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Papermanbill  (Level: 41.3 - Posts: 1312)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 8:02 PM


Here are my ten puzzles from the 8 A.M. Word Puzzle


James Brown Chuck Berry Fats Domino Little Richard Top 40 Pioneers

Beatles Monkees The Who Rolling Stones Four foursomes

Madonna Reese Witherspoon Helen Hunt Val Kilmer More Blondes

Hamilton Jefferson Grant Jackson Money Puss

Sacagawea Lincoln Jefferson Susam B Anthony Change Faces

Carol Burnett Lucille Ball Martha Raye Phyllis Diller Funny Girls

Presidents Day M L King Birthday Columbus Day Veterans Day U.S Bank Holidays

Smoke Signals Semaphore Flashing Light Drums Ways of Communications

Labrador Retriever Doberman Pinscher German Shepherd Rottweiler Big Dogs

Exocoetidae Sparrows Mosquitoes Pteromyini Nature's Air Force

I guess my old friend, the flying fish and Rocky the flying squirrel got a few players shorts in knots today. This was not my intention, and that is the truth. Being with Sploofus since last January, I have learned a lot that I didn't know before 2007.
I have found out that shooting pool is considered a sport and I have learned thousands of new words (half I've never heard before). I was in Chicago for over half the day and was really surprised at all the attention this little quiz has receved. I don't want to upset any fellow players by doing anymore of these puzzles if they don't like them. Send a little note if you want more or send me back to the woodshed. yours truly Liam

Papermanbill  (Level: 41.3 - Posts: 1312)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 8:03 PM

Sorry, I had these in separate columns.

Alvandy  (Level: 240.4 - Posts: 7692)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 8:08 PM

C'mon Bill- do some more puzzles.
The "Fours" concept is fair game- but no more exocoeditae stuff.

Bigdavy  (Level: 140.7 - Posts: 539)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 8:13 PM

Hang in there Bill, I like your WPs and would like to see more. If I had gotten the killer phrase, I would have slogged through it, thought "very tricky!" and kept going. I'm sorry the bashers are so vocal today. Geez!

Here's my vote of confidence:


Tresgatos  (Level: 214.8 - Posts: 4414)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 8:19 PM

Well, I can't say it any better than Bigdavy already did, so ditto! Keep writing, Liam, I enjoy your WPs!

-- Geri

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 8:26 PM

To the woodshed 'ol buddy.

Jeannarie  (Level: 135.1 - Posts: 106)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 8:33 PM

The flying thing got to me too, but I think your puzzles are good (and who wants to say they can do better!). Keep on keeping on.

Flcyclist  (Level: 131.3 - Posts: 691)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 8:44 PM

I second Alvandy's message! Keep up making puzzles, but make them doable!! Thanks! Don't let us grumblers get you down!

Oldcougar  (Level: 228.1 - Posts: 1935)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 9:50 PM

Sorry Liam, I missed the whole puzzle today & I really wanted to do it Keep writing them but put more hard ones in, that'll even up the odds that everyone will get one

Bobbsey  (Level: 158.3 - Posts: 252)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 10:07 PM

keep em coming,liam the harder the better,i dont care, i just love doing them

Kaufman  (Level: 267.9 - Posts: 3941)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 10:18 PM

I now know what an exocoetida is. I'm so exocoeted! Thanks.

Bbear  (Level: 167.3 - Posts: 2297)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 10:34 PM

Don't stop. We loved it and really appreciate the time you obviously took to make it. Come on folks this isn't Iraq and won't change the world; it is FUN. Please don't stop. BTW; if anyone disses our puzzle (coming out tommorw day) we will have to stand in the corner and make panda poo!

Tallactor  (Level: 153.1 - Posts: 423)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 10:36 PM

Well, technically, only three of the four "blondes" can be correctly called that--Kilmer, being male, is a blond, not a blonde. But at least he's not an obscure scientific term, so I'll forgive that particular error.

Ladyvol  (Level: 212.3 - Posts: 5650)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 10:38 PM

Write some more Liam...this one was fun. And I fondly remember Moose and Squirrel....

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 11:00 PM

Tallactor.. not technically. From

The spelling blonde is still widely used for the noun that specifies a woman or girl with fair hair: "The blonde with the baby in her arms is my anthropology professor." Some people object to this as an unnecessary distinction, preferring blond for all persons: My sister is thinking of becoming a blond for a while. As an adjective, the word is more usually spelled blond in reference to either sex (an energetic blond girl; two blond sons), although the form blonde is occasionally still used of a female: the blonde model and her escort. The spelling blond is almost always used for the adjective describing hair, complexion, etc.: His daughter has blond hair and hazel eyes.

