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Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Sat, 24th May '08 2:22 PM


My first was David Cassidy (Hey, I was 11) and the last was an alternative punk band called Paramore that I went to with my 15 year old son.

Mplaw51  (Level: 185.5 - Posts: 1580)
Sat, 24th May '08 2:26 PM

The Temptations in Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ was first for me; last was Nora Jones at the Art Center in NJ.

Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Sat, 24th May '08 2:29 PM

First Barry Manilow
Last Casting Crowns & Stephen Curtis Chapman
Check out the music group to see all the others in between

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Sat, 24th May '08 2:32 PM

My first concert (I was little and I barely remember) was Black Oak Arkansas. Think "Jim Dandy to the Rescue." My first real, intentionally attended concert, was Foreigner.

My last concert was last month - Elton John. That is, if you don't consider my kids' rock band performing at the Renaissance Fair a couple of weeks ago. (They are 11 and 12 and they have formed a rock band with 4 other classmates, they call Vertex. They had their first "gig" a couple of weeks ago where they got to perform 2 songs at the kids' stage at the fair. They played "Rock you Like a Hurricane" and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." Way cute!)

Phitzy1  (Level: 66.4 - Posts: 873)
Sat, 24th May '08 2:36 PM

Paul Young in West Palm Beach - I think I was 13 and he held my hand and sang "Everytime You Go Away" I wouldn't let anyone touch that hand on the way home.

Herbie Hancock - wow...that was a great show.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.6 - Posts: 3353)
Sat, 24th May '08 2:46 PM

My first was Tom Lehrer. I was either in Junior High or right at the beginning of High School.

And last week I went to the Toddler Concert at my grandson's preschool. Twenty or so 2 year olds singing Twinkle Twinkle is quite a concert!

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Sat, 24th May '08 3:02 PM

I'm guessing you don't mean school concerts - because those would be first and last.
1st - Tennessee Ernie Ford at Amarillo Tri-State Fair
Most recent - Jace Everett, Texas State Fair

Kaufman  (Level: 270.1 - Posts: 3942)
Sat, 24th May '08 3:21 PM

First: Grateful Dead, XXXXXXXX Civic Center, 5/28/77 (city removed because I have a quiz on that show)

Last: Three Dog Night, Strathmore Hall, 11/2/07

And not that it quite counts as a concert, perhaps, but in 2 1/2 hours, we're seeing Garrison Keillor broadcast live from Wolf Trap.

Mitchy  (Level: 136.0 - Posts: 964)
Sat, 24th May '08 3:26 PM

First- Night Ranger 1985 -last- REO Speedwagon & Styx 2007

Suzannec  (Level: 260.2 - Posts: 616)
Sat, 24th May '08 3:35 PM

First was ZZ Top. Won the tickets and a nifty shirt from the radio station. Now I just wish the shirt still fit! Last was Duran Duran. Anyway, back at the ZZ Top concert, I didn't mind standing while rocking out. Now at age 45, I simply wish everyone would sit their butts down so us middle-aged folks could relax and enjoy the show. I am currently trying to win front row tickets to an upcoming Poison concert. Then I can sit! Love this thread!

Cjar855  (Level: 134.9 - Posts: 838)
Sat, 24th May '08 3:44 PM

Mt 1st was The Four Tops @ Basin Street East in New York in 1967,and Bobby Vinton at the Copacabana. You Guesed it. Yes it was Prom night. Then my last was Andrea Bocelli here in Chicago.

Goddess28  (Level: 92.6 - Posts: 5235)
Sat, 24th May '08 4:03 PM

My first was ZZ Top in 83 and my last was Judas Priest in 06.

Alvandy  (Level: 242.1 - Posts: 7727)
Sat, 24th May '08 4:05 PM

First -Gary Lewis and Playboys [at York Fair- circa 1966]

Most recent- The Music Box [tribute band to Genesis]
a radio station prize ; my bwife and I did not enjoy their act unfortunately.

Will attend the Blues Traveler concert in York- on June 13--- to make up for it however.

