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Redwinghockey  (Level: 87.3 - Posts: 16)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 9:22 AM


As many of you know, I am the quiz author that writes a quiz every week on the top 10 highest grossing movies over the weekend. I have currently done 45 of these, starting in January this year. The quizzes are fill in the blank style where I leave out a word or some letters in the title and give choices for the taker to fill in.

When I first started authoring these quizzes I would have anywhere between 200 and 500 people taking them! Of course, that was when the '10 Most Popular Trivia Quizzes' list wasn't limited to the past 30 days. But still, every quiz I wrote in the series made it onto that list.

With the new Sploofus editor system in place, a few of the quizzes I have tried to add to this series have been rejected for little things like spelling, more descriptive descriptions, and dated titles. This is all well and good because I agree that quizzes need to be regulated.

Recently I have been warned that my quizzes do not 'represent a legitimate trivia challenge'. I strongly disagree with this accusation because in looking at the quiz results, they have an average score of anywhere between 75% and 95%. Now, to me, so long as there is a majority of people who do not receive 100%, the quiz DOES represent a challenge.

What sparked this post is the harassment I have received over the November 4 - 6 quiz. When first rejected, the editor said:
"Quiz question(s) do not represent a legitimate trivia challenge."

I resubmitted the quiz with a note to the editor saying something like:
"If you are going to reject this quiz, you must reject my 44 other quizzes that follow the same format. What does the average score have to be for a quiz to be considered a challenge? Let's not start this battle. Just approve the quiz."

A few days later he/she (I assume it is the same editor) rejected it again saying:
"Question five is just an "e". ____head isn't even a whole word. One of the criteria I must check before approval is: "Quiz took more than 5 minutes to write." I cannot approve in good conscience without some additional content."

Once again, I resubmitted the quiz with a note to the author. This one said something like:
"You cannot reject a quiz that meets all the eligibility guidelines stated on the site. I'd like to see what Mr. Morton says about this quiz and the ones before it."

I submitted that quiz last Wednesday (11/9) and to this day the Quiz Status page says "There are 16 quizzes ahead of this one in the review queue." That number has not changed. In fact, I submited the November 11 - 13 quiz and it was accepted!!

In short, I would like an explanation for why quiz editors feel they can add their own personal eligibility guidelines and expect Sploofusers to comply. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

*I also submitted this post as a support ticket. I'll keep you all posted on what happens.

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 10:14 AM

As someone who has yet to have a quiz rejected, I don't quite relate. But as I once posted here, a team of editors is a team of individual people. They are bound to have slightly different ways of interpreting material (just as some may be stricter than others when editing for punctuation, typos, spelling, etc).

I think it has been said that eventually all the old quizzes will be edited as well. I am sure that many of them would not be eligible ny current standards (there are tons of "true-false" quizzes, quizzes with the correct answers in BOLD or with arrows pointing to them, etc). My understanding is that there are new higher standards for content as well as for plagiarism from online and other sources. Let's face it-- many fill in the blank type quizzes did not take more than five minutes to make-- especially if they were taken from a list somewhere. I have nothing against fill-in-the-blank quizzes but it does bug me when a quiz that I spent a long time writing gets bumped off the front page by twenty simplistic fill-ins that were no-brainers to make. I have also taken some really challenging fill-in types that were thought-provoking and educational. Sorry to hijack your thread. I guess I'm somewhat glad that the quiz content is being monitored a bit more closely these days. But I understand that it must be frustrating to have some quizzes get approved and some not when they are essentially the same.


Blaney  (Level: 77.1 - Posts: 48)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 10:54 AM

It appears that the rules are changing, as the site is getting bigger and bigger. In the beginning, I'm sure that many people loved fill in the blank, since there were fewer quizzes, but now, it's not much of a challenge.

You will note a previous post about fill in the blank questions are boring to some of us.

I rate my quizzes on how much I can learn from them and are they fun to take or do they make me smile.

I myself could make 20 quizzes in one day with a fill in the blank, but it's boring for me, so I try to create quizzes that have thought process in them.

Harrassment, no, I don't think you're seeing harrassment. I think that they are getting pickier, which they should. If they let everything slide by, it's not fun for the people that are playing.

I play quite a few of the earlier quizzes and see MANY spelling errors. I report them or write the author. I would think they would appreciate the fact that I do this, so their quiz looks nice.

I can't stand the quizzes that have spelling errors, small letters, all caps or no punctuation. It looks tacky, in my opinion only.

I agree with the editor, I like more detailed. I also wouldn't like it if someone told me to just 'put it online...' They have rules too, and I'm sure that they are doing the best they can and following them.

