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Machiabelly  (Level: 136.2 - Posts: 190)
Wed, 18th Jan '06 4:16 PM


I can't decide what to write a quiz on, and all the requests in here have been answered. Soooooo let me know what kind of quiz you want, and I will try and do one.
Limited for now to the first ten respondents.

Tuzilla  (Level: 144.6 - Posts: 3839)
Wed, 18th Jan '06 5:03 PM

Howza bout either the Canadian Fur Trade History or the Canadian Maritime Fishing Industy.

Missgeorge  (Level: 63.0 - Posts: 388)
Wed, 18th Jan '06 5:14 PM

I'm still hoping for a quiz on pinball. Either the game or pinball wizard -- I'm not picky.

Ladyvol  (Level: 212.1 - Posts: 5648)
Wed, 18th Jan '06 6:03 PM

How about a quiz on Southern Rock music or even Southern Gospel? Like the origins?

Bigbird  (Level: 249.1 - Posts: 3337)
Wed, 18th Jan '06 7:17 PM

I collect Victorian advertising trade cards. Now there's a niche for you. Write that quiz, and I promise to ace it..

Machiabelly  (Level: 136.2 - Posts: 190)
Wed, 18th Jan '06 8:19 PM

OK, Pinball quiz is in the hopper. Next...Fur trade or southern rock. Prolly tomorrow.

Ladyvol  (Level: 212.1 - Posts: 5648)
Wed, 18th Jan '06 9:52 PM

Of course Tuzilla....haven't you gotten your yet? LOL

Margiematt  (Level: 201.3 - Posts: 388)
Fri, 20th Jan '06 7:44 PM

How about more Mel Brooks films? I really enjoyed your last one.

Machiabelly  (Level: 136.2 - Posts: 190)
Sat, 21st Jan '06 2:43 PM

Fur trade quiz in the hopper.

Geniuswaitress  (Level: 52.1 - Posts: 381)
Sat, 21st Jan '06 2:57 PM

Hey Bigbird! I collect Victorian cigarette and tobacco cards! Kinda the same.

Machiabelly  (Level: 136.2 - Posts: 190)
Sat, 21st Jan '06 3:38 PM

Well, there is now a Victorain trade card quiz in the hopper. That was hard to find questions on, I tell you what.

Oogie54  (Level: 209.3 - Posts: 1120)
Sat, 21st Jan '06 10:53 PM

I collect Victoria's Secret lingerie my dreams

Phitzy1  (Level: 66.4 - Posts: 873)
Sun, 22nd Jan '06 4:00 PM

How 'bout a quiz on Sploofus? Rules, word puzzles, all that stuff?

Machiabelly  (Level: 136.2 - Posts: 190)
Sun, 22nd Jan '06 4:24 PM

Vlcrowe, Southern rock quiz in the hopper. Phitzy, there are quite a few of those out there, and I am not all that up on the rules (hangs head in shame) I doubt I could bring anything new or needed to the topic.

Greyghost  (Level: 68.4 - Posts: 640)
Tue, 31st Jan '06 1:47 AM

How about some C.S.I.,no offence,but like to deal with the REAL world.(sometimes)lol.

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Sat, 11th Feb '06 6:57 AM

How about the history/geography of the Mississippi, the Paddlewheelers, the Raftsmen, the gamblers, the traders?


  (Level: . - Posts: 56)
Mon, 13th Feb '06 11:19 AM   [ edit ]

How about some quizzes that are not biased in favour of Americans.
I am not to bothered as to what subject as I will give most things a try.
I think currently all the main page the following catogories are mainly US based -
Food and Drink - I think this is the area the US - UK divide is evident - what the heck is 'a cup'? .. I have eaten sweets most of my life but if I take a quiz on the subject I find it full of brands I have never heard of.

I do realise mst members are American but a few for non americans wouldn't hurt would it?

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Mon, 13th Feb '06 3:59 PM   [ edit ]

~~~Wondering who posted this last message????

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Mon, 13th Feb '06 4:02 PM   [ edit ]

There are plenty of non-American quizzes if you have a look!
I feel there is a reasonable balance.

Mrsgc  (Level: 10.0 - Posts: 231)
Mon, 13th Feb '06 8:38 PM   [ edit ]

I postedthe message aboe - I must have timed out while writing it!

I didn't mean to upset anyone - I was a bit hacked off having just done a few quizzes in a row on subjects I would have expected to get in the 50 - 70% on even on a bad day and ralising when i got to the first or second question it was in a foriegn language to me.

Probably the balance is right it is just me being thick not finding them.

sorry I will shut up aboutit now.

Troypassion  (Level: 69.5 - Posts: 60)
Wed, 15th Feb '06 4:51 AM   [ edit ]

Hi Mrsgc

There are lots of UK related quizzes... if you know where to look, that is!

In case you weren't aware, there is a search function on the Trivia quiz main page, try searching on words such as 'UK', 'Brit', 'British' etc etc

There are quite a few Oz quizzes too.

Another way you can find them is to look for quizzes by authors such as Surreyman and Muse (there are many more) as they have lots of UK specific quizzes. If you search for the players who seem to do consistently well on those quizzes, you could probably deduce that they are, or have an interest in, the British and therefore that some of their quizzes will be on similar topics.

You could try that tactic and find a few more quizzes.

PS I have a couple of quizzes you might like - but they tend to pretty Scots specific.

Markieboy  (Level: 269.4 - Posts: 198)
Wed, 15th Feb '06 9:44 AM   [ edit ]

You can find them if you look - there are quite a few out there - like Troypassion mine are a bit Scot centric also - but I promise some other UK based ones soon. If you've seen the film try my "Trainspotting for Beginners"

Mrsgc  (Level: 10.0 - Posts: 231)
Wed, 15th Feb '06 7:40 PM   [ edit ]

Thanks for the help. I don;t mind giving Scotland quizzes a go I have a vague idea it is that lump at the top of the mainland isn't it? Well it better be as I am going there on 31st May for a week.

Jolenejag  (Level: 6.4 - Posts: 1)
Sun, 9th Nov '08 7:47 PM   [ edit ]

How about a quiz on one of the WWE wrestlers. There are alot of wrestling fans out there looking for a new quiz.

Shade  (Level: 6.0 - Posts: 1)
Mon, 17th Nov '08 6:23 AM   [ edit ]


How about a quiz on some unknown trivia about IT companies like Apple,dell etc.

questions could be like : which company was started after selling a texas instrument calcuator and a volkswagen beatle??
answer : apple

would really apprecaite if some quiz like this could be compiled!!!


Chyenn  (Level: 209.4 - Posts: 1332)
Mon, 17th Nov '08 6:37 AM   [ edit ]

hi Shade...

here's a link to hundreds of technology quizzes that have been submitted over the years--- --- i hope you find ones that interest you.

Happy Sploofusing!


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