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Games Authored by  Tuzilla

Kerblunk Puzzles
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1930s Movie Titles

By Tuzilla on 8/23/2012 (Taken 101 times)

1940s Movie Titles

By Tuzilla on 8/26/2012 (Taken 112 times)
Very Easy

1950s Movie Titles

By Tuzilla on 8/28/2012 (Taken 135 times)
Very Easy

1960s Movie Titles

By Tuzilla on 9/2/2012 (Taken 144 times)
Very Easy

1970s Movie Titles

By Tuzilla on 9/8/2012 (Taken 158 times)
Extremely Easy

1980s Movie Titles

By Tuzilla on 9/11/2012 (Taken 206 times)
Very Easy

1990s Movie Titles

By Tuzilla on 9/17/2012 (Taken 166 times)
Very Easy

2000s Movie Titles

By Tuzilla on 9/19/2012 (Taken 145 times)
Somewhat Challenging

A Hillbilly Tribute To AC/DC -- Hayseed Dixie

By Tuzilla on 6/30/2009 (Taken 67 times)
Very Easy

Animal House Quotes

By Tuzilla on 9/11/2008 (Taken 152 times)

Blue Oyster Cult

By Tuzilla on 7/16/2008 (Taken 51 times)
Somewhat Difficult

Christmas Songs Ala Rock Groups

By Tuzilla on 12/4/2008 (Taken 136 times)
Somewhat Difficult

Coffee Anyone? I Have The Good Stuff

By Tuzilla on 7/5/2008 (Taken 207 times)
Very Difficult

Dark Side Of The Moon By Pink Floyd

By Tuzilla on 4/29/2009 (Taken 96 times)

Easy As 1, 2, 3...10

By Tuzilla on 12/6/2008 (Taken 186 times)

Easy As 1, 2, 3...10 More

By Tuzilla on 12/12/2008 (Taken 165 times)
Somewhat Challenging

Electric Ladyland

By Tuzilla on 8/24/2009 (Taken 45 times)
Somewhat Challenging

Emerson Lake & Palmer Titles

By Tuzilla on 9/11/2008 (Taken 50 times)
Somewhat Challenging

Famous Nicknames

By Tuzilla on 7/9/2008 (Taken 436 times)

Favorite Alice Cooper Songs

By Tuzilla on 8/15/2012 (Taken 67 times)
Somewhat Challenging

Fish On!

By Tuzilla on 8/6/2009 (Taken 76 times)
Somewhat Challenging

Frampton Comes Alive

By Tuzilla on 8/25/2009 (Taken 44 times)

Frank Zappa Album Titles

By Tuzilla on 7/20/2008 (Taken 48 times)
Somewhat Challenging

Frank Zappa Songs - C'mon, Y'know Ya Wanna Take It

By Tuzilla on 3/26/2008 (Taken 70 times)


By Tuzilla on 4/21/2008 (Taken 66 times)
Somewhat Difficult

Hendrix Titles

By Tuzilla on 8/19/2012 (Taken 65 times)
Somewhat Challenging

How About Those Apples

By Tuzilla on 9/29/2012 (Taken 68 times)

Isaac Asimov Titles

By Tuzilla on 10/17/2008 (Taken 70 times)

It's Sing Along With Bob Time

By Tuzilla on 9/18/2008 (Taken 58 times)

Jimmy Buffett Song Titles

By Tuzilla on 6/29/2009 (Taken 63 times)

Keblunking A To Z (1 Of 2)

By Tuzilla on 3/8/2009 (Taken 122 times)

Kerblunking A To Z (2 Of 2)

By Tuzilla on 3/8/2009 (Taken 113 times)
Somewhat Challenging

Kerblunking By The Numbers

By Tuzilla on 2/25/2009 (Taken 134 times)
Somewhat Challenging

Kiss My Grits -- Hayseed Dixie

By Tuzilla on 6/30/2009 (Taken 47 times)

Let's Sing "The Lumberjack Song"

By Tuzilla on 9/22/2008 (Taken 94 times)

London Calling -- A Favorite Album Of Mine

By Tuzilla on 7/4/2008 (Taken 66 times)

Meet The Beatles! By The Beatles

By Tuzilla on 4/29/2009 (Taken 137 times)
Very Easy

Movie Titles Of The 1910s

By Tuzilla on 10/23/2011 (Taken 42 times)
Somewhat Difficult

Movie Titles Of The 1920s

By Tuzilla on 10/23/2011 (Taken 54 times)

My Generation

By Tuzilla on 4/29/2009 (Taken 58 times)


By Tuzilla on 3/23/2009 (Taken 131 times)

One, Two, Three More Again

By Tuzilla on 3/5/2009 (Taken 108 times)

Sounds Of Silence

By Tuzilla on 12/6/2008 (Taken 148 times)

Surf & Hot Rod Hits

By Tuzilla on 10/6/2008 (Taken 107 times)

Take The Bait

By Tuzilla on 8/9/2009 (Taken 61 times)

The Blues

By Tuzilla on 5/8/2008 (Taken 194 times)
Somewhat Challenging

The Films Of Stanley Kubrick

By Tuzilla on 9/25/2008 (Taken 101 times)

The Twelve Labours Of Hercules

By Tuzilla on 9/26/2009 (Taken 86 times)
Somewhat Difficult

Their Satanic Majesties Request

By Tuzilla on 4/28/2009 (Taken 48 times)

TV Shows Canceled After One Episode

By Tuzilla on 10/17/2012 (Taken 143 times)

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