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Frannie  (Level: 96.2 - Posts: 68)
Sat, 17th May '08 3:31 PM


I'll thank Justin first for the birthday greeting, that's one reason. The other is what Roccotab said in response to Smaug's usual smart a** post that suggested a group just for 'vile sex chatter' be started. Rocco pointed out that on this site he has encountered some of the most intelligent, witty, and may I add neurotic people he's known. It has been his pleasure and mine to read this chat and to be amused, enlightened, angered, disgusted, and sometimes (in my case) sent into the living room to haul my husband out here to read something too funny not to share. One thing's for sure, I've never been bored.

I was touched that Justin remembered a member who died earlier this week. He may be busy with 2.0 and trying to figure out how to keep all of his members happy, even so, he understands the importance of compassion. That's another reason I love this site.

People on this site care about each other in ways that go beyond playing games. Justin knows that he has created a special place for special people. That has to be the reason so many goofballs, myself proudly included, are still members. He values the same qualities that Rocco sees in so many. I'm sure he cringes when he reads some of our posts, but then I'll bet alot of us do when we read each other's. My list of reasons could grow longer but that could get boring and that is the greatest sin, isn't it?

Smaug  (Level: 145.4 - Posts: 2763)
Sat, 17th May '08 3:41 PM


Alvandy  (Level: 242.1 - Posts: 7740)
Sat, 17th May '08 3:43 PM

Well spoken Frannie. I certainly agree with your observations.
I'll add just one of my own- others might add theirs.

Sploofus allows people to be creative and show their talents/ skills- without being too self-conscious. Like "Cheers"- everybody knows your name- even if it's an alter ego.

Making your way in the world today
Takes everything you've got;
Taking a break from all your worries
Sure would help a lot.
Wouldn't you like to get away?
All those night when you've got no lights,
The check is in the mail;
And your little angel
Hung the cat up by it's tail;
And your third fiance didn't show;

Sometimes you want to go

Where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came;
You want to be where you can see,
Our troubles are all the same;
You want to be where everybody knows your name.
Sploof on!

Maurlin  (Level: 221.7 - Posts: 2720)
Sat, 17th May '08 3:46 PM

ROFL!!! Please note that the answer above is the shortest post I have EVER seen from Smaug in his 1,659 total posts (which does not count more than one response in any given chat post).

Smaug  (Level: 145.4 - Posts: 2763)
Sat, 17th May '08 3:53 PM

I agonized over the period.

Kaufman  (Level: 270.4 - Posts: 3942)
Sat, 17th May '08 4:02 PM


Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2812)
Sat, 17th May '08 4:08 PM

I've agonized over periods too. My sympathy.

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Sat, 17th May '08 4:15 PM

Phitzy1  (Level: 66.4 - Posts: 873)
Sat, 17th May '08 4:48 PM

Hey Steve, duct tape leaves a nasty residue...use a little acetone to remove it from your beard.

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Sat, 17th May '08 4:49 PM

Happy Birthday, Frannie! Thanks for being unboring & fun and appreciating the same in others. Personally, I think its healthier to lean back your head and laugh than pinch up your lips, look down your nose, and frown.

Word of advice: Don't drink & wager.

Kimoira  (Level: 215.5 - Posts: 1203)
Sat, 17th May '08 5:44 PM

Unless your nose is bleeding and then of course throwing your head back and pinching comes in handy before the laughing or frowning.

Or drinking and wagering.

Maybe that's out of order.

Happy Birthday to you Fran and many many more!

Papajensai  (Level: 203.6 - Posts: 1025)
Sun, 18th May '08 10:17 AM

Happy Birthday, Fran.

and I love all the recent avatars, peeps.

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Sun, 18th May '08 10:21 AM

Drinking and wagering are both essential parts of my life. That will be partly the cause of me being banned from the Sploofus Hall of Fame. But remember,,,I did not bet on any of the quizzes.

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Sun, 18th May '08 10:28 AM

But I DID take some performance enhancing fluids.

Phitzy1  (Level: 66.4 - Posts: 873)
Sun, 18th May '08 10:36 AM

well, I was wondering!

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6108)
Sun, 18th May '08 1:39 PM

Happy Birthday, Fran, and sorry if I'm late! Was it yesterday, the 17th? Hope you have or had a Happy Birthday, and many, many more!


Salzypat  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 5426)
Sun, 18th May '08 3:05 PM

Happy belated birthday greetings, Fran. I agree with all you said about this place. I work afternoons until sometimes midnight or 1 a.m. It's pretty hard to have friends when you keep those crazy hours. But with Sploofus it doesn't matter what time I log on, there are some online friends there to chat or challenge at games.

One person tried to tell me it's not the same as having "in-person" friends, but I don't agree. My online friends offer me encouragement, intellectual discussions, humor, "heated" discussions and compassion. To me, that's a friend whether we live in the same town or on the same planet.

Thanks for writing, Fran. Drop in often to toss in your two cents' worth on chat.

Margiematt  (Level: 202.7 - Posts: 389)
Mon, 19th May '08 3:08 PM

Happy Birthday and great post Frannie!!

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.9 - Posts: 4468)
Mon, 19th May '08 4:33 PM

Nice to meet you, Frannie, and happy belated birthday!

-- Geri

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