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Ravensclaw  (Level: 43.0 - Posts: 158)
Thu, 12th Jun '08 2:25 PM


Recently... while answering the "qotd" i used a Wager token, a small bet (one in which i answered wrongly) and seen where my wager had been deducted from my tokens total (as expected). Shortly thereafter i noticed where my level had dropped from 7.7 to 7.0. Curious as to why this happened i went in seasrch of an answer. I found the answer in the "rules" section. It seems due to my own ignorance (not reading the rules) that i had been penalized 7 correct answers AND had lost the tokens i had wagered for answering this 1 "qotd" incorrectly. After seeking clarification from Sploofus as to why this is that anyone should be penalized TWICE for answering 1 question incorrectly. Basically the response i got was "well... now you have lived and learned so good luck in the future". I didnt request "a live and learn" response to my message... I came for a response as to why anyone should be penalized twice for answering 1 wrong question !! So... after NOT recieving the response i was in search of... "where's the FUN in being penalized twice?" I come here to seek out ANY reasonabvle explanation as to why being penalized twice for 1 wrong question is necessary. I accept fully my ignorance for not reading the "rules" for placing a wager, and accept fully the consequences of those actions. Im not here seeking any adjustment to my account or any such thing, but cant for the life of me grasp this "concept" of double jeopardy. Sploofus was what I thought to be a fun and "Progressive" site... as the progression is the FUN part !! remove the fun aspect fun Sploofus and whats left? I would suggest... that Sploofus take a closer look at this "double jeorpardy" aspect of something that is supposed to be FUN. I think i could find better things to invest my funds in than to be penalized twice for answering 1 wrong question.
Thanks, Ravensclaw

Foogs  (Level: 280.1 - Posts: 848)
Thu, 12th Jun '08 3:29 PM

I would bet many of us who don't read directions have had a similar
experience (I have). I don't think you'll get a good answer unless The
Powers that Be come out of hiding.

My guess is that penalizing us Sploofus points and level points is to
make wager tokens that much more "dear," less likely to be used
foolishly. Just a guess, and probably not a good one.

Not sure I would equate this with making the site "less fun." (There are
any number of other aspects currently that make the site less fun) I've
come to think of token strategy and biding my time and being patient
as part of the fun aspect. I've had to learn to manage and conserve
TQoTDs until just the right moment. Still working at it, and still
prefer Showdowns.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofernatural (Editor)  
Thu, 12th Jun '08 3:35 PM

I have put a direct request to Justin so that there will be no chance in the future that users will be surprised by this condition on the use of the wager tokens. Users should be aware of the possible costs of their use of Wager Tokens, so that they can make an informed decision about whether and when to use one.

Papajensai  (Level: 201.6 - Posts: 1024)
Thu, 12th Jun '08 3:36 PM

There's some strategy involved in maximizing your chances of winning points in the wagering game and minimizing your losses. Wager on categories you have been succesful with in the past, wager the maximum allowed, and wager only when your level is X.0 or X.1 or maybe X.2. Yeah, it sucks to lose, but it's great to win. The thrill of victory is sweeter because of the possibility of the agony of defeat. I personally wish I didn't have to risk losing points when making a Showdown challenge. It's not fun or fair, the other person never loses, but if he wins, he takes MY points.

Ah, but when I win...sweet.

And keep telling yourself, it's only a game.

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Thu, 12th Jun '08 7:08 PM

Back in the early days of my Sploofus membership, I also learned this hard lesson by a loss of Level Points on a wagered and mis-answered TQOTD.

We might not speak of it a great deal, but most of the long-term Sploofus members strategize their TQOTD wagers so as not to do it when past the .5 mark on a Level...unless extremely brave/confident/foolhardy!!

I have a Vocabulary question stashed even now, waiting to wager on it when I can get past my current .9 Level position.

I have to agree with you that the double-penalty (actually a TRIPLE penalty) is very painful when you have lost the wager on a TQOTD:
1/ The loss of the Wager token.
2/ The loss of the Sploof-Points
3/ The loss of the Level points.

You have my sympathies! I hope newer members learn from your traumatic experience and the comments from other members.


Ravensclaw  (Level: 43.0 - Posts: 158)
Fri, 13th Jun '08 1:29 AM

Thanks "Friends" for responding to my plea. I grasp the wager concept alot more now since reading the "rules", and I see where the the use of a good stradegy comes into play... Now i do anyway !! LOL.
I realize t'was no fault of anyone but myself for not looking closer at the rules. But at the same time i think the penalty to be a little harsh and still, a week later, feel like i've been sucker punched... losing 7 correct answers to most on here wouldnt have that much of an impact but the impact it had on this (ONCE) 7.7 level user was MASSIVE (lol) ! Maybe thats why im "squealing" so. I for one hope that the "powers that be" re-evaluate this issue and come to a more reasonable solution to what seems to be an ongoing problem with more than one user.
Thanks again Gang, Ravensclaw

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Fri, 13th Jun '08 1:44 AM

It's not a problem once you know the rule, right?

I think it would take a lot of the strategy away if that penalty were removed.

Ravensclaw  (Level: 43.0 - Posts: 158)
Sat, 14th Jun '08 6:06 PM

Hi Smoke... agreed its "less" of an issue when you are aware of the rules. Im sorry but i just dont agree on the "strategy" part of the QOTD. Hiding the puppies on the porch till the big dogs finish playing is no strategy. Which is what you do when you hide your questions till you have alot less at risk.

Buchanan  (Level: 81.3 - Posts: 339)
Wed, 13th May '09 10:29 PM

I agree with the respones,why wager a token when a gagillion points are taken if you are wrong

Crazy4games  (Level: 124.7 - Posts: 1019)
Fri, 15th May '09 2:59 AM

Because a gazillion points are given if you are correct. That's why it's called a wager.

Crazy4games  (Level: 124.7 - Posts: 1019)
Fri, 15th May '09 3:00 AM

Besides, what good is a wager token, if you're not gonna use it?

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