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Magnolia1  (Level: 74.5 - Posts: 147)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 8:51 PM


Felix, has been a long time member and we can,t lose him so can we do something to solve this problem before it goes any further..............Kathy

Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 8:52 PM

Magnolia,you took the words right out of my mouth!!Martha

Magnolia1  (Level: 74.5 - Posts: 147)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 9:01 PM

Martha, we have in the past agreed to disagree but tonight we stand united "America the great""Freedom of speech"Let felix have his say .........he was always a source of happiness or at least the daily chuckle........ Magnolia1

Magnolia1  (Level: 74.5 - Posts: 147)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 9:25 PM

You know what, Its not about the points,its about the challenge, most people can,t handle that,sookies,idiots,people that can,t handle the truth.......ooooah...ooooah......I,m like Felix when I CAN,T SPEAK my mind I,m gone,I let my points go today to speak up for a friend and felix "is" not was my friend and Justin I THINK Its time for you to step in unless you know something we don,t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Magnolia1

Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 9:25 PM

He's a great guy and I will miss him very much-I cannot quit crying-I feel just horrible about all this.

Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 9:28 PM

Amen to that,Magnolia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magnolia1  (Level: 74.5 - Posts: 147)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 9:40 PM

There has been an empty spot on here all day and in my heart I wish he would reconsider.....some people are such a...holes felix has not one but two sons in iraq and I WILL PRAY FOR THERE SAFE RETURN ALWAYS AND i hope he knows that and knows there are people on here that do care......Kathy

Oogie54  (Level: 209.3 - Posts: 1120)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 10:00 PM

I've known and respected "Felix" a number of years and appreciate his sometimes ascerbic wit because it often mirrors my own sentiments. I would hope there is latitude on here for everyone to express their varying views without fear of reprisal, as long as no comment is mean-spirited or hurtful. I don't know all the facts,but wish for a resolution that will allow Felix to want to remain a member. Any light you can shed on this dilemma Mr. Sploofus?

Tfs706  (Level: 42.8 - Posts: 5)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 10:19 PM

im sure this might not mean much to anyone but i think it should be said. now i appreciate felix asking for me to have his gold membership because i have been having alot of fun here at sploofus for the last few weeks but you know what i really hate to see felix go. cause you see since he has joined sploofus he always has so much time telling me about the happenings it was always like he had a family on here and i really hate to see him go because he was expressing his opnions on trivia and lack there of. because hes just like me he likes to stick up for the little man and he likes to entertain people that might not being having such a good day. so what if he instigated stuff i mean this is no a college class room its a website designed for entertainment. no one is forcing you to be here, are they. clearly your here cause its fun to you. you know for the last 4 years i have called him friend. and you know im more proud of that then the 16 years before that when i just called him dad.


Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 10:39 PM

Wow...watching this thread...unreal.

Couple of observations, Felix...obviously your sense of humor and astute observations will be sorely missed. Levity and humor are always a contagious interjection in an otherwise (aside from this site) drama infiltrated world. TFS...although losing a fellow Sploofuser was not causing me to pause...your thoughtful and insightful words about your dad did. It is truly a remarkable testament to your relationship and for that...regardless of the forum that made you type the should know that all parents are hoping for that kind of relationship. Kudos to both of you for being able to call each other friends and being proud of that.


Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 10:42 PM

Remarkable post,Felixkon.

Oogie54  (Level: 209.3 - Posts: 1120)
Sat, 3rd Dec '05 10:51 PM

Please pass along these sentiments to your dad.A lot of folks on here consider him a valuable friend, and fellow sploofuser, who we want to remain with us. This place is built on the character of it's members, an amicable solution can surely be arranged. Danny

Philkon  (Level: 274.3 - Posts: 474)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 12:11 PM

I'm sorry to see him go, too.

Kasp767982  (Level: 161.8 - Posts: 153)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 2:00 PM

I am also sorry to see him go.

Jenn326  (Level: 22.8 - Posts: 173)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 2:15 PM

I really wish he would reconsider. He will be missed greatly.

Mistertom428  (Level: 244.8 - Posts: 16)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 2:45 PM

I've been saying for months now that the "god complex" of the editors will get out of control if we allow it to. Every time someone complains about an editor, a whole bunch of postings follow with how great they are, how hard they work, how they are not perfect, how much things have improved. When will the silent majority wake up?

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 3:39 PM

"Roger that'un" to all remarks above.

Felix, please just fall back and regroup...........and then bring back your quirky humor to delight our days.

