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Barneyrubble  (Level: 140.5 - Posts: 3)
Wed, 2nd Apr '08 4:20 AM


Although I am addicted to daily questions I would like to play against someone as I have 90 showdown tokens!!! to use up Up tll now have been playing alone so would anyone like to guide me through the team process
Thanks Barney Rubble

Chyenn  (Level: 210.7 - Posts: 1332)
Wed, 2nd Apr '08 7:25 AM

from the 'survivor guide', here's the way showdown tokens are used:
Each week, you will receive ONE Showdown Token. These tokens may be accumulated and redeemed at your leisure. Showdown Tokens allow you (the challenger) to 'challenge' the Sploofus player immediately AHEAD of you on the current all time leaderboard (the challengee). If you redeem a showdown token, a notice will instantly be sent to the challengee. You and the challengee will then be given a random Sploofus question from the challengee's current game play level. You will both be given the exact same question. The challengee then has 7 days to respond to your challenge. If he/she does not, you win the showdown. Otherwise, the player who answers the question correctly the fastest, wins. If you (the challenger) wins, you are credited 10% of the challengee's total Sploofus Points; the challengee however does not lose those points. Only the challenger assumes risk with this system. If you (the challenger) loses, the challengee claims 10% of your total Sploofus Points. In the event of a stalemate (both the challenger and the challengee answer the question incorrectly) no action is taken.

so, the only person you can challenge is the player ranked immediately ahead of you on the leaderboard.

i am not aware of any teams; however, that could be something new in the 2.0 version. since i'm not a beta-tester for 2.0 someone else will have to answer that part of your question.


happy sploofusing!


Foogs  (Level: 282.5 - Posts: 847)
Wed, 2nd Apr '08 9:46 AM

I'm not sure what your last comment means.

But to find out who your opponent for a challenge would be,
go to your Sploofus space, click on Showdown Challenges,
then click "Stage a new Showdown." At that point you will be
told who your opponent is. What I usually do is then click on
player directory and go to their profile to check him/her out.
What's his/her record on showdowns, answering speed. What
categories are they good at?

It's all kind of a crapshoot, though, because the question will
be random. Supposedly the showdown question will come from
your opponent's level, and if that person has exempted
themselves from a category, it's not supposed to come from that

To actually stage the showdown, run through the process above,
and click on the "Proceed with Showdown" button. As with the
TQotD, it pops up and you have 30 seconds to answer.

Fudypatootie  (Level: 207.0 - Posts: 1302)
Thu, 3rd Apr '08 1:28 AM

Member since 2006 is "newish"?

Salzypat  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 5425)
Thu, 3rd Apr '08 1:46 PM

Any relation to Barnierubble at level 20.3?

Bigdavy  (Level: 141.9 - Posts: 537)
Sat, 5th Apr '08 10:17 AM

I have read elsewhere, and can confirm, that the Showdown question can come from any category including the one you exempted for daily questions. I exempted Sports yet that is where one of my Showdown questions came from.

Since this player is just above you, you are usually both on the same level or very close. So the question shouldn't be out of your league.

I've only staged 3 showdowns so far. Like you, I saw the tokens building up and I wanted to use them. However, it is very nerve-wracking to wait for (up to) 7 days knowing that your hard-earned points are on the line. Even if you both get the answer right, they could still answer faster and take your points. It's totally like gambling.

I would rather get my point advances from wagering on Daily Questions, because these wagers and the outcome are totally under my control. But, before long I'll get brave and try more showdowns.... and then start sweating!

Good luck!

Bigdavy  (Level: 141.9 - Posts: 537)
Sat, 5th Apr '08 10:22 AM

Sorry Foogs, I just re-read your posting where you said the question isn't supposed to be from your opponent's exempted category (not my exempted category). So, this could explain why I got a sports question, if indeed it uses the opponent's valid categories rather than mine.

Still, I did read in another posting where someone thought the exemption doesn't apply to showdowns, just to daily questions....

Foogs  (Level: 282.5 - Posts: 847)
Sat, 5th Apr '08 6:25 PM

I think I read the same post. I don't know; I may be going off bad info.
I'm with you on the seven days, which is actually eight. But I'm so snakebit
by TQotD wagers that I'm finding that showdowns are much more
enjoyable. And even though I'm just now getting to level 27 I've had
challenges with people in the 40s and 50s. I haven't seen a difference
in the difficulty of the questions.

Bigdavy  (Level: 141.9 - Posts: 537)
Mon, 7th Apr '08 11:14 AM

Hi Foogs, right after I posted my last post, I got a Showdown challenge from someone at level 37 (when I am level 4) so I realize now that the person adjacent in the standings is near me points-wise but not level-wise -- duh! I'm just happy that someone else challenged me for a change, because I can't lose any points this way!

Unrelated issue: Supposedly the TQOTD questions are supposed to get harder as you increase levels, have you (or anyone else) noticed this happening?


Tresgatos  (Level: 217.3 - Posts: 4450)
Mon, 7th Apr '08 3:08 PM

Hi Dave,

Interestingly, I just asked for clarification on that, and Chyenn wrote: "... originally it was Justin's intent for the difficulty to increase... but it didn't work out that way.." See this thread:

I hope that helps!

-- Geri

Bigdavy  (Level: 141.9 - Posts: 537)
Mon, 7th Apr '08 7:12 PM

Geri- This is a relief, because some of my daily questions have been plenty hard enough at my relatively low level. I wasn't looking forward to questions that would get harder than this! Thanks for the info!

- Dave

Smaug  (Level: 145.4 - Posts: 2763)
Mon, 7th Apr '08 10:09 PM

You have to pray to Jesus before using a token. You're Newish. Forget it.

Phitzy1  (Level: 66.4 - Posts: 873)
Mon, 7th Apr '08 10:29 PM

Oh, Smug...

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