Xhoney1  (Level: 76.0 - Posts: 185)
Sat, 24th May '08 4:17 PM

My first was Shaun Cassidy (hey Karen, nothing wrong with seeing David...I still love him to this day!)
My last was American Idol, the year of Clay and Ruben.

Chyenn  (Level: 210.7 - Posts: 1332)
Sat, 24th May '08 4:36 PM

i got to see Bread in Nashville in '77 when i was in college.

the last and the best was in 2006 in Pensacola. David took me to see Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra. That Dutch violinist had everyone, young and old, dancing in the aisles to classic waltzes and more for over three hours. he gave several encores. it was an unforgettable evening!

Barnierubble  (Level: 93.9 - Posts: 637)
Sat, 24th May '08 4:45 PM

My first, when i was 117, was to see Guiseppe Destofano singing in Il Trovatore at Drury Lane in London in 1957. My last was to see Glenn Campbell at the Lake side Country Club in Surrey.

Pafork  (Level: 132.0 - Posts: 536)
Sat, 24th May '08 5:13 PM

My first concert was U2 with the Pretenders and the Bodeans in 1987 (although if my parents had let me go to concerts earlier it would've been Rick Springfield =).
My last concert was Morrissey this past September.

Cujgie  (Level: 183.3 - Posts: 754)
Sat, 24th May '08 5:14 PM

Henry Mancini and Andy Williams - first
Smothers Brothers - last

(This was back in the Dark Ages.)

Papermanbill  (Level: 41.3 - Posts: 1312)
Sat, 24th May '08 6:04 PM

Sister Antoinette's Triangle Symphony at St. Michaels Church in Chicago, 1955

Achad  (Level: 213.8 - Posts: 661)
Sat, 24th May '08 6:23 PM

First gig: Uriah Heep in Derby in around 1971.
Last gig: Deep Purple in Manchester in 2007.
Had tickets for Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) in Liverpool last week but traveling to Marrakech took precedent! I did see Pink Floyd at Knebworth in 1975.

Jorboo  (Level: 39.1 - Posts: 141)
Sat, 24th May '08 6:28 PM

My first was the Beatles, August,1964 at Commisky Park In Chicago, Illinois. I am not sure of the last.

Kravfighter  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 565)
Sat, 24th May '08 6:47 PM

First: Kiss - 1990
I didn't think I even liked Kiss. I mainly went to see Winger and Slaughter who opened up for them, but ended up really enjoying the Kiss part of the concert. At the time, I didn't know I knew so many Kiss songs.

Last: Disturbed - December 2006

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Sat, 24th May '08 7:43 PM

My first concert was Black Sabbath in 1983 ( I was 14) at Maple Leaf Gardens... 5th row centre.. hated it lol..I appreciate them much more now on the radio than I did then, with speakers bigger than my house blasting their music into my ears

My last concert was the Jeff Healey tribute show at the Docks just a few weeks ago...G-R-E-A-T show.. Ian Gillan, Jeff Beck, Randy Bachman, David Wilcox, Colin James, Goddo and Alannah Myles were among the musicians who performed, along with his jazz band and others.

I'm doing a double whammy this coming week... Cheryl Crowe on Monday and Eric Clapton on Molson Amphitheatre.. and others I'm seeing this summer are Bachman Cummings, Rush, Robert Plant and Lenny Kravitz.. busy concert summer for me!... (and hey.. still crossing my fingers for a Led Zepplin tour!)

Bravegator  (Level: 152.0 - Posts: 428)
Sat, 24th May '08 8:27 PM

i LOVE concerts!!!

My first concert was the Louisiana Rock Super Bowl in New Orleans... I was 16 and the OPENING act was Bryan Adams and the headliner was Journey (with Steve Perry). We were on vacation and my mom actually let me go BY MYSELF. Good thing for both of us I was trustworthy and told the stranger who offered me pot, "No thank you".

My most recent concert was 2 weeks ago. I saw Tim McGraw


Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Sat, 24th May '08 8:40 PM

Hey Lisa - I saw Jeff Healey in concert - he opened for ZZ Top. Angel Eyes will always be one of my favorite songs.

