points off for letters guessed which actually appear in the puzzle. If we take points off for *every* guess (good or bad), there won't really be a "perfect" score, unless you can guess the puzzle with no clues. Instead, take off points only for "bad" guesses (letters which do not appear in the puzzle), sort of like 'hangman'.

If we do it that way, the puzzles will be more like the quizzes and we'll still have a shot at getting the coveted 100%. The only question will be, how fast can you do it?

Tnlefty  (Level: 73.7 - Posts: 12)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 9:10 PM

First, I love the WordPuzzles and would love to have more of them!

Second, I have found that I am better off selecting letters to receive the 10 points per letter even though I already know the answer ... because I don't get all 5 of the puzzles in as few times as many others. I know this is not what the goal of the puzzles is, but I know I will get within the same 5 or so points at the conclusion of the puzzle and also will get the full 10 points per letter.

I would like to see the puzzles not require the typing in of the solution when ALL letters have been revealed.

As for the scoring, I would have to agree that in some way tie it in with losing for a wrong letter, not for a correct letter. For each correct letter, maybe add to the score while losing when a wrong letter ... not sure how best to do this ...

Will think some more about this, but these are thoughts just off the top of my head!

Linda  (Level: 26.6 - Posts: 95)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 9:20 PM

i love the word puzzles although do avoid yopics where i know I am clueless such as sports and the like. guess I have not mastered the internet ie know nothing about how to cheat at any game-happier for that, I believe. others will have to remedy there, Linda

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5681)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 9:22 PM

I enjoy the word puzzles too and I would love to be able to write them...The scoring system sounds okay but I also agree that points should be taken away only for wrong letters guessed not for the correct ones....Tuzilla's Idea has merit...start everyone off with the same number of points to make it fair for everyone.....I'm anxious to see what everyone else has to say about this....

Marmac68  (Level: 69.1 - Posts: 17)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 9:29 PM

I love word puzzles, but I do tend to fill out all the letters, even if I know the answer. I would love to be able to author the puzzles. I find doing the trivia quizzes difficult to do lately as in my main interest area, there is a ton of similar quizzes.

Felix-old  (Level: 14.2 - Posts: 244)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 9:33 PM

The WordPuzzles are great!!!! But, letting members write them opens another Pandoras Box. We know from the regular quizzes that variety is the spice of strife. You can choose not to take a quiz that are boring or repetative. In WordPuzzles everyone should be on a level playing field. Recruit more volunteers and keep it clean.

And how about a spelling check for chat?


Dartgirl  (Level: 10.1 - Posts: 19)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 9:35 PM

I agree with many of the others. There should be a way of getting a perfect score. It is unfortunate that because of a few "cheaters" that this even has to be addressed. I think it would be cool to author word puzzles,but I still worry about a rating system--there are quiz bombers out there--no doubt there will be word puzzle bombers too.

Emijean  (Level: 78.4 - Posts: 73)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 9:47 PM

Maybe instead of taking away 10 points for wrong guesses, sploofus could take away 5 points. If you start with 0, you still should be able to get a good score, but you would be more careful with your letter selections.

I confess that I have also just guessing all of the letters even when I know the puzzle because I know I'll never get the top 3 and there isn't a big difference in the points if you are #109 or #15.

Suzer22  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 1983)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 9:49 PM

I would love to be able to author word puzzles and take more! But even if that doesn't happen, the scoring system needs to be revised. The person in 1st place should receive the most points! I always fill in all the letters, since I've noticed that I get almost the same amount of points as a reward for my "place" but a lot more if I fill in more correctg letters. I love that I can do this, but I still feel that it's wrong

Joelwdonnal  (Level: 123.6 - Posts: 268)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 10:11 PM

If members are allowed to author puzzles - will the puzzles be somehow checked for spelling and right answers. Someone could author one with wrong answers just for spite. I like Tuzilla's suggestion for scoring too - we fortunately end up in the top 10 a lot but for those who don't why not guess all letters to get more points - keep the puzzles coming.

Joel & Donna

  (Level: . - Posts: 56)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 10:12 PM   [ edit ]

I love Word Puzzles and more to the point, I finally had a place where time didn't matter. Whatever happens please don't time Word Puzzle. Think of it this way, Sploofus is aware of the need to include as many trivia players as possible and realizes that not all members are physically eaqual. Speed isn't the only criteria for excellence. Now, maybe I missed something, but why would anyone create multi accounts, what's the purpose? Is there money, trophies, awards, or prizes up for grabs? That's an awful lot of work just to get a good score.
I think it's a great idea Sploofus!!! May I suggest that aligning with one of the three factions be part of the process, that member Word Puzzles be limited to topics included in the faction parameters. The more made and taken by each faction be part of a competion, and one must take at least one of each daily, but no limit. Maybe, within each faction, organize, form a committee, get everyone involved, omg it's a great opportunity... my mind is racing

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 854)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 10:20 PM   [ edit ]

JoelWDonnaL raises an excellent point. What about those authors who are terrible spellers? (We've all suffered through the quizzes that are chock full of typos and misspelled words). Is there a way to prevent this with the word puzzles?

