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Papajensai  (Level: 203.2 - Posts: 1025)
Mon, 23rd Jun '08 8:13 AM


Rjenson: Carnak the Magnificent

Clue 1: OPEC

Phrase 1: What do Irish chickens do?

Clue 2: La Brea Tar Pits

Phrase 2: what do you have left after eating La Brea Tar Peaches

Clue 3: Dippity Do

Phrase 3: what forms on your dippity early in the morning

Clue 4: Piggly Wiggly

Phrase 4: describe Kermit the Frogs wedding night

Clue 5: Milk and Honey

Phrase 5: what do you get from a bee that has an udder

Clue 6: Hickory Dickory Dock

Phrase 6: who do you go to when you have a pain in your hickory dickory

Clue 7: Igloo

Phrase 7: what do you use to keep your ig from falling off

Clue 8: Shake-N-Bake

Phrase 8: describe a movie double feature with earthquake and the towering inferno

Clue 9: Flypaper

Phrase 9: what do you use to gift wrap a zipper

Clue 10: Supervisor

Phrase 10: what does Clark Kent wear to keep the sun out of his eyes

Papajensai  (Level: 203.2 - Posts: 1025)
Mon, 23rd Jun '08 8:14 AM

Rjenson's Carnac the Second

Clue 1: Scalawags

Phrase 1: what does your scala do when its happy

Clue 2: Green Acres

Phrase 2: what does kermit the frog have after miss piggy kicks him in the groin

Clue 3: Gunga Din

Phrase 3: what do you hear when you put an amplifier in your gunga

Clue 4: Hey diddle diddle

Phrase 4: how do you greet your diddle diddle

Clue 5: El Paso

Phrase 5: what does a mexican football player do when he doesn't el runno

Clue 6: Tea cup

Phrase 6: what is the largest bra size known to man

Clue 7: Baja

Phrase 7: what noise do sheep make when they laugh

Clue 8: Zeppo Marx

Phrase 8: what do you get when something gets caught in your zeppo

Clue 9: Ben Gay

Phrase 9: why didn't mrs franklin have any children

Clue 10: Kaleidoscope

Phrase 10: what instrument does a doctor use to examine your kaleido

Papajensai  (Level: 203.2 - Posts: 1025)
Mon, 23rd Jun '08 8:15 AM

Rjenson's Carnac Curses

Clue 1: bovine thermal gradient

Phrase 1: may a bloated yak change the temperature of your jacuzzi

Clue 2: offspring puck aspiration

Phrase 2: may your only son become the goalie on a nude hockey team

Clue 3: peachy drosophila attack

Phrase 3: may a love starved fruit fly molest your sisters nectarines

Clue 4: bovine gender confusion

Phrase 4: may your prize bull hate cows

Clue 5: franco-mexican libation

Phrase 5: may your perrier be secretly bottled in tijuana

Clue 6: heavenly nasal feathers

Phrase 6: may the bird of paradise fly up your nose

Clue 7: sibling barbell displacement

Phrase 7: may a crazed weightlifter clean and jerk your sister

Clue 8: ancestral insect infestation

Phrase 8: may a swarm of gay chiggers open a disco on your grandfather

Clue 9: myopic colorectal surgeon

Phrase 9: may you be forced to visit a nearsighted proctologist

Clue 10: personalized athletic support

Phrase 10: may your wife give mouth to mouth resuscitation to the denver nuggets

Bbear  (Level: 168.0 - Posts: 2291)
Mon, 23rd Jun '08 9:53 AM

30 great groaners!

Keithr81052  (Level: 151.4 - Posts: 147)
Mon, 23rd Jun '08 10:13 AM

groaners would be a proper description

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Tue, 24th Jun '08 2:50 AM

Excellent Ron....


Salzypat  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 5425)
Tue, 24th Jun '08 4:26 AM

Salzypat’s Songs from the ‘40s

Phrase 1:
woody guthrie penned his most famous song this land is your land in nineteen forty
Clue 1: It belongs to all of us.

Phrase 2:
you are my sunshine was recorded by country singer and former louisiana governor jimmie davis
Clue 2:
It’s the state song.

Phrase 3:
singer vaughn monroe turned down the chance to record rudolph the red nosed reindeer
Clue 3:

Phrase 4:
lena horne became famous for singing stormy weather in a movie of the same name
Clue 4:
The year was 1943.

Phrase 5:
take the a train was the signature tune of duke ellingtons band
Clue 5:
What about the “B” one?

Phrase 6: nat king cole recorded get your kicks on route sixty six
Clue 6: It wasn’t the TV show theme.

Phrase 7: the mills brothers made paper doll a hit
Clue 7: Keep scissors hidden!

Phrase 8: pistol packin mama was a hit for the andrews sisters and bing crosby

Clue 8: Don’t take your gun to town.

Phrase 9: bill monroe father of bluegrass music wrote blue moon of kentucky
Clue 9: Even Elvis recorded it.

Phrase 10: cliff edwards sang when you wish upon a star in pinocchio.

Clue 10: Listen to your conscience.

Oldcougar  (Level: 229.6 - Posts: 1935)
Tue, 24th Jun '08 6:54 AM

Here's my puzzle of mondegreens & malapropisms. The second one is coming up at the end of June, so perhaps reading through these will help those who had trouble on the first one. Not being able to punctuate definitely makes these harder

OCs What Do You Think You Said

Phrase 1: as part of the steve allen show the character jose jimenez said jose can you see

Clue 1: Star Spangled Latino

Phrase 2: drew barrymore lent her voice to the christmas special olive the other reindeer

Clue 2: Dear Gertie had martinis

Phrase 3: phoebe buffay of friends fame crooned hold me close young tony danza

Clue 3: Elton, who’s the boss

Phrase 4: back in the seventies many of us heard archie bunker say patience is a virgin

Clue 4: Stoic maiden & family

Phrase 5: bugs bunny on prepositions that thing will give you a conclusion of the brain

Clue 5: What’s up doc? The end

Phrase 6: we heard the ocean is infatuated with sharks was a stan laurel line

Clue 6: Afraid to swim Ollie

Phrase 7: jack mcfarland claimed to will truman that his boss gave him an old tomato

Clue 7: Graceful rotten fruit

Phrase 8: in his movie the flamboyant tigger said where the heck are my mannerisms

Clue 8: Genteel 100 Acre Woods

Phrase 9: back to the futures george mcfly said lorraine my density has brought me to you

Clue 9: Thick time travel

Phrase 10: why arent I allowed to say for all intensive purposes asked doug heffernan

Clue 10: Who rules king or queen

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