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Sydsmom1997  (Level: 16.9 - Posts: 4)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 9:49 PM


I am not one who looks to stir up trouble. I do want to put this question out to those of you who really enjoy participating in this forum. Who really has the right to decide what represents a true trivia challenge? None of my quizzes have yet been deleted, but someone close to me recently had their #1 ranked quiz deleted for this reason. Yes, I agree that find the green vegetable probably did not pose much of a challenge to anyone, but everybody has their favorite types of quizzes. I like quizzes about TV, movies, and I do in fact enjoy many of the food quizzes. Are our opinions less valid than others? We paid our membership fees the same as everyone else. I have taken quizzes that have been on very obscure subjects such as the history of toilet paper. Maybe that subject is not my cup of tea, but I took it and rated it upon the effort of that author. There are approximately 7,000 people who play here. Why should the opinion of 10 people be the deciding factor to have a quiz deleted. If people don't like it, rate it low and move on. Are the prizes around here so plentiful and full of grandeur that this cuthroat behavior should be tolerated? Some people come here simply to create and take quizzes that they enjoy making or taking. Please, I urge you all to take a step back, and think about the people on the other end of these computers who put their efforts into these quizzes. Also, before reporting a quiz for not "representing a true trivia challenge" you might want to take a step back and look at some of the other quizzes these people have created. They are not all fluff. And besides, what represents fluff to one, may not to others. All people need to be allowed to express themselves in their own manner. If you don't like these quizzes, simply don't take them! These quizzes got to the top 10 because lots of people did. Therefore, majority cannot be ruling here. Let's try to keep this a fun place for all.

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 10:30 PM

I have said that I don't care for the "greeen vegetable" quizzes but I have certainly never reported one nor have I given a bomber rating.

Another thread discusses a particular quiz that I did report (several people did and you probably would too if you took the quiz-- it's ridiculous). I have reported only 3 quizzes since I've been here and all have been for absolutely valid reasons. Not because they are not my style of quiz.

As I have said in other posts, I prefer quizzes that pose a challenge and/or from which I learn something new. I rate higher when a quiz is carefully written (no typos, misspellings, proper punctuation) and especially when it shows that the author has taken time to write the quiz.

Eksimba  (Level: 29.0 - Posts: 155)
Tue, 23rd Aug '05 10:41 PM

Also it's important to note that quizzes are not deleted simply because people report them, but because there's something wrong with them. Once enough people report the quiz (10, least I heard), the sploofus moderators will be alerted to it and will determine whether or not it meets the sploofus quiz guidelines. If it does, it stays. If it doesn't, it's gone. Nobody can have a quiz removed simply because others are "jealous".

It seems like a pretty good system to me.

Tue, 23rd Aug '05 11:06 PM

Let me reiterate what EKSIMBA has said:

Quizzes are manually reviewed by Sploofus editors after being reported 10 times. The Sploofus editor THEN makes the decision to either (a) delete the quiz, or (b) not!

I tell you the truth, there are really only 4 ways to have a quiz deleted after reaching critical mass (10 reports):

1) The quiz gives away the correct answers by capitalizing them, pointing to them, etc.

2) Each question in the quiz does not have 5 distinct possible answers.

3) The quiz exhibits opinion or agenda, and not verifiable fact.

4) The quiz contains offensive content or OBVIOUSLY does not pose any challenge to any demographic.

'Nuff said.

Kasp767982  (Level: 162.2 - Posts: 153)
Wed, 24th Aug '05 8:58 AM

I believe that the #1 quiz that you are referring to that was deleted is the one mentioned in another thread on here.
Apparently, it was deleted because the answer *content* was not as it should have been and not the *quality* of the quiz, ie, maybe it did not have 5 legitimate answer choices?

Now, I rate the quizzes I take for the *quality* as I see it. I am as I have said in previous posts, happy to take the more challenging quizzes and equally enjoy an easier one.

Who is to say what is an EASY or HARD quiz??
It is only easy IF you know the answer!!!

Trivia is just what it says *Trivia* I see it as interesting *titbits* of knowledge.

The figure of 7000 members has been mentioned and lets face it, that is a lot of quizzes being done in one day, so the actual amount that are removed, reported or even just commented on is very minimal.

Look this is only the way that I see it, and I do not mean to make anyone cross, it is just not my nature. I do enjoy the whole *sploofus* site and long may it continue. I would be totally lost now without it.


Arestuttle  (Level: 4.8 - Posts: 1)
Wed, 24th Aug '05 3:57 PM

Just a guess, but isn't having a quiz removed a part of the learning process? We can all read the rules and we all have the right to test the rules as we interpret them... Sploofus has the right to respond to rule testers in kind, and so doing reinforces what's been detailed in the requirements and rules we read before we activate the quiz. Nothing unfair has taken place, the site managers have merely proven that they are as good as their written word. I, for one, am refreshed to see such a pro-active approach to site maintenance and redress of grievances. All sites should be as conscientously monitored.
Ares Tuttle

Suzer22  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 1982)
Sun, 28th Aug '05 12:17 PM

I have said this in another thread but I'd like to reiterate it here...if sploofus has a problem with a quiz I made, I waould prefer to be informed and be given teh chance to FIX it!

One quizz I accidentally capitalized the real answer and not any of the distractors...I caught the error before I posted the quiz but under the rules listed above it would have been deleted. After 10 reports and a personal look by the editors, it can't be asking too much to get a notice of a quiz being DEACTIVATED until it is fixed! Then it could be submitted to an editor for approval.

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