I'm sorry, but I think changes are a good thing here.

Blaney  (Level: 77.1 - Posts: 48)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 11:00 AM

I just took one of your quizzes and saw:

______ Pacifier

"The" is missing.

Is this really trivia? The site is called "Sploofus, Trivis Systems" and "Brain food" is the motto.

My question to you is, have you seen any of these movies? Can you tell us a little bit about them in the question? Can you mention who is even in the movie?

Food for thought only.

Tue, 15th Nov '05 11:28 AM

Our quiz editors have full authority to approve or reject quizzes at their individual discretion, following a simple set of "guidelines". I support their decisions 100% and their decisions are final.

Thank you for your understanding.

Felix-old  (Level: 14.2 - Posts: 244)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 11:47 AM

Thank you, Blaney. So well put!

_______ (fitb)


Siriusofazkaban  (Level: 15.1 - Posts: 196)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 12:03 PM

Yeah I am sick of fill in the blank movie quizzes. I think they are way overdone, but that's just my opinion. Others may very well like them.
I think that sploofus is going to get rid of old quizzes someday, just not yet. Seems like I read that somewhere.

Pafork  (Level: 132.0 - Posts: 536)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 2:15 PM

I had a quiz rejected a few days ago because I hadn't included 5 choices for answers on a couple of the questions. My first thought was "Hey! I've seen lots of quizzes that do that!" (It's a little unsettling seeing that word 'REJECTED' in your mailbox =) But the editor who wrote was really nice, complimented the quiz otherwise, even suggested ways to fix it.
I made the changes, and it was accepted.

I think it's great that they're tightening up the quiz criteria. When I click on a quiz and it turns out to be one of these "Wizard ___ Oz" fill-ins I feel like my time's being wasted.
And I agree with Violet that it's annoying to work hard on a quiz and then have it immediately knocked off by these assembly line quizzes.

I have to say though--those quizzes do seem to get a lot of takers--easy points I guess--or not wanting to have to think too hard after a long day at work =) So some people do want them.
I've only made a few, but the more difficult ones were taken by far fewer people.

Philkon  (Level: 274.3 - Posts: 474)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 3:19 PM

As the TV commercial said...

"Great Taste vs Less Filling"

Each side has their supporters. I have written boith kinds.

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 3:39 PM

I wonder if there was a separate category for "Fill-In-The-Blanks" if this would appease both sides? Those of us who don't write these and don't take these would not have to bother with them. And the many fans of these types would be able to find them all in one spot.

What do you all think?

Philkon  (Level: 274.3 - Posts: 474)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 3:44 PM

In reality, it seems more like you were harrassing the editor by saying "Let's not start this battle. Just approve the quiz."

I don't remember if I have seen the "5 minutes to create" rule anywhere. It would be nice if ALL of the rules were posted somewhere they could be easily seen.

Flybybethy  (Level: 136.6 - Posts: 155)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 4:08 PM

A fill-in-the-blank category would be good to kind of filter those out from the more trivia-based categories. The only problem with that is that quizzes would still get bumped pretty quickly from the front page. That's just my opinion--I don't write quizzes, so I'll just shut up now.

Citrusy  (Level: 26.2 - Posts: 118)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 4:08 PM

I have had a few 'rejections' in the past......
oh wait..we are talking quizzes....nevermind!!

Lulise  (Level: 32.2 - Posts: 248)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 4:15 PM

Hey, the quizzes could be worse than the fitb's. I ran across one that gave you only ONE answer to choose from. Absolutely NO challenge there!

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 4:23 PM

Eek, Lulise, I hope it was an old quiz! When I first joined, there were lots of quizzes with the correct answer in ALL CAPS and (Pick this one) and

Jenn326  (Level: 22.8 - Posts: 173)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 4:23 PM

I like the idea of a Fill in the Blank category. That way, the other quizzes won't get bumped from the front page so quickly.

But, in response to your post, I too have had a few quizzes rejected. One editor told me my quiz was better suited for a parents magazine. Rather than deal with the hassle, I just deleted it. I do enjoy your Movie quizzes, so I hope you can get them back (in some format or another) soon!

Jenn326  (Level: 22.8 - Posts: 173)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 4:24 PM

Or when they have the arrows pointing to the answer. I think those quizzes are a thing of the past with the new guidelines (thank goodness).

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 4:39 PM

Thanks for the laugh, Citrusy! That'un was cute.

I have had a few sent back as well.....most times I agreed with the editor, and once I flat disagreed, but made a couple of changes and all was OK that was accepted.

