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Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Sat, 29th Oct '05 9:35 PM


Anybody know anything about the windows XP-I have been using 98 for years now and i am confused.My main problem is my sploofus page only shows up in the middle of the page with two blank spots on each side.I finally got a new computer today and i cannot figure it out.Any help would be appreciated...Martha

Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Sat, 29th Oct '05 9:40 PM

did not mean to post this twice

Puppet138  (Level: 175.5 - Posts: 65)
Sat, 29th Oct '05 10:12 PM

I am not a genius by any means, but I have been using it for as long as it's been out. I might be able to help out depending on the question.

Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Sat, 29th Oct '05 10:26 PM

my problem is with the sploofus site-it shows up in the middle of my computer screen with nothing on the sides(meaning it's not full screen,maybe)i pushed the f11 button-still does not help...Martha

Groupw  (Level: 144.4 - Posts: 153)
Sat, 29th Oct '05 10:58 PM

If it's only your browser window not opening full size this should solve your problem. I copied and pasted from another site with step by step directions to walk you through it. If this doesn't work, let me know and we'll see what else needs to be done.

Detailed version:

New Internet windows too small? New email message windows teeny-tiny? It's frustrating having to enlarge every window you open. Especially when no matter how often you fix it, it's small again the next time you open the program. And why the heck did this small window thing start anyway?

[Insert "I didn't touch anything" or "I think my computer's possessed" comment here.]

Who knows why or how it started? All you really need to know is how to fix it.

So just how do you force The-Mighty-Windows to remember the changes you make? Easy. Make sure the window you change is the last one you close.

Sometimes, your first Internet Explorer window opens the right size, but links opening in separate windows are too small or in the wrong position. Here's how to make the second windows open the size and position you want.

1. Work with the right window.
Open one IE window and then hold down your Shift key while you click one of the links on the page. That will force the link to open in a separate window. Switch back to the first window using Alt + Tab - hold down your Alt key while you hit Tab, then release the Alt key. Close the window, leaving only the small window open.

*** THIS IS THE KEY to making the changes stick. ***
You must close all other Internet Explorer windows.

2. Resize the window.
Resize the small window by dragging its edges until it fills the screen or is the size you want. You MUST resize the window manually here - don't use the Maximize button in the upper right corner of the window or y our changes will not stick.

Never resized a window before? Without holding the mouse button down, slowly move the mouse back and forth across the edge of the window. Go right past the edge until you're over the Desktop and then move back. When the cursor turns into a double-sided arrow, click and hold down the mouse button and drag the mouse to the left or right. When you release the button, your window will take on its new size.

Try it with the top or bottom edge or even the corners of the window until you get it just the size you want.

You may have trouble catching the arrow while it is double-sided because it happens so fast. Just scowl at your monitor, threaten it with some dire consequence and try again. Keep moving the mouse slowly back and forth until you can control it. It just takes a bit of practice.

3. Reposition the window if desired.
To move or centre the whole window, use the Title Bar. The Title Bar is the dark-colored strip about 1/4" high that runs across the top of every window. It has the name of the Program and/or the document on the left and those three buttons on the right:

... the Close button (the X), the Maximize or Restore button and the Minimize button (the little underline.)

With the tip of your mouse arrow somewhere in the colored part of the Title Bar, click and hold down your mouse button and drag the window wherever you want. Practice dragging it all over the place to get comfortable with it.

4. Close the window.
When its size and position suit you, close the window. From now on, all secondary windows will open properly.

Eksimba  (Level: 29.0 - Posts: 155)
Sat, 29th Oct '05 11:18 PM

The sploofus website is not designed to fill up your browser window, as some websites are. It's only supposed to be about 750 "pixels" wide.

If your monitor's "resolution" is set at 800x600 pixels (meaning it displays 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high), then the sploofus website will nearly fill the screen. It's likely that your older Windows98 setup was like this.

But, if your resolution is higher, and your monitor is set to display 1028x764, then your monitor will display 1,028 pixels wide, and the sploofus website will only take up about 75% of the screen, with colored background filling out the sides. It's likely your Windows XP setup is like this.

My laptop's screen is set to 1680x1050, which means that the sploofus website spans less than half my screen's width, with big maroon areas to either side.

Groupw  (Level: 144.4 - Posts: 153)
Sat, 29th Oct '05 11:37 PM

That may be the problem, Eric. I didn't even think of that. Maybe not seeing the forest for the trees, lol.

Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Sat, 29th Oct '05 11:47 PM

Thanks to you all-i'll check it out to see.Martha

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