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5681)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 10:33 PM   [ edit ]

I agree with joelanddonna there anyway a spelling check can be added for those who aren't great spellers? Also, the idea about the factions getting involved I disagree with...Would this mean that those who only belong to factions could author word puzzles? what about those of us who don't belong to a faction? where would that leave us?

Action23  (Level: 113.9 - Posts: 180)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 10:41 PM   [ edit ]

You guys are on to something here! Word Puzzles are awesome and I think more than 1 a day would be even greater. Authoring privileges to Gold Members......definitely. Scoring system maybe more in line w/hangman (i.e., bad letter, lose pts; good letter, gain pts). Also, for wrong guess maybe 2x value of bad letter. Not so sure that it should be a timed thing. Every now and then when sploofusing (whether Word Rounds, Quizzes or Word Puzzles) if a phone call comes in or something else pops up....your being timed.........and you're basically hosed. It would be nice to have one aspect or element of Sploofusing be non-sensitive to time.

Thanks for asking

Txchaplin  (Level: 127.3 - Posts: 26)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 10:49 PM   [ edit ]

I love word puzzles just like the rest of you. If we are allowed to create word puzzles ourselves, my main concern will be accuracy. Word puzzles must be spelled correctly in order to give users a fair chance of scoring well. I also feel the word puzzles should have a rating system like the quizzes do. That way if there are any errors in them, we will have heads up.

Pandorazbox80  (Level: 26.6 - Posts: 61)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 11:05 PM   [ edit ]

Not to be repetitive, but... I too love WordPuzzles. I feel that they should not be timed, however, because I have had problems several times with the page loading extremely slowly. I don't have the money to get a better computer. I know Sploofus is not at fault for this; however, timing the WordPuzzles, as well as other games, creates an unfair advantage for those lucky (or wealthy) enough to have faster computers and, therefore, better response times. I think the scoring method is fine the way it is, with the exception of equal scoring regardless of how well a player does. Finally, I think player-authored WordPuzzles are a great idea, and one in which I would gladly and enthusiastically participate. However, I would like to suggest that, if it doesn't have to be one way or the other, there still be, in addition to the player-authored puzzles, one Sploofus-authored puzzle per day. My reason behind this madness is the concerns raised by other people in this thread regarding accuracy, spelling, topics, etc. It would be good to have one puzzle that would be neutral, so to speak. And, by the way, if you need any help, I'm disabled and can't work outside the home. lol

Mon, 22nd Aug '05 11:15 PM   [ edit ]

This will begin a "tentative" requirements list for the new WordPuzzle system:

(1) WordPuzzles will NOT be a timed game

(2) Unlike quizzes, all submitted WordPuzzles will be verified by an editor for spelling and content prior to the puzzle being activated.

(3) Each player will begin a new WordPuzzle with X amount of points in a "point reserve". Correct letter guesses will result in extra points, while incorrect letter guesses will result in a point deduction.

That's it for now. Let's keep hashing it out, then I'll put up the Gold Poll on Thursday and we'll see if it flies.

Mon, 22nd Aug '05 11:22 PM   [ edit ]

Unfortunately, we can not integrate the factions with any games. This will polarize our community into segregated groups and, trust me, the results will be DISASTROUS.

As much as we would LOVE TO DO IT, and understand the sense of competitive excitement it instills in our blood, experience has taught us that it is absolutely and unequivocally not going to happen.

Najat333  (Level: 71.5 - Posts: 19)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 12:35 AM   [ edit ]

I love WordPuzzles because they AREN'T timed. I will never be in the top of the WordRounds because I lose about 20 seconds just waiting for it to load (and I'm on cable!)
I also don't want crap WordPuzzles like some of the crap quizzes.
I'd be all for letting a few long term members (which I'm not one) make some, but opening it up to the general crowd? Ahh..I don't know about that.

Najat333  (Level: 71.5 - Posts: 19)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 12:37 AM   [ edit ]

And...I should probably read the whole thread before posting. Sorry about that.

Nonothn  (Level: 34.7 - Posts: 3)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 1:00 AM   [ edit ]

this sounds great! i also love the word puzzles and look forward to more of them. since some of we "rural" people still have to put up with dial-up i like the idea of no timing.

