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Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Tue, 27th May '08 8:46 AM


Great test of memory, Salzypat.

For folks who have yet to take it, wait just a bit, of the slogans needs to be fixed.

But you'll be amazed how many of the slogans you'll remember. Either personally, from your parents ... or grandparents.


Bluesky  (Level: 70.6 - Posts: 150)
Tue, 27th May '08 9:01 AM

I loved the puzzle. The first one I received was ever so slightly different from the one my mom would say and I ate up letters because I could not figure out what was wrong. I'm afraid that was disheartening and I just didn't try very hard on the rest. Thanks for the memories though. Sometimes we need to remember where we came from as a country and how we got where we are now.


Sandracam  (Level: 149.3 - Posts: 4190)
Tue, 27th May '08 9:10 AM

Fond memories of things my parents and grandparents told me about. Weird how you can get nostalgic about times you never lived in.

Sploofus Editor
Tue, 27th May '08 9:13 AM

Revdod - There was no error there. If you do a search on the phrase in question, you will see that it was the original version.

Kaufman  (Level: 267.9 - Posts: 3941)
Tue, 27th May '08 9:24 AM

I want to give special mention to the clues that went with this puzzle. One did its job perfectly, keeping me from stepping into the 3-move trap I was about to (but it didn't click in until I had the rest of that puzzle solved).

Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Tue, 27th May '08 10:07 AM

Sploofinder, Salzy, my abject apologies!

That's what I get for not googling!

Carry on, and enjoy a neat WP!

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Tue, 27th May '08 10:47 AM

About WAR????

Bleepy  (Level: 147.3 - Posts: 624)
Tue, 27th May '08 10:55 AM

I made some REALLY (I mean REALLY)dumb mistakes in the first puzzle. I almost ditched, but I loved the topic so much that I stayed with it. I'm glad I did. It was fun and interesting. THANKS!

Debbie1957  (Level: 45.7 - Posts: 402)
Tue, 27th May '08 12:27 PM

Enjoyed the puzzle clever clues, good one.


Tallactor  (Level: 153.1 - Posts: 423)
Tue, 27th May '08 12:47 PM

I got caught in a less-common variation on one that was, of course, the first thing I thought of, costing me those four or five moves to come up with the desired version. What a difference one letter can make! Still, an excellent puzzle.

Chyenn  (Level: 209.4 - Posts: 1332)
Tue, 27th May '08 1:12 PM

great puzzle Pat.. some of those are timeless and could apply to the world's situation today.

Luvnmexsun  (Level: 147.4 - Posts: 711)
Tue, 27th May '08 2:20 PM

Slogans are a great peek into the thought and culture of the past...loved this puzzle for that! Well done!

! Thanks!


Gypsylady  (Level: 148.2 - Posts: 6097)
Tue, 27th May '08 3:13 PM

Enjoyed your wordpuzzle, Pat! Thanks!


Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Tue, 27th May '08 3:46 PM

What a neat idea for a WP! Nicely done!

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Tue, 27th May '08 3:50 PM

Well done, Pat! Thanks!!

Sandracam  (Level: 149.3 - Posts: 4190)
Tue, 27th May '08 4:14 PM

Rowlanda, Just nostalgic in a sappy "Casablanca" or "Summer of 42" way for America in the 40s.

Bbear  (Level: 167.3 - Posts: 2297)
Tue, 27th May '08 5:24 PM

Whew! I really tanked that. Did it by myself, however, and my husband is the undisputed king of word puzzles. Didn't google and ended up with 50/4700. Ouch. Good puzzle and, of course, I remembered most of them as soon as I figured it out. Hurts getting old.

Tresgatos  (Level: 214.8 - Posts: 4413)
Tue, 27th May '08 6:20 PM

I really enjoyed this WP, Pat! I recognized all of the slogans except one. I love cultural history, so thanks for taking me on this little journey!

-- Geri

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Tue, 27th May '08 6:29 PM

Even hating war, one can still remember some aspects with fondness - the way the country pulled together, the way families became closer and towns of unrelated people became family. I believe some wars had to be fought for the good of vast majority. But at least the closeness and support of family and friends makes the unknown and stress a bit less overwhelming for those away and those left back home. (I wish USA had joined war much sooner to prevent the deaths of millions of Jews at the hand of Hitler. The importance of some wars is much more obvious than that of others.)

1mks  (Level: 219.5 - Posts: 5925)
Tue, 27th May '08 6:41 PM

Good one.......I didn't do well......but I enjoyed it. Thanks a bunch.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Tue, 27th May '08 6:48 PM

Sorry - forgot to say I think this was a very unique and interesting topic. I had not heard of 3 of my 5, so I learned a lot.

Pocahontas1951  (Level: 55.4 - Posts: 172)
Tue, 27th May '08 6:56 PM

Enjoyed this puzzle. Thanks for your efforts.

Alvandy  (Level: 240.3 - Posts: 7692)
Tue, 27th May '08 6:57 PM

A patriotic tip of the hat to Pat.
A nice history lesson.
Congrats for authoring an excellent puzzle.


Aquamar  (Level: 185.8 - Posts: 925)
Tue, 27th May '08 7:06 PM

I only remembered one but I still had fun.

Mplaw51  (Level: 184.4 - Posts: 1581)
Tue, 27th May '08 7:52 PM

I remembered them all, but still had a lot of moves!! Fun puzzle

Lamizell  (Level: 108.2 - Posts: 441)
Tue, 27th May '08 10:15 PM

Wow! I must have absorbed more from forties-era movies than I realized since I'm a couple of generations removed from these. The batch I got must have been on the easy side since there was only one -- "Grow More in '44" -- I had never heard. No sight of my favorite, though: "When You Ride Alone, You Ride with Hitler." No pussyfooting around there.

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Tue, 27th May '08 10:39 PM

Excellent puzzle Pat. I was so caught up
in the history of the slogans, nearly forgot
to thank thank you for a unique
and interesting puzzle

Salzypat  (Level: 161.6 - Posts: 5414)
Tue, 27th May '08 10:57 PM

Thanks everyone for your positive comments. As those of you who have written puzzles now know, it's a little nerve-wracking until you finally get some feed back as to whether or not people liked your puzzle. As the saying goes "Write about what you know..." and I guess that's why nostalgia seems to be my topic fairly often.

Thanks again everyone for taking my puzzle today. I'm glad we are getting another chance because I have some more nostalgia in mind for puzzles!

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Tue, 27th May '08 11:00 PM

I had never heard the "When you ride alone..." slogan. I had to go look it up to even understand what that meant! Wow.

Lamizell  (Level: 108.2 - Posts: 441)
Wed, 28th May '08 2:17 AM

Heh, I hadn't thought how weird that would read to someone who hadn't seen the poster. To anyone else who wondered, it's about conserving gas by ride-sharing.

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