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Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Tue, 15th Nov '05 11:48 PM


Just questioning why bombers take quizzes. The catagory is right there in front of you. Although I love sports...they seem to migrate to those quizzes and I am ready to fight.

If you don't author quizzes and rate everyone's quizzes less than 4...shouldn't there be some sort of exemption to the rating for those kind of people? Sorry the "bomber alert" not working for me because it doesn't prevent those players from taking the quiz. Or...better yet...there should be some sort of written explanation required for ratings less than "average".

I know I am venting...but for those of us who really enjoy creating quizzes, hearing feedback is both helpful and enlightening. Seeing someone say that the thing you worked hard awful or needs work without a reason is infuriating.

Sorry...venting and just my two cents....

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 12:14 AM

Sorry you were bombed. I know it stinks! I feel that rating quizzes should be a GOLD member privilege.

Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 12:37 AM

Now there is a novel idea.

Pafork  (Level: 132.0 - Posts: 536)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 4:41 AM

What is the 'bomber alert'?

Sorry about your quiz =6 That just happened to me for the first time last week. I wondered whether the bomber was the person who got a 30%, mad at their low score, or the person who got 100%, sneering at the 'simplicity' of the quiz.

It would be nice if anyone rating you below average had to tell you why. That might stop the cowardly spiteful types.

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.5 - Posts: 3847)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 5:59 AM

Much of this has been discussed in the past. Sploofus put in a script to identify quiz bombs and delete their scores from affecting quizzes. I haven't looked lately to see if it is still working. Fortunately, the quizzes I have been doing lately have been well-received and not hit by bombers. If I can find a copy of the conversation on bombers in the archives, I will bring it back into the light of day.

Emijean  (Level: 78.4 - Posts: 73)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 8:03 AM

Maybe if how you rated the quiz wasn't private...of course that would breed too much retailiation...
Maybe if you had to give a reason why you rated a quiz 4 or lower, you might think twice.

Felix-old  (Level: 14.2 - Posts: 244)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 8:30 AM

If the person taking a quiz doesn't have the freedom to rate a quiz justly or not then what is the alternative? Everyone has different standards. You cross the street, you take your chances.

The reason I quit writing quizzes was the guy who always gave me a one regardless, then signed on as his lovely wife and repeated the process. I defend that BOOB'S right to do so.

Has anyone seen a post about the complaints of rating someone's quiz to high? You can't have it both ways, unless you're a Democrat.

Maybe Russian Roulette: only display the author after you have rated the quiz. Who'd know where those great 80's music quizzes were coming from.
We'd have to guess at who had written the latest Moth Quiz! Or only ponder who had penned the latest "what's a group of animals called" quiz.

Sploofus, it's your product display it for market, trust you instincts and don't let the inmates run the asylum. Changes lead to more changes.

Felix ( you say Bomber like it's a bad thing)

Geniuswaitress  (Level: 52.1 - Posts: 381)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 8:34 AM

You know, surprisingly, I agree. The person who doesn't like your quiz is entitled to that feeling. Just as your best friend giving you all 9's even on your weak quizzes is entitled to. Ideally, if enough people take your quizzes it evens out to a median score. It's almost as if the highest and lowest are thrown out, because they cancel each other anyway.

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.5 - Posts: 3847)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 9:22 AM

I agree with the right to rate as you see fit. But bombers are kneejerk low raters. They are either doing it to be jerks, feel superior or whatever. If they really feel all the quizzes here are that bad, then they should quit wasting their time here and leave.

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 10:47 AM

Tuzilla, that is why I think Gold members only should rate quizzes. Because there are people who sign up to Sploofus, stick around and bomb every quiz for 3-4 days, then never show up again.

I agree with Felix, for the most part (although I don't think people who live in glass houses should throw stones at Democrats but anyway... you know I love ya' Felix). Unfortunately, people who rate low are entitled to that opinion. I do find it ironic that a great number of people who rate 3s and 4s have never once written a quiz of their own.

Redbaron  (Level: 206.8 - Posts: 297)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 11:32 AM

Yes, I agree that folks should be able to rate quizzes as they see fit. If enough people take a quiz, it tends to average out anyway--if the quiz is a quality quiz.

But there are two things that folks could get in the habit of doing which might help: 1) If you're deciding whether to take a quiz which is new and has only a low number of takers, and the quiz rated low, ignore the rating and give the quiz a shot. If it deserved the low rating, then rate it low yourself, otherwise, rate high to bring the average back up. 2) If you feel the need to rate someone's quiz very low (say, less than a 5), send them a polite note about why. The feedback will really help the author.

Instead of only allowing GOLD members to rate, maybe we should only allow people who have written some number of quizzes themselves to rate...That's an idea, but I'm not sure it's fair. There are plenty of people who are here just to take quizzes and TQOTDs, and who don't have the time or inclination to write their own.


Jenn326  (Level: 22.8 - Posts: 173)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 2:08 PM

I very rarely rate a quiz less than a 5, but honestly, I don't think I would ever feel comfortable emailing someone to tell them if I did give them below a 5. I think that would create a rating bomb war. JMO.
If the quiz has incorrect info or a large number of misspellings I will give them a low score. Since the editors screen everything now, I rarely give any low scares.

As for rating bombers, sure I get them. And then I've also had some newer members send me messages that aren't the nicest about my quizzes. I just suck it up and move on. I don't turn around and take one of their quizzes to retaliate. Oh wait a minute, they would have to author a quiz first.

Come to think about it, I'm liking Tracy's idea more and more. ;0)

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 3:20 PM

I cannot help feeling that some democracy would be lost if quiz-rating became the exclusive domain of Gold Members only. Is a Gold member so righteous that he/she cannot be a bomber? Maybe, maybe not.
I posed the question once about how to tell the scores that someone rated your quiz.....perhaps that feature alone might put some focus into the bomber-hunt.

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 7:20 PM

Bushy, I definitely see where you're coming from. I am sure that some Gold members rate low, but the times I have had someone bomb my quiz early enough to tell who it was, it was someone who was brand new to the site. Thankfully it hasn't happened much to me, but I know it feels terrible and I feel badly for everyone who spends a long time writing a thoughtful, interesting quiz and then gets bombed because it was difficult (or because the quiz taker was just a jerk). :D I guess there's no real solution.

Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Wed, 16th Nov '05 8:10 PM

My humble opinion is if you truly feel a quiz is terrible or needs work...then rating it that way is fine. If you are doing it just to do it...and we all know who they are...then that is wrong.

I'm not sure if there is any way to rectify the situation. I was basically just venting in in lieu of sending a nasty knee-jerk (pun intended with "jerk") e-mail, that probably would have gotten me banned from Sploofus for life, I vented.

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