Redbaron  (Level: 205.8 - Posts: 296)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 3:42 PM

Hmmm...The last time you complained about the editors, Mistertom, it was because they had asked you to use punctuation, if I recall correctly. In what way does that mean the editors have a "God complex"? They're simply enforcing standards they've been given by Sploofus. It seems to me you've had some quizzes posted since then. Were the editors mean to you with those, too? Nasty notes coming back despite your quizzes getting approved?

Did it occur to you that the postings in support for the editors are coming from the mostly silent majority, who are opposing a rather noisy minority which is doing the complaining?

As for Felix...Felix clearly has a sense of humor and I've enjoyed many of his postings, and a few well-placed *quacks*. But, I very seriously doubt that any of the editors have done what he's publicly accused them of, and I find it rather interesting that he has been mute in response to invitations to post his quizzes or the notes he got from the editor to support his position.


Machiabelly  (Level: 136.2 - Posts: 190)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 3:42 PM

Did I miss something? Felix wasn't asked to leave, or at least I don't think he was. I have seen many of his posts which were certainly negative towards editors and the site, so I wouldn't say he was silenced. He had one quiz that he admits was an extreme example. It was refused, he tried ten times, it was refused, so he left.
He left after making allegations against an editor that I never saw him post any proof of.
I too enjoyed his wit, and thought he was smart and a great quiz author. He chose to leave, and if the site starts bending over backwards to keep everyone who "takes their ball and goes home", then I imagine I will be done with the site. If I do go, I will message the people I like, and not make a grand exit.

As for "the silent majority" someone mentioned who are angry at the editors...maybe the silence reflects the fact that most people are happy with the editors and the treatment they receive from them. I know I am.

Bye Felix, you will be missed, but I imagine we will muddle on without you.

Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 4:06 PM

Now I know why I do not write quizzes!!

Mindmonkey  (Level: 279.1 - Posts: 295)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 4:07 PM

Thank you machiabelly and redbarron. Three or four discontents do not speak for the vast majority of people who frequent this site.

The unproven nature of Felix's tirade against the quiz editors speaks volumes. He can hold his breath until he turns blue, hoping that somebody will say it's all better, if he wants to. That's his option and he makes his own decisions.

Redbaron  (Level: 205.8 - Posts: 296)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 5:18 PM

And thank you, Mindmonkey, for your consistently clear-headed and right-on posts on this subject!

Proposal to Felix: Hang around, have some fun, be acerbit and witty and even occasionally biting in your chat commentary, but stop falsely accusing the editors of unfair bias or worse (or, if you really do feel you have a legitimate grievance, post your evidence and/or escalate the issue to Sploofus himself and let us know what happens), and let's all just have fun here! That's what Sploofus is for!


Redbaron  (Level: 205.8 - Posts: 296)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 5:19 PM

Er, that was supposed to be "acerbic." I'm glad the editors don't have to approve chat postings!


Sun, 4th Dec '05 10:29 PM

Felix was never asked to leave by myself or by any editor. I too will miss the fun spirit and wit that Felix brought us. It's sad to see him leave.

Tmj302  (Level: 53.5 - Posts: 129)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 10:30 PM

I've know Felix for many years, and he would not just get fed up and go over just one little thing, like someone not submitting his crappy-on-purpose quiz. There is a lot more behind his reason for leaving, but I don't think he wants to post it for all to see.

Oogie54  (Level: 209.3 - Posts: 1120)
Sun, 4th Dec '05 10:53 PM

I respect Felix for not naming names in public forum, that could only lead to more discontent. I believe he is ready to move on and let it be.

Action23  (Level: 113.6 - Posts: 180)
Mon, 5th Dec '05 4:01 AM

Felix..........being about principles is not always easy.........being about forgiveness is even more difficult. There are many of us here who enjoy your humor, comments and quizzes.....I only hope that you can find a way to forgive any of us here who may have wronged you in some it would definitely not be the same here without you and your endearing remarks.

Kind regards,

Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Mon, 5th Dec '05 9:28 AM

I agree with tmj302.I'll respect Felix's wishes and leave this matter to be,but that still don't make it right!!!Martha

Siriusofazkaban  (Level: 15.1 - Posts: 196)
Mon, 5th Dec '05 12:22 PM

Awww...Felix and I didnt really talk much but he did sent me a very kind pm once. I'm sorry that he couldnt work out his issues with the editors.
*Goes to look up acerbic in the dictionary*

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