I am working on a series now...and one day (before Christmas)I hope to get 'em up'n'running!

Kravfighter  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 565)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 7:34 PM

I understand you're frustrated redwing, but I would hardly call what the editor said to you "harassment". You may disagree with the rejection and request Sploofus himself to look at it, but he/she explained the rejection politely and simply. You were certainly more confrontational to the editor than he/she was to you.

Redwinghockey  (Level: 87.3 - Posts: 16)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 9:02 PM

Having cooled off I think I am realizing that I may have overreacted. I appreciate you all taking the time to respond to the post and I am now aware of how my type of quizzes are 'flooding' the site. I reality, it does take very little effort on my part to make one of those quizzes. I do try to add humor with some of the choices but a challenge, most of them are not.

Whoever the Sploofus editor in this case is/was, if you're reading this, I would like to formally apologize for the 'harrassment' label I placed on this post and for the less-than-polite way I dealt with the rejection(s). As I stated, I overreacted.

Now that you all have opened my eyes to the 'less-filling' content I have been spewing forth, I wish there was a way to delete the quizzes or put them in a seperate category. Sometimes it's nice to breeze through a fill-in-the-blank but I do like a challenge as well. That being said, I don't like the idea of having my name associated with below-par quizzes. I relate with those of you who put a lot of effort into your quizzes. Look at some of my other movie quizzes (based on a single movie) for example.

Basically, I just wanted to express my newfound realizations and apologize to any I've offended. I am in no way against the editors or the site, in fact I've been hooked almost since the beginning and I wouldn't want a trivial matter (no pun intended) such as this to ruin my love for and my admiration and respect for Mr. Sploofus himself. I guess venting by getting this story out was all I needed. Thank you all for bringing me back to reality.

Kravfighter  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 565)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 10:32 PM

I wouldn't worry too much about the old quizzes - especially the movie FITB. Is anyone really still taking a movie quiz from the top grossing films from March? Many of us have quizzes from our past that we wish never happened. Like anything in life, you can't change the past anyway. All you can do is learn from it and try to do things better/differently in the future.

Your apology is admirable and I'm sure the editor will appreciate it.

Blaney  (Level: 77.1 - Posts: 48)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 11:42 PM


You are a true man in my opinion... very nice apology. If I was the editor I would be very happy to read your note.

Suzer22  (Level: 165.6 - Posts: 1982)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 12:00 AM

I just want to add that I really appreciate the civil tone of this thread. redwing was upset, and expressed himself...others responded with care and concern and concise facts.

THIS is what this forum can and should be! I am so proud to be a part of this community


Redbaron  (Level: 205.8 - Posts: 296)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 1:18 AM

You know, and this is probably sad, Redwinghockey's latest post was the LAST thing I expected to see when I opened this thread. So, well said, Redwing...And I agree that whatever editor you were dealing with appreciates your post.

I also agree those simple FITBs can be fun, but man, there have been a lot of them, especially recently. Perhaps a brief moratorium, and some way of dealing fairly with apparent (and in most cases unintentional) flooding, and the way will be clear for the movie FITBs again...


Action23  (Level: 113.6 - Posts: 180)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 2:02 AM

Most agreeable..........GOOD THREAD.

Hats off to you Redwing.......nicely put in your follow up.

I can't imagine there being a lot of us Sploofusers, who like to open our messages only to read, "QUIZ REJECTED". I know I don't.......but the rejection reasons and comments have been very helpful, civil and much appreciated. And after making the recommended changes, the quizzes seem to get pushed right through. In fact, those quizzes that were rejected, and later modified due to recommendations by the quiz editors and/or even some of the quiz takers, have turned out to be some of the best rated and scored quizzes recently submitted.

(compliment coming here: THANK YOU QUIZ EDITORS AND QUIZ TAKERS!! For your positive feedback and recommendations. They are much appreciated!!)

It seems that Redwing's initial post may have unknowingly brought about a problem and possible solution for quizzes that are FITB. (But first, I'd like to say Redwing, that I have enjoyed a fair share of your FITB quizzes from time to time.)

However, maybe as others have posted, that in the future, a new category should be generated for such quizzes. It would seem like a viable option for both those who (uh um) like to mass produce such quizzes, as well as for those who enjoy taking those types of quizzes.

That way, the mass producers would be merely bumping each other's quizzes off of the FITB header; without ever hitting the "most recent 30 quizzes" header. Just a thought......


Bobbsey  (Level: 158.3 - Posts: 252)
Sat, 11th Apr '09 1:31 AM

and so this is where it all began for the kerblunks, amazing

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