Apatchee410  (Level: 21.8 - Posts: 9)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 1:56 AM   [ edit ]

i do agree there are people out there, that are first in scoring with only 5 guessed letter's..thats five letters for the five word puzzles.......and you people reward them.

Aquamar  (Level: 187.1 - Posts: 926)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 2:53 AM   [ edit ]

I love the WP and would like to author them as well as take them. All of you have some great ideas. I like the idea of not being timed. The spell check is a must and the points are just fun. I am getting excited just thinking about some of the topics that we could come up with. I do have a suggestion though, no rating system. As far as points go, how about x amount of points for authoring a puzzle. Just a thought.

Surreyman  (Level: 274.8 - Posts: 2776)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 3:39 AM   [ edit ]

Coming in with my contribution a bit late - but also with the advantage of hindsight!
My additional comments would be:

/1/ I don't see the problem with timing WPs. It's a much more considered affair than the 'slash & grab' WRs. Slower computers (like mine) would not be at too much disadvantage?

/2/ NEVER allow mass indiscriminate authoring! We would end up with a total mish mash never knowing which to take, and becoming completely frustrated with errors, etc. By all means allow authoring (to take the strain off Sploofus), but I would suggest that Sploofus selects say 3 puzzles a day?

/3/ Within this selection, please remove ALL national/regional sayings, phrases, etc. Our almost common languages have ample overlap to remain with 'neutral' answers. No more baseball (or cricket!) answers please! We in the UK can endure Colonial spelling with amusement!

/4/ I've always assumed that the clever lads are using, in some way, crossword/word search programmes to greatly speed answer guessing. But I have no idea how Sploofus might be able to circumvent that one!

Evilqueen620  (Level: 26.4 - Posts: 7)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 3:54 AM   [ edit ]

So many issues!!!!! Frankly, I take the puzzles for fun, so the ranking issues don't matter to me. If someone wants to cheat that badly, they will find a way. I don't understand why everyone is so set on being's puzzles.

I don't like the idea of gold members being able to make their own because, as others said, there may be spelling errors, answer errors, etc. We already have these issues with the trivia quizes.

I also don't understand why Sploofus bothered to ask if we want more word puzzles if they already knew they didn't have the staff to produce them.

My only hope is that everyone will remember that this is entirely for entertainment purposes. Just have fun and enjoy yourself....while learning a few things you may not have already known.

Kasp767982  (Level: 162.2 - Posts: 153)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 5:36 AM   [ edit ]

Ooooops a bit slow on the uptake here, but like Alan says, at least I got to read some posts 1st.

I enjoy the word puzzles and would hate to see it go, I do agree with Felix and Surrey (infact I agree with most comments posted) Things could get out of hand again very quickly with a free for all authoring and like some things that have gone before in sploofus, W/P could then be lost altogether.

If sploofus did want help with the authoring, then maybe gold members could submit quizzes directly to sploofus, so that they did not go directly onto the the boards (like the quizzes) they could check them out and then submit them at random. The author of the quiz would not be able to play them, the same as the trivia quizzes.
Omg, am I making sense here as I am rapidly loosing the plot :D
This being another point of coarse, I know what I want to say, but sometimes am not able you put it in words and make much sense (due to medical probs, I am not as articulate anymore), and there must be others that suffer the similar things? this is when things can go down the pan, if spoofus is not careful!!!

Thank you sploofus, for allowing the paid up members to have their say on the workings of board, I know that you will never please all of us all the time, but it is a benefit to be able to voice our opinion.
OK, so I will shut up now :D

Webtress  (Level: 29.3 - Posts: 1)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 5:55 AM   [ edit ]

being a new gold member, but being with sploofus a while I am excited for the changes. I love the word puzzles.

Philkon  (Level: 274.3 - Posts: 474)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 7:26 AM   [ edit ]

I like Sploofus' suggested changes, especially the part about them being checked by an editor first. With editorial control, you could even deal with the issue some people have with members submitting lots of puzzles.

Any idea yet on how many puzzles per day? Perhaps one an hour like the Word Rounds, assuming you get enough puzzles submitted.

Tjwgct  (Level: 126.5 - Posts: 148)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 8:05 AM   [ edit ]

While I would defintely love to do more than one puzzle a day, I don't think letting just anybody author them is the answer (I, of course don't have a much better suggestion either )...I truly think it would turn into one big mess. I'd say I'd be willing to just do one puzzle a day as opposed to having to sift through fifty to find one that is semi-worthwhile, as I find myself often doing with the quizzes.

Nonetheless, I love the site. Keep up the good work and thanks for allowing our input!