Sherilynn1962  (Level: 116.6 - Posts: 372)
Sat, 24th May '08 9:00 PM

First - Santana at the Greek Theatre in LA

Last - Righteous Brothers at a hotel in LV

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Sat, 24th May '08 9:18 PM

First....Sinatra in Toronto circa 1968
Last....Welsh Choir in Comox Valley, BC

Erin0620  (Level: 77.2 - Posts: 737)
Sat, 24th May '08 9:21 PM

First: Tom Petty
Last: OzzFest

Diva305  (Level: 153.6 - Posts: 1656)
Sat, 24th May '08 9:25 PM

First-Beach Boys at Miami Beach Convention Center

Last-Bob Dylan-Hard Rock Casino & Hotel-Hollywood, Florida

Son's first-The Rolling Stones-Steel Wheels

Saw the Righteous Brothers too at The Orleans, Vegas

Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Sat, 24th May '08 9:29 PM

First: Paul Revere and the Raiders in Gaillard Auditorium in Charleston. Steve Alamo (pronounced (a-LAME-o) opened. I was all of 12 and had to pay $6 in lawn-cutting money for the ticket.

Most recent....if I can flash forward in time, Ben Folds at Koko Booth in Cary this Friday.

Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Sat, 24th May '08 10:07 PM

Thanks, everyone. Your posts made me smile. Music is such a big part of my life and I love seeing the diversity here on Sploofus. Rock on!

Foogs  (Level: 282.5 - Posts: 847)
Sat, 24th May '08 10:22 PM

Need a good laugh? First concert: Went with my sister to see Bobby Sherman.
Masonic Temple, Davenport, Iowa. Had to be late 60s.

Yesterday I bought tickets to see Alice Cooper in August. Hope he makes it.

Jespur  (Level: 114.2 - Posts: 38)
Sat, 24th May '08 10:28 PM

I Love Concerts! Been to many amazing shows-

First I was taken to: Glen Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy (I was about 5 yrs old- my grandma took me)
First I asked to be taken to: Prince, Purple Rain ( I was still in elementary school)
Last I was taken to: Slint playing Spiderland at the Webster Hall Summer 2007
Last I asked to go to: Interpol Fall 2007

My son was the only 2nd grader wearing an Interpol concert T-shirt the next day in school


Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Sat, 24th May '08 11:03 PM

Hey Foogs - Bobby Sherman! I loved him - but, you're a guy, so I will laugh. But, hey, I also saw KC and the Sunshine Band and The Bay City Rollers. I must laugh at myself as well!

And I wore plaid to the Rollers concert and was in their fan club. (holding my head down low in total embarrassment now)

Headylamar  (Level: 154.8 - Posts: 740)
Sat, 24th May '08 11:40 PM

First concert of memory was Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band at Cobo Arena in Detroit. "Live Bullet" was being recorded as we saw it. Fabulous show!! Last one was a few years ago. Hall and Oates..Love that blue-eyed soul!

Smaug  (Level: 145.4 - Posts: 2763)
Sat, 24th May '08 11:43 PM

Marshall Tucker and Pure Prairie League.

Maybe....1978. Boston.

Lbh58  (Level: 40.0 - Posts: 161)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:06 AM

First: Foghat at Central Michigan University Rose Arena in 1976

Last: Paul McCartney at the Silverdome, Detroit in 1993

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:27 AM

Lodi.. I've seen Healey as well... and Angel Eyes was my wedding song.. my husband chose it as a surprise. I wasn't allowed to know what the first song was going to be.. I was quite nervous but, pleasantly surprised. We went to see him at the Forum (before it was the Molson Amphitheatre), the day after our wedding, then went on to our honeymoon. All was great.. then I got divorced lmao.. (ok, not right away - 8 yrs later lol)

And.. as my memory is returning, I have to say that Black Sabbath wasn't my very first concert.. I've since recalled that my 1st was B.J. Thomas... "Rain drops keep falling on my la la la la la la la la...".lol.. my sister-in-law took me when I was about 11. He played at the O'Keefe Centre.. name was changed to the Hummingbird Centre.. and now it's the Sony Centre for Performing Arts... Toronto is turning into Corporate Sponsorship 'R' Us... Skydome is now called Rogers Centre .. no doubt the CN Tower will soon be called Microsoft Tower or something stupid like that lol

Black Sabbath was my first concert without an adult.