Garrybl  (Level: 291.8 - Posts: 6772)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 11:35 PM

Just for reference; I had not heard (or remembered more accurately) Sagacawea... but that is obviously a fair clue for Americans and not too obscure for the rest. One can check out currency on google no doubt.
The flying squirrels and whatever seems deliberately selected to be obscure; I'm sure that was not the case -- well maybe I just hope it wasn't...

But I'm sure if Liam ignores the miserable critics like me does another puzzle he won't put in those two words when he might instead have put in bats or whatever their latin name is (note that for sparrows we had the English word and flying fish -- or Superman -- would have been fair, for example.)

Just so long as we all get an equal chance no one will complain. And if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn i'm prepared to sell you for a very reasonable price.

Donleigh  (Level: 155.4 - Posts: 5411)
Mon, 7th Jul '08 11:54 PM

What colour is the bridge?

Bill, looks like it was a fun puzzle - sorry I missed it. Don't stop writing the WPs. Nobody is gonna' be happy all the time.

Haydn  (Level: 207.3 - Posts: 260)
Tue, 8th Jul '08 12:16 AM

I have been a university professor for over 20 years, and have dealt with my share of complaints, many unwarranted. In my experience, the people who complain about their grades are almost always the ones who didn't do as well as they thought they ought. Do your best to ignore the nay-sayers. It hurts, as I know from experience, but if you let the handful of people that had a problem with your puzzle outweigh the number of people that had nothing but good things to say about it, it would be a major loss for the Sploofus community. Do continue to write word puzzles, and hold your head high!

Salzypat  (Level: 161.6 - Posts: 5414)
Tue, 8th Jul '08 4:44 AM

Gosh, Liam, I have a puzzle coming up in a day or two and I'm getting a little nervous. Hope the islanders settle down a little before then! My first WP was so easy that most kept their points and had fairly good times so I made this one a litle more difficult.

I agree with Big Davey, had I gotten the difficult one I would have just burned up however many moves it took, looked up the two unknown words afterward and posted that I didn't do as well as I had hoped but learned something and had fun anyway.

Life's too short to get so upset over a word puzzle. Val Kilmer threw me a little on the blond one and actually, how do we know any of those named are really "blond?"

I liked your puzzle and please do more.. As far as I'm concerned, no woodshed this time!

Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Tue, 8th Jul '08 6:37 AM

Sacagawea likely messed folks up along a generational line...and the line was after I came along.

I know we were taught her name was spelled with a "ja" rather than a "g", which is apparently the current style. But since I don't have much occasion to write to her, what with her being dead and all, I didn't revise my mental notebook.

Much like my folks still call it "Peiking" rather than "Beijing"

Papermanbill  (Level: 41.3 - Posts: 1312)
Tue, 8th Jul '08 6:56 AM

Barry, your advice will be taken and used in the future. I honestly thought those two words would've been fun for everyone. I have actually had experiences with flying fish when I was sailing off Cuba and the Dominican Republic. These fish only fly about 5-10 feet in the air but with 40-50 foot seas they would get lifted and wind up on the stack deck of my ship (which is about thirty feet up). This was one of my cleaning spaces and I had to perform the burial services at sea. Doesn't everyone love "Rocky"? Regarding Susan B Anthony and Sacagawea, the only place you see these coins is when you get change at a U.S. Postal vending machine. It is almost 7 A.M. EST and my poll has me remaining an author with a 20-2 favorable margin.
This includes several PM's in my box. This is about the same response as the Puzzle on April 1st got.

I would put in a bid for the Brooklyn bridge Barry, but I am part owner of the Chicago Skyway already, thanks for the offer. You are a great player with a lot of knowledge, thanks. I know you love the Mets, I'm not over 1969 yet. If the Cubs do the impossible this year, I am calling Oliver Stone to start investigating. I'm getting ready to go back up to Chicago's Robert Taylor and Englewood district this morning. I love the scenery there, it is an experience. Have a good day, Billy Liam

Papajensai  (Level: 201.6 - Posts: 1024)
Tue, 8th Jul '08 7:37 AM

Keep writing 'em, Billy, and write 'em like you want to. If you don't enjoy writing them yourself, then what's the point? That "killer" puzzle would have knocked me out of any decent score, but I don't really give a panda poop about that. Thanks for going to the trouble of creating your puzzles for all of us. If they stop being fun for me, there's lots of other things to do. In Sploofus and in the Real World.

Tallactor  (Level: 153.1 - Posts: 423)
Tue, 8th Jul '08 7:38 AM

Back to the blond/blonde thing--even given that entry from, the form of the word with an e on the end would only be used for women. And according to the "Harper Dictionary of Contemporary Usage," "Blond as a noun is used exclusively for males, blonde exclusively for females." Since the clue used the word as a noun, Val Kilmer would not fit the term "blonde" (unless there's something he's not telling us).

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Tue, 8th Jul '08 8:02 AM

I don't think there's a natural blond/blonde in the group!

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