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  (Level: . - Posts: 56)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 9:17 PM   [ edit ]


From the chats posted here, there seems to be a distict preference among certain members as to having unlimited or limited numbers of quizzes. The same can be said for Easy vs Hard quizzes.

So let's talk about it.

Some people want to limit the number of quizzes one person can contribute. It is a valid point, although I disagree with it. Their point seems to be that the quizzes written by people who only write a few will be swamped by those who create lots of them. I am one of the prolific ones. Perhaps there are other reasons, too. Please post them. I think we call all learn from diverse points of view. My perspective is that since no quizzes seem to be deleted, anyone can go through all of the available quizzes and find the one that appeals to them. I do not always go to the "recent quizzes." I check the "See more quizzes" link to find all of them. I don't believe that someone writing lots of quizzes demeans or lessens the value of someone else's quiz. Eventually, if we really limit the number of quizzes, some of those members who take lots of them will run out of quizzes, especially in those less popular subjects. For people who have joined recently & are interested in points, lots of quizzes can help them catch up to the long time members. This is especially important for those people trying to win prizes. Yes, I realize not everyone is interested in points or quizzes. Personally, I would prefer to see more options, than fewer, though. Perhaps Sploofus could devise a system (similar to Sploofactor) which would allow a person who writes fewer quizzes to stay toward the top of any listings. As they write more quizzes, their quizzes would go down the list more quickly. Just an idea. I enjoy writing quizzes. I used to do trivia quizzes on radio in the 1970s. I liked it then, I still like it. That's just a couple of thought on that subject.

As far as Easy vs Hard quizzes go, some people seem to get upset about easy quizzes. Yet, some other people really like the easy one. I like them both. I have done a couple of experiments writing different types of quizzes to see which kind more people like to do. Granted, someone may not like the subject, but I have noticed a trend. I have done some very detailed, hard quizzes. They get very few takers. Here are some examples by title & with the # of times they have been taken:
Exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (5), Paraguay (4), Moths (0), Butterflies (1), The €uro - Europe's Currency (5), Astronauts On The Moon (2), Apollo 11 - Mission to the Moon (3), Welsh Actors (5), Einstein (7), Who "discovered" what element (8), Cherokee Chiefs: 1730-1836 (7).

Now look at the most popular quizzes:
Foods That Can Give You Gas (77), Films Which Start With The word... (47), Medical conditions in simple language (70), I Died While Making A Movie (44), Barbra Streisand Movies (34), Top 10 Singles by Women (38), First Names of Famous Food (44), Easiest Movie Quiz Ever (63), Easiest Barbra Streisand Quiz Ever (28 - only out there for a couple of days). The obvious trend here is that many more people decided to take these easier or more "fun" quizzes.

I am not insulted when people do not take a quiz that I spent a lot of time creating. Perhaps disappointed, but not hurt. I prepare my material before I sit down to write, so I can enter quite a few in a short period of time. I can empathize with those people who don't like to see the lsits "cluttered" with the same, simple, mindless quizzes over and over again. Then again, those seem to be the quizzes most people take. I take both types and enjoy them both.

Maybe Sploofus could creat new factions for those people who like Easy Quizzes, those who like Hard Quizzes, and those who like Both. That makes as much sense as the three present factions.

That's just a couple of ideas to get the discussion going.

Eksimba  (Level: 29.0 - Posts: 155)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 10:00 PM   [ edit ]

For me, there's never really been an issue between "easy" and "hard". Heck, "trivia", in the sense of relatively obscure facts, *should* be hard. If it were easy for everybody, it wouldn't be trivia, would it?

The distinction I'd like to see would be between true "trivia" quizzes and other types of quizzes. It's not that the "spot the odd number" or "words spelled backwards" quizzes aren't fun, but they're *not* trivia.

Sometimes I'm in the mood for interesting trivia, and that's pretty hard to find on this site. Much more commonly I find the other kind of quiz.

When I'm trying to find quizzes to take, it would be nice if I could search based on criteria other than keyword or subject matter. Searching based on -rating- would be nice. As would by -difficulty-. And by whether it's truly -trivia- or not. There's no shame in being an arithmetic puzzle... but there should be some factor which can distinguish it from mathematics *trivia*.

For instance, as far as I'm concerned:

Trivia: "Who is credited with the theorem which states that for a right-angled triangle, the square on the hypotenuse is equal
to the sum of the squares on the other two sides?"

Not trivia: "Abs(-4)*3=?"

Perhaps the score one gets on a quiz could be related to how easy the quiz is. In other words, if you get 100% on a hard quiz you can get more points than getting 100% on an easy quiz. This might encourage people to take *all* quizzes, regardless of the level of difficulty. And it may even encourage more people to create more challenging puzzles, if they could get more points for authoring them.

Really, though, I think the key is finding a way to reward the *quality* of the quizzes more than simply *quantity*. I know one of sploofus' goals is to generate a *lot* of quizzes and build the library as much as possible. But you start hearing grumbles when the sheer volume of quizzes is more impressive than the content of the quizzes. I believe that's what's happening now...

Playfulpelican  (Level: 20.1 - Posts: 42)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 10:19 PM   [ edit ]

I wholeheartedly agree with Eskimba.

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 854)
Mon, 22nd Aug '05 10:30 PM   [ edit ]

I agree with Eksimba, too. Good post.

As for the experiments mentioned by the OP, I'm afraid I took some of the "easy" quizzes listed. Not because they appeared easy but because they mostly fall into my favorite quiz categories: Science, Music, Movies. I usually avoid the ones that say, "EASY ____" because they aren't trivia IMO!

I am not a fan of the "find the fruit" type quizzes but even worse are the ones with all the correct answers highlighted by arrows or ALL CAPS. Very often those quizzes are scored at 7 or higher so obviously someone likes 'em. :D

Kasp767982  (Level: 162.2 - Posts: 153)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 5:53 AM   [ edit ]

I have to say that I also appreciate the easier quizz as well as the type of quizz that I really have to think about.
I have a medical condition, that fogs my thinking and concentration ect, on the worst days, I really appreciate have the easier quizzes, as I am just not up to the deeper thinking ones, so I save those for a better day

That only quizzes that I really dislike are the ones where there are 4 daft answers or the correct one is highlighted in some way, so the correct answer jumps out and bites you on the nose.

Kiddo2316  (Level: 22.1 - Posts: 24)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 8:24 AM   [ edit ]

I think the best thing to do would be, as suggested, to create two levels of quizzes.....stupidly easy and then real trivia. I have to agree that finding a true, challenging quiz on this site somedays seems to be impossible. If there was a place for people to go who just want easy quizzes that they can get 100%on and just work on their times, that would free up some of the clutte for the people who want a challenge

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.6 - Posts: 3848)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 4:18 PM   [ edit ]

I have been mulling over an idea for how we could tier points awarded and takers of easy vs. tough quizzes and also pay the makers of the quizzes different amounts of points

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