Karen.. we used to call them the "Gay City Doggers" lol.. guess we thought we were cool or something

Thanks for this thread.. brings back a LOT of memories.. I am HUGE live music fan.. always have been. I've really enjoyed most of the shows I've been too.. some of my favourites were Triumph (I was 16, me and 3 girlfriends in our acid wash jeans and big hair.. we had greys - nosebleeds - at Maple Leaf Gardens and made our way down to sidestage golds...right where Rick Emmett had his guitar stand... ahhhhh .. hee heee), Robert Plant, and any Tragically Hip or Guess Who concert I've been to.

Although I'd never want to forego the shows I've been too, I've always thought I was born in the wrong generation. Woodstock would have been the highlight of my life, I think. and to have seen Elvis live in concert.. well.. c'est la vis (yes Diva.. I know.. I know lol)

Scifidwarf  (Level: 149.1 - Posts: 249)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:34 AM

My first concert was Bon Jovi/Skid Row in 1989. My last concert was Queensr├┐che/Alice Cooper/Heaven and Hell back in October. Both were good but Queensr├┐che and Alice really know how to put on a show.

Diva305  (Level: 153.6 - Posts: 1656)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:40 AM

Start me up, once you start me up I'll never stop, NEVER STOP!
OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH--You got me tripping.

This was first/last concerts thread; BUT MOST MEMORABLE! :



Recently went to a Hippie Fest concert at Hard Rock; all these old bands; young kids there with their parents, or just alone together, saying "I was born too late."
It was groovy

Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:45 AM

These posts have really triggered a lot of wonderful concert memories for me. Thanks, everyone!


Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:01 AM

Man, someone tried to start this thread in the random music group and hardly anyone participated! Too bad. My first was the Eagles, my last was the Doobie Brothers.

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:17 AM

I think that film of the Hippie Fest
was shown a while ago on PBS and it
was so lovely to see several generations
of families together - and the kids
seemed to know all the words to the
oldies but goodies....amazing!!!!

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:26 AM

Hey scifi - I saw Bon Jovi & Skid Row on that tour as well. (swoon) I still have my bitchin' t-shirt and I get a LOT of crap from the fam about it.

Tibby  (Level: 121.9 - Posts: 66)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:32 AM

First was The Jackson 5 in 1974 or 1975

Last was Springsteen last month.

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Sun, 25th May '08 3:38 AM

Thanks Jeremy!.. I found the group.. didn't know it was there

Dutchman  (Level: 245.2 - Posts: 36)
Sun, 25th May '08 8:52 AM

1st: Blood Sweat & Tears (Don McLean opening -- months before the release of "American Pie"), Canton, Ohio 1971.
recently: Bruce Springsteen, Cleveland, Nov. 4 2007

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Sun, 25th May '08 9:00 AM

First'un (I think?) was Pink Floyd when they released "Dark Side Of The Moon".......but it might have been Uriah Heep that I saw first.

Last'un was an "Eagles" tribute band a few months ago.


Tallactor  (Level: 153.1 - Posts: 423)
Sun, 25th May '08 9:05 AM

My first rock concert (I think I saw Liza Minelli in concert before this, when I was in high school, which tells you the kind of kid I was) was Kiss, on Halloween night of my first year of college. The most recent, back in September, was Crowded House.

Flcyclist  (Level: 132.5 - Posts: 691)
Sun, 25th May '08 9:25 AM

I think my first was Donny Osborne (OK, so I was a dwebe!) and the last was KISS! I love KISS music, but didn't enjoy the concert because it was so loud I couldn't even tell what they were singing! The production was great, tho.

Can't afford concerts anymore, so I just listed to rcorded! Oh well!

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Sun, 25th May '08 9:29 AM

1971 Blood, Sweet & Tears

2007 .38 Special

Oldcougar  (Level: 229.6 - Posts: 1937)
Sun, 25th May '08 9:51 AM

First Valdy but most won't recognize his name
So Ike & Tina Turner (right up under the stage at an outdoor venue, Tina was/is incredible)
Last The Rolling Stones ( my favourite band since 1965)

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.6 - Posts: 3848)
Sun, 25th May '08 11:00 AM

The first "real" one was The James Gang in late '67 or early '68.