Kiddo2316  (Level: 22.1 - Posts: 24)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 8:19 AM   [ edit ]

Word puzzles definitely need to stay! And agreed on the suggestion to not count letters selected that appear in the puzzle

Twinboymom2001  (Level: 67.0 - Posts: 197)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 9:29 AM   [ edit ]

I too enjoy the word puzzles as well. I will never, ever get into the top 3 because no matter how hard I try, many out there will beat me. But that's Ok since they are so fun to play.

I like the idea of taking more that one a day and allowing people to author them. Hopefully they will be passed through an editor. I am thinking it will take as much time to have someone edit them as for someone on the Sploofus team to make up extra WP themselves, but maybe not....I honestly don't know what it takes to get a WP going. My biggest issue is losing 3 points when you guess wrong...I have lost 3 points to typos and it's frustrating. I think a 1 point loss should be adequate.

Redwinghockey  (Level: 87.3 - Posts: 16)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 9:34 AM   [ edit ]

I do NOT think Wordpuzzles should continue to be a part of this site. This is a TRIVIA site - NOT a Wheel of Fortune spinoff. MusicRounds or the previously envisioned Trivia Blitz would be a better goal to pursue.

Suzer22  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 1983)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 10:10 AM   [ edit ]

I enjoy playing the WP's the most when they have a trivia titles to Shakespeare plays or names of sports teams - but knowing obscure items in the grocery store or old sayings takes up a lot of trivial space in my brain too So I cannot agree with redwinghockey when he says that WP's do not belong on a trivia gamesite.

And FYI - guessing takes one point, so people who get all the answers in 5 'moves' never entered a letter at all!

I think the puzzles have to be timed if there is going to be a else do you deal with ties?

And I have a new idea for points:
Typing in the correct phrase earns you 100 points; EVERY letter guessed (good or bad) takes 5 points away. This way the original intent of figuring out the phrase with the least amount of letter-guessing stays in tact, and the higher points coincide with that goal.

Koota  (Level: 189.4 - Posts: 2122)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 11:10 AM   [ edit ]

I enjoy the quality of the Word Puzzles authored by Sploofus. I hope that if fellow Sploofusers author quizzes that we will not stoop to making "easy" quizzes to boost our own puzzle-authoring points.

Skspencer  (Level: 23.3 - Posts: 13)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 12:41 PM   [ edit ]

I too love the word puzzles. But I don't think I like the idea of people being able to author them. There are too many quizzes that have misspellings and bad grammar that are hard to understand the question. I think this would also happen if people were allowed to author the word puzzles. If members have the ability to author word puzzles I think they should be verified BEFORE being posted. This would ensure that the spelling and grammar are correct. Of course if there are not enough volunteers to do more puzzles, then I wouldn't think there would be enough volunteers to verify the puzzles.

I also think that when you get the answer correct you should get more than one point for the correct answer.

I don't know why someone would create erroneous accounts just to get a lower score. Of course people always find a way to cheat at things.

I like the idea of starting out with so many points and then for incorrect answers taking points away. That sounds like it would be a fairer way of scoring the game.

Please DO NOT take away the word puzzles. They are a lot of fun!

Phlenin  (Level: 17.8 - Posts: 22)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 1:22 PM   [ edit ]

I didn't have time to read every single post on this thread, just skim, but I wanted to say that I am FOR:
More word puzzles
The member authoring system (provided spell checking and accuracy)
The points system you are suggesting

KEEP the wordpuzzles no matter what! I really like 'em.

Chicagolady  (Level: 144.0 - Posts: 4)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 1:50 PM   [ edit ]

I love the word puzzles and I look forward to playing them every day. I like the current scoring system the best. Please do not change it. I think that it would be a great opportunity to have members author word puzzles. I like that idea a lot.

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.6 - Posts: 3847)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 4:29 PM   [ edit ]

I support the idea of being able to write Word Puzzles, however I would like to see them filtered through someone for accuracy, etc.

I am also thinking more on how we could do points diferently for Word Puzzles. I will put out my random thoughts here so othrs can view, comment, refine, beat with reeds, whatever.

When a person begins a Word Puzzle they receive 1000 points (number to use) for each puzzle within the whole puzzle. If there are 5 phrases, names, whatever, you start with 5000 points.

When make a you guess, 0 points are deducted from your 5000 if you get one or more letters correct on that guess. If the guess produces no letters, you lose 100 points. In solving the puzzles, if you put in a wrong answer, you lose 300 points. Time will be used to order people with the same amount of points at the end of a puzzle. Points could be awarded to people with best scores.

Siriusofazkaban  (Level: 15.1 - Posts: 196)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 4:41 PM   [ edit ]

Yes, the puzzles would have to be timed in order to break the ties in the event that two people end with the same point value.

And, might I add, that I could get really psyched about having the opportunity to create word puzzles and have yet another leaderboard to work my way to the top of!

Mamacurlyhead  (Level: 77.9 - Posts: 66)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 5:02 PM   [ edit ]

I enjoy word puzzles even when I do lousy. I think that being able to create word puzzles for gold members is an excellent idea. I still feel that the word puzzles should be timed for tie breakers when you have more than one member who figures them out in the same number of guesses.

0331sib  (Level: 53.1 - Posts: 9)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 6:17 PM   [ edit ]

I too really enjoy the word puzzles. I support the ideas that points should be taken off only for letters missed. I also like the idea of members creating puzzles.

Koota  (Level: 189.4 - Posts: 2122)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 7:08 PM   [ edit ]

I like the idea of gold members submitting word puzzles. It would be one way to keep the puzzles from being so America-centric as those from the UK and Australia have been commenting about.

Angelamb  (Level: 98.2 - Posts: 1)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 8:01 PM   [ edit ]

I love the word puzzles and I like the idea of having more than one a day. I would, however, be more in favor of there being a limited number available (like 3) per day instead of the list upon list upon list like there are in the quizzes. (I admit that I will often decide to not do quizzes because I'm not feeling up to the challenge of finding fun, interesting and challenging ones amongst the huge list!!!)

I think that some great ideas have been suggested for the scoring, but if it stayed the same - that would be fine for me too.

For the most part, I like the 'idea' of WP authoring by Gold Members, but if there is not enough time to create additional puzzles, would there really be time for a Spoolfus Editor to read through them all?

Kravfighter  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 565)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 8:45 PM   [ edit ]

1. I'm happy with 1 word puzzle a day. The reason I enjoy the word puzzles is that I don't have to spend hours a day playing and still have a chance at being at the top of the leaderboard. I am very competitive (in case you hadn't figured that out yet ) and part of why I enjoy playing is to win a prize. I have been in the top 3 for word rounds a few times, but I had to play for so many hours each day that I eventually lost my motivation. The same is true for quizzes. The person who is at the top of that leaderboard is not necessarily the person who has the best scores, it's just the person who has the most time to take the most quizzes - same goes for authoring. Is a 10$ gift certificate really worth that much time and effort?? It's more fair for those of us who don't have hours each day to sploofus to just have 1 puzzle per day.

2. I am totally against members authoring word puzzles. Too many bad puzzles will be out there with too many mistakes. Plus for the reasons mentioned above in #1, I don't want to have to spend hours a day playing the word puzzles to do well on the leaderboard.

Suzer22  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 1983)
Wed, 24th Aug '05 1:12 AM   [ edit ]

I still say that the place one earns on the leaderboard should be directly related to the number of points one earns (because I want to be high on the leaderboard AND earn lots of points!)

Currently, if you can guess the WP answer without filling in any letters you will earn ZERO points. Never having been in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place I don't know how many points one earns there...but I know that I get about 205 points for my place on the leaderboard whether I am 15 or 250th! This doesn't seem like a fair awarding of points to me.

Kravfighter  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 565)
Wed, 24th Aug '05 6:35 AM   [ edit ]

In reply to Suzer22, 1st place earns you 5000 points, so it's really worth your while to try to guess as few letters as possible. I agree that it's not really a fair point distribution from 11th place on down. I know from experience that you only need a few top 3 finishes that put you far ahead of anyone else. They just can't catch up after that unless they also get some top 3 finishes.

You have to guess at least 5 letters in addition to your 5 guesses (I'm assuming sploofus' thinking is that you will guess atleast 1 letter per round). You have to have at least 10 guesses in total, or else you are flagged for cheating.

Troypassion  (Level: 69.5 - Posts: 60)
Wed, 24th Aug '05 7:12 AM   [ edit ]

I've been trying for a few days now to think of a way to voice my thoughts on the wordpuzzles in a clear way - Kravfighter - you have summed it up perfectly for me, couldn't agree more! Thankyou!!!

Kravfighter  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 565)
Wed, 24th Aug '05 3:29 PM   [ edit ]

No problem 3skin! After reading through all of the previous messages, I couldn't believe no one else felt that way too. At least I'm not alone!

Lolly  (Level: 99.8 - Posts: 78)
Wed, 24th Aug '05 10:12 PM   [ edit ]

Well, I see lots of interesting suggestions here. As we probably know by now, I SUCK at word puzzles, so, do as you will and I will just keep trying.. :D

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