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Marsviking  (Level: 65.2 - Posts: 17)
Mon, 30th Jun '08 1:24 PM


We talk about how bad the old times were, but look at us now? We may have a lot of gadgets, cures for diseases, but we have very little community life.
Instead of a friendly game, we have let professional sports dominate. Now kids can hardly play tag without an adult organizing it. In the days of yore, they had many holidays, when people enjoyed being in a group rather than scattered all over the map. Nowadays parents take vacations separately, kids want to divorce their parents, and individualism is the philosophy of the day (read "personal greed")
I like the guilds, even though they were confining. Most sons took up their father's trade, but at least they could learn a trade. How many trades have apprenticeships these days?
We should all be living in small enclaves instead of being packed like ballbearings in giant cities. In the old days you could walk to work in minutes, if you didn't work at home as a craftsman. You could take your meals at home instead of wolfing down a crapburger.

Alvandy  (Level: 242.0 - Posts: 7724)
Mon, 30th Jun '08 5:10 PM

Henry: quite a provoking commentary.
I agree with much of your observations. I grew up in "medieval times"- relatively speaking. A few thoughts- about the USA.
Others can reflect upon Canada; U.K.; Australia; or their homelands.

I'm afraid a "family reunion" is on the endangered species.
A walk to work , or live near your work- almost extinct .
We certainly will need skilled craftsmen- produced locally if possible.
We are a crisis-driven society- too passive otherwise.
We talk about "change"- how many are willing to lead us to change?
We pledge allegiance to a flag -but don't know much about our history or could name our state capitals.
But we have HOPE- every new generation can CHANGE things.

I work for a local united way [United Way of York County, Pennsylvania].
Our new mission statement encourages "civic engagement." The new national theme is "Live United".
I hope to see these words become action in the years ahead.

Enjoy the July 4th holiday weekend. It's not just a day off from work with pay.

Angelosgirl  (Level: 4.1 - Posts: 3)
Thu, 3rd Jul '08 8:23 AM

I have to agree. We've lost each other in the shuffle. You don't see community activities like you used to. In the mid. times, someone got married, the whole village came out for it and would celebrate for days on end. Now it's invitations, caterers, $1000 wedding cakes and Uncle Marvin passed out in corner somewhere while sitting on a plate of pate'. I've even seen kids at weddings with gameboys and off by themselves. You can't get live people on the phone hardly at all these days and when you want to actually speak to someone, you get put on terminal ignore and have to listen to "music to torture the customers by". I do love the internet though. I've made friends from all over the world and even met my current boyfriend and traveled to Australia to be with him so I guess I can't say it's all bad. Although I'm not too crazy about those gas stations that are completely automated with no people there at all! We had one here and it just didn't do well. Geez, when are they gonna start putting computer chips in us? You know what really scares me though? CLONING! I just don't think we are responsible enough or ready for human cloning, God help us! Someone, somewhere would get greedy or stupid and unleash a bunch of Hitlers or something. We'd have to have a more peace loving, considerate, humane society with stricter morals before we can be trusted with such power. I'm not even comfortable with cloned animals! Somehow, we'd find a way to turn it into an abomination. Sad, huh?

Jenpsmith  (Level: 121.8 - Posts: 64)
Sat, 5th Jul '08 5:22 AM

I agree with above sentiments. I am currently a 'mature' age student teacher in Australia, and have been shocked to discover that history is no longer taught as a subject in our public schools (although it is included in principal in another, broader social studies subject). Our society seems to consider anything 'old' as outdated, irrelevant, or even harmful, simply because it is not 'cutting edge'. As others have already pointed out here, it is very sad.

Asdibbens  (Level: 159.4 - Posts: 423)
Tue, 8th Jul '08 12:04 AM

As I've mentioned in other threads here, I've been doing a lot of research on 17th century England and have plowed through at least a dozen books in the past couple months. While all have been interesting, the two I've enjoyed reading the most are on daily life. Not sure I'd swap places with the people back then; they certainly had a very hard life (especially the mortality rate of children), but the rural communities based around a manor certainly had many appealing characteristics.

I've read a little bit about some modern Danish communities that are a bit like that. Each family basically has sleeping quarters in separate houses, but the kitchen and family entertainment rooms are in a communal house in the center. Not sure anything like that would ever catch on in America though...

Marsviking  (Level: 65.2 - Posts: 17)
Mon, 6th Apr '09 9:15 PM

Will the future of humankind be a reprise of the Middle Ages? I hope it will be but with the knowledge in medicine that we have today. When most of humanity will be dead from starvation, resource wars, and exposure. Since the oil fields have peaked already, most of our crops will have no fertilizers to raise food for billions. and we will have hardly any heating. Russia already wants to claim the Arctic for its resources, and the USA will have mandatory military service for men and women up to the age of 35 so that they can enter countries with the best oil and coal sources.

It will be great to give the Gaia a breather. We may have less conveniences but we will have local food crops,
close-knit communities, and actual democratics in practice (unless we let tyrants take over). We should be looking to
settle on Mars, even though it may take centuries. Leave the planet to recuperate.

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