The last was Ralph Stanley last summer-fall.

Pennwoman  (Level: 163.1 - Posts: 2475)
Sun, 25th May '08 11:04 AM

First - Styx, I was 15
Last - Godsmack and Shinedone

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5681)
Sun, 25th May '08 11:11 AM

First concert was Bobby Bare and I sang on the same fact my cousins and I were the opening act. had to be 1968 or 1969. Last concert was the Rhea County High School Band's spring concert son plays trumpet...(Saw the Platters two years ago at the Strawberry Festival in Dayton).

Smaug  (Level: 145.4 - Posts: 2763)
Sun, 25th May '08 11:21 AM

Oops, I missed the last part. My last one was Springsteen in Philly, 2006.

I hate crowds, it will probably be my last show ever.

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:04 PM

My last was SUPPOSED to be taking my daughter to Avril Lavigne for her birthday. I splurged and bought a VIP package, which included a backstage pass, an Avril meet & greet, a backstage buffet with door prizes of Avril crap. Then the little snit got laryngitis and canceled the concert. I tell you what, its pretty hard to come up with a backup birthday present that compares.

Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:15 PM

Wow, you are a very cool mom!

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:17 PM

I took my daughter to Avril.. didn't go all out like that but we had floors.. was a lot of fun. For my daughter's birthday this year, I bought her 2 tix to Spicegirls.. show was called for 7:30.. no opening act.. they didn't get onstage until close to 9 pm, they were done by 10:15! ... She loved it, they had great seats but.. Momma's not happy. With the amount of money those tix cost, I would have expected a little more bang for the buck

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:20 PM

I took her to Avril a couple of summers ago - we had front row so I got some pretty great pics for her.

I'm a concert junkie and so I take my kids to as many as I can.

Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:37 PM

My son is a musician like your kids, Lodi. He has sung and played guitar in several rock bands, which is so cool. I always loved watching him play before an audience. Now he's into being a solo accoustic performer.(for the ladies) He actually googled "songs for picking up girls". Just wait, Lodi! We go to a lot of concerts. One to be careful of is the Warped Tour sponsorred by Vans. I took my son and three of his friends last year and they were handing out condoms when we went in and there was a lot of smokin'. You know what kind I'm talking about! And the mosh pits can get a little crazy!

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:54 PM

Ugh. They are too young for those kind of concerts yet. That's funny about his songs to pick up girls. I don't think my son is quite there yet - he likes a certain girl but is too shy to actively pursue her. But at their first little performance, the front row was filled with little girls holding up camera phones. I was dying laughing.

I think the first concert I took him to was Harry Connick, Jr. I remember that he was only about 6 and he turned and looked at me and said "I'm going to be soooooo famous!"

God I hope so. This working thing is getting old.

Acofish  (Level: 59.9 - Posts: 98)
Sun, 25th May '08 12:56 PM

first - Doc Severenson in Springfield Ohio, followed closely by Buddy Rich in Cincinatti and Lionel Hampton twice in Dayton. Also on my list: Judas Priest and Dokken, ZZ Top, Kiss, Chuck Mangione all in the '80's. More recently, Mudvayne, Ra, Robert Earl Keene, Chevelle, Seether, Sum 41, Disciple (3x), Skillet, Three Days Grace, John Fogerty, Rush. Next up is John Mellencamp in late July. Gonna try to see The Guess Who and Blood, Sweat and Tears in June, but I don't think we'll make it.

Papajensai  (Level: 203.5 - Posts: 1025)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:00 PM

I saw the Kingsmen (Louie Louie) and the Beatles in 1964, don't remember which came first. I do remember that the Beatles ticket was $3.50.

Jimmy Buffett was my last one a couple of years ago. Probably my last big concert as well. I'd go see Jimmy again, but you can't get tickets unless you visit the scalpers. I'd still go see the Grateful Dead every time they came around, if Jerry hadn't gone and died.

