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Toledosugar  (Level: 51.4 - Posts: 281)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 8:29 PM


Truly innovative word puzzle! Thanks.

Gypsylady  (Level: 142.8 - Posts: 6058)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 8:42 PM

Enjoyed your Wordpuzzle, Gary! Thanks!


Bluesky  (Level: 68.2 - Posts: 150)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 9:02 PM

Very very clever!!! Thank you. I am glad it came on a day when I could enjoy doing it and not be so rushed or flustered. Nicely done!!


1mks  (Level: 211.2 - Posts: 5888)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 9:06 PM

Much fun, very clever, AND I had a chuckle!!!!!!! Good job, Gary.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4286)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 9:12 PM

Enjoyed it. Very clever! (despite 3 annoying typos on my part)

Mplaw51  (Level: 179.8 - Posts: 1582)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 9:14 PM

How very clever this was! I mistyped three times (so annoying) but enjoyed the puzzle a great deal, well done!

Crazy4games  (Level: 123.0 - Posts: 1020)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 9:18 PM

Too much fun, Gary! Really enjoyed it.
I can hardly waiit for your next one!

Papajensai  (Level: 193.5 - Posts: 1025)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 9:39 PM

Cleverly done and very funny! Nobody gets a fiver on this one!

Slicko  (Level: 223.9 - Posts: 1609)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 9:42 PM

Thanks all for the kind words - it is said laughter is the best medicine - so hopefully you all had more laughs than groans.
At least you were spared the opera this time

Diva305  (Level: 146.8 - Posts: 1652)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 10:06 PM

Very funny!


Diva III0V

Slicko  (Level: 223.9 - Posts: 1609)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 10:32 PM

Almost forgot a nod to Sploofizz who was a great help in getting this one together - so many thanks Madam or Monsieur editor.

Bbear  (Level: 161.7 - Posts: 2301)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 11:02 PM

My husband's liking of really bad puns really helped with these. Great job Gary. We have one we think you will enjoy friday day. Thanks!

Alvandy  (Level: 229.7 - Posts: 7573)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 11:14 PM

This was awesome! Very clever and funny.
I played well- reading [or more accurately]--- watching Grey's Anatomy must have helped.
A bag of peppermint patties to Slicko!

Tresgatos  (Level: 205.1 - Posts: 4199)
Sat, 7th Jun '08 11:20 PM

I loved this WP! Write another one like this, please. Great, clever phrases. I tip my hat to you, and my cats wave their paws.

-- Geri

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3645)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 12:01 AM

I had AT LEAST one spelling error in every single puzzle. I'm awesome.

Luvnmexsun  (Level: 147.4 - Posts: 711)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 1:55 AM

I loved this puzzle Gary! My favorite: funny, original (content as well as approach), and gave me something to "chew" on...a puzzle should do that!

I'll look forward to your future puzzles! Thanks,


Roby19  (Level: 58.9 - Posts: 26)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 1:58 AM

Excellent WP Slicko! Very creative! Awesome job!

Aquamar  (Level: 179.0 - Posts: 910)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 2:21 AM

Clever, funny, well written. I hope to see more soon.

Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 2:39 AM

very amusing

Chyenn  (Level: 203.0 - Posts: 1332)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 2:45 AM

if this is an example of your bedside manner, your patients have got to love you!

Bravo! Encore!!

Pocahontas1951  (Level: 55.4 - Posts: 172)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 2:52 AM

I loved your puzzle. I had fun and had five chuckles. Now if I could learn to type without errors.... Congrats on a well thought out puzzle!


Debbie1957  (Level: 45.7 - Posts: 402)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 3:05 AM

enjoyed the puzzle.

Osuzannacollage  (Level: 132.1 - Posts: 1299)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 3:51 AM

Fun puzzle, Gary! Thank you for the chuckles. Good job!


Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 5:59 AM

Loved the opera one, loved this one too! Super job, Slick!

Nelly  (Level: 172.0 - Posts: 1167)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 6:14 AM

Thanks Gary. I really enjoyed it! More please!

Davidf  (Level: 102.1 - Posts: 746)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 7:09 AM

I enjoyed this puzzle thankyou

Kimoira  (Level: 202.2 - Posts: 1190)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 7:12 AM

I got interrupted and had to bail but the 2 I did were very funny!

Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 8:16 AM

I wanted to say earlier it tickled my funny bone but in case something like that was in the other five I didn't want to give any clues away

Swiper  (Level: 146.5 - Posts: 874)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 8:36 AM

Gary, I did the first one, saw where it was going & then got knocked off the computer. I was looking forward to it but will wait for your next one. Congrats Anyway!

Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 9:19 AM

Swiper - did you ask for a reset?

Oldcougar  (Level: 220.4 - Posts: 1935)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 10:47 AM

Good job, Slicko

Bbear  (Level: 161.7 - Posts: 2301)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 12:24 PM

Gary - would you mind posting the entire puzzle? Would love to see the others. Thanks

Slicko  (Level: 223.9 - Posts: 1609)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 2:23 PM

OK - here are all 10 of them :
I wonder... does Jeff Foxworthy tell his kids to use sunscreen so they won't get a red neck
Did Hamlet's doctor often ponder the question tb or not tb
If humans get chicken pox do chickens get people pox
Would Jerry Seinfeld still be funny if he fell and broke his humerus
If you are a couch potato can you still get athlete's foot
When Lebron James got a bad cold did his doctor diagnose him with hooping cough
If the lead in Gone With the Wind had the flu would she be named scarlett fever
Would a patient see a surgeon for a hand transplant if he wants to feel better
If I got a bad case of shingles should I call a doctor or a roofer
If Prozac was invented in the nineteen thirties would we have had a depression

(One of my interns created the Jeff Foxworthy one) - hope nobody groaned too much on any of these!

Bleepy  (Level: 140.6 - Posts: 621)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 2:28 PM

Ugggggg....It looked like fun!! I can't believe I didn't have enough time to do it!!!

Alvandy  (Level: 229.7 - Posts: 7573)
Sun, 8th Jun '08 2:34 PM

Spectacular! Need say no more...

well- how about ?
if "my brain needed a jolt would I rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy?"

Gary will get this reference:
apologies to Dorothy Parker and the fantastic Existential Blues song by Tom T-Bone Stankus.

Stay demented.


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