Acofish  (Level: 59.9 - Posts: 98)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:06 PM

Knerd, where did you go to see the Warped Tour? My son has seen it in Charlotte, NC 3 of the last 4 years. He kept trying to get me to go with them, but I couldn't drum up the energy! He skipped it last year and went to Bonaroo in TN. I would LOVE to make it to Bonaroo one year, a little more my speed than Warped...

Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:21 PM

I went to the warped tour here in Atlanta. I enjoyed a few of the bands like Yellowcard, Big D and the Kid's Table(kind of ska rock), Paramore, and Coheed and Cambria. I had earplugs for the rest. It is an all day concert and it's held outside in the summer. HOT!!
This year we will have Gym Class Heroes, Relient K, and Angels and Airwaves plus about 40 other bands. It can be fun but it is hard to keep up with the kids in that heat at 40 plus. You see a lot of people passing out from dehydration. Sounds fun, huh?

Tallactor  (Level: 153.1 - Posts: 423)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:26 PM

I just remembered that a couple of months after the Crowded House concert, I worked a benefit concert that Melinda Doolittle did for a theatre company that I've done shows with, so I guess that would count as my most recent concert.

Acofish  (Level: 59.9 - Posts: 98)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:36 PM

I made my son promise to catch Joan Jett and the Blackhearts a couple of years ago at the Warped Tour. He asked me "Who??" Nothing like that to make you feel a little old...By the way, she was one of his favorite acts, aside from her political rant.

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:41 PM

My kids' band just added some Paramore songs to their repertoire. When I picked them up, they played Crush Crush Crush and it sounded really good. Perfect for my daughter's voice.

Lettermanfan1  (Level: 88.3 - Posts: 486)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:45 PM

I saw the Doobie Brothers in '74 or '75. Last concert I saw was Bruce Springsteen in '03 (18 years after I saw him the first time)

Lettermanfan1  (Level: 88.3 - Posts: 486)
Sun, 25th May '08 1:46 PM

My husband and son went Wednesday night to the House of Blues to see Type O Negative. They said it was great. It gave me a headache just thinking about it.

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Sun, 25th May '08 2:38 PM

We have taken our kids to concerts that we would have preferred not to see. When we moved here, my oldest daughter didn't want to move and I told her that New Kids on the Block were coming here and I would take her. Dammit if they didn't come to concert here and I had to stand in line for tickets. I think the best was when my husband bought her a bunch of tickets to Puff Daddy and his entourage. He took up a bunch of squealing teenagers girls to this concert, that he HATED. He said it was funny because every now and then he just had to leave and he would find himself out in the lobby area with other dads with earplugs. There are a lot of other concerts I wish I would have attended or to which I should have taken my kids, but I find if I have to travel a bit and its on a work night, I can't bring myself to go. I start weighing how much sleep I would get vs. how badly I would want to go to the concert. I guess that's a sign of something but I've forgotten what.

Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Sun, 25th May '08 2:40 PM

Easy one for me. 1st 1984 - Jovi
Last 2008 - Jovi.

Big shock I know...

Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Sun, 25th May '08 2:43 PM

One of the warped tour's sponsors was AT&T and they had a tent set up with air conditioning, free bottled waters, a big screen playing movies, and massage chairs for adults only. I would look at that tent longingly but did not want to leave my charges unattended in that environment. I got a lot of cooperation for months from my son for enduring that.

Kaufman  (Level: 270.1 - Posts: 3942)
Sun, 25th May '08 4:12 PM

"I'm going to another concert," Kelly said jovially ....

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Sun, 25th May '08 4:28 PM

First-"Buddy Rich",1954

Last-"Four Seasons", 1965

I did hear a "KISS" concert a few years back but they were playing about 1/2 mile away.

Fudypatootie  (Level: 207.7 - Posts: 1302)
Sun, 25th May '08 6:34 PM

My first concert was a free one at my university the first week of college in 1985 - Head East.

First one I paid for was Ratt & Bon Jovi later that year.

Fill in about 50 concerts here....

Last one, Queensryche/Alice Cooper/Heaven & Hell in October 2007 with Scifidwarf.

I saw Bon Jovi and Skid Row in 1989, too, gals. I was about 5 months pregnant at the time! My daughter's first in-vitro concert was Metallica and Queensryche in 1988.

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Sun, 25th May '08 11:37 PM

My son is also in a classic rock band.. he plays the bass in this one. He also plays guitar, piano and drums. Now he's talking about picking up a saxaphone lol. He's 20 yrs old and eat, sleeps and breaths music .. he's such a momma's boy lol

If you'd like, you can check out some video here:

The guitarist is 15 yrs old.. the singer is Joplin re-incarnated

Fudypatootie  (Level: 207.7 - Posts: 1302)
Mon, 26th May '08 11:09 PM

Oops! That should say "in-utero". Silly me.

Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Mon, 26th May '08 11:20 PM

Cool, Lisa! That was one of my favorite songs in high school.

Luvnmexsun  (Level: 147.4 - Posts: 711)
Mon, 26th May '08 11:24 PM

My first...Janis Joplin, 1969.
My last...BB King, 200? (I forget...saw him several times)

Lucked out with Janis...a few months before she died. She was GREAT!

Redwingchick  (Level: 91.1 - Posts: 419)
Mon, 26th May '08 11:47 PM

My First was the 98 KUPD concert. That's a Phoenix, AZ radio station. My mom was best friends with the station's band's drummer's wife.
Last was Sheryl Crow.

Joee  (Level: 164.2 - Posts: 255)
Tue, 27th May '08 12:15 AM

first......Led Zeppelin.....1972


Ripley  (Level: 113.5 - Posts: 13)
Tue, 27th May '08 12:33 AM

first journey

last dwight yokum

lots of good stuff in between

Fudypatootie  (Level: 207.7 - Posts: 1302)
Tue, 27th May '08 3:19 AM

Joee, I am completely and totally jealous of your first!!!! My fave band in the world. I saw Page and Plant on their No Quarter tour, but I can only imagine (by watching all the videos I have) how awesome it must have been to see Zep in concert.

Achad  (Level: 213.8 - Posts: 661)
Tue, 27th May '08 6:31 AM

Hey Fudy,
Saw Zep's 'farewell' gig at Knebworth in 1979! Awesome!

Scifidwarf  (Level: 149.1 - Posts: 249)
Tue, 27th May '08 8:35 AM

Hey Lodi, I don't have my T-shirt anymore. It got ripped (I don't remember how). It was a pretty good concert and I would love to see them again. 19 years is too long.

Joee  (Level: 164.2 - Posts: 255)
Tue, 27th May '08 8:55 AM

Hey Fudypatootie... Led Zeppelin...."THE" best concert of my whole life. I feel special and blessed and love to brag whenever the subject comes up. I'm jealous of those who were at Woodstock. No chance for me back then... I'm in the wrong country!

Bluegardenia  (Level: 48.3 - Posts: 31)
Tue, 27th May '08 2:13 PM

My very first concert was to see The Beatles in 1964 in Toronto, Canada. Tickets were $4...that's right $4!!! My last concert was in September 2006 to see Barbra Streisand ticket cost was $225.00 and worth every cent. I still have my ticket stub from the Beatles and also Elvis who I saw in 1974.

Suzer22  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 1983)
Tue, 27th May '08 4:55 PM

My experiences can't compare to a $4 Beatles ticket, but my first was Springsteen (early 80's, as I was a late bloomer), and my last was Blue Man Group (took my son last January for his 15th birthday) - both GREAT shows!

In between - James Taylor as often as I can find him nearby

Fudypatootie  (Level: 207.7 - Posts: 1302)
Tue, 27th May '08 8:54 PM

Thanks for rubbing that in, Achad. I've seen some amazing concerts, but Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and Zeppelin I haven't and those of you with those kinds of memories are so lucky.

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Wed, 28th May '08 4:41 PM

Ok.. now my last concert was Eric Clapton.. last night .. awesome show! Saw Sheryl Crow the night before.. equally great but not near as crowded.

Karen, thanks for the comment on my son's video.. there are more on that page if you are so inclined

Bearpaw  (Level: 50.7 - Posts: 155)
Fri, 30th May '08 9:36 AM

My first concert was charley daniels when performed before KISS back in the 70"s My last concert was